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'Bering Sea Gold'

Bearded Fist Fight

on Reunion Show

3/16/2012 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0316_bering_sea_videoReunion show fights are usually reserved for "Real Housewives" and "Bachelor" wannabes -- but a fracas broke out this week between two of the cast members from the show "Bering Sea Gold" over allegations of stealing.

During the taping, a red-faced Vernon Atkinson accused his captain, Scott Meisterheim, of lying, cheating and stealing from him. That didn't sit well with Scott, and after he threw a drink at Vernon ... the two went to blows. 

According to our sources, paramedics and police were called to the scene. Both guys suffered cuts and bruises, but no charges were filed. 

The reunion specials air March 23 and 30 at 10:00 PM on Discovery.


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Scott thinks he' s tuff. He's just a hot head punk who hits old men. A sign of a true coward. Whena
In the show when get mad at younger men who could better fight back he goes out side and hits a truck. Lock him up from a few years now that this has aired and he'll find a few real men in jail who'll show him what happens to punk cowards who hit old men.

942 days ago

Ms. Smith    

ok for Miesterhiemer, not a boss, not a gold miner, he's body guard! That should direct his aggression!
He needs to start his own reality show, kick people butts for walking in front off his path. Well, it was an awesome show, I am still laughing!!!!!

942 days ago


Watched it in slow motion on the dvr. Totally fake. No hits actually connected.

942 days ago


Does this guy have O.D.D ?

942 days ago


Last time I saw a fight that pathetic was in the fourth grade. I don't know what is worse. Watching a 50+ year old guy who is a hundred pounds overweight almost have a heart attack, or a 40+ year old guy throw punches like a girl. Real or fake, its sad that Discovery channel has to air this non-sense to get ratings on what is otherwise a decent show. Sadly I'm guessing we'll see more of the same on the other Discovery channel shows with a similar format. The arrogant d-bag producer of Gold Rush has already pre-hyped a confrontation next season on that show and its not even filmed yet.

941 days ago


Sad when people get 15 minutes of fame for stuff like this. Note to Mayor McCheese. Incompetence hires incompetence. If you don't want to be ripped off, put on a wetsuit and do the work. There is a reason the guys on the show who own their own dredge do their own dives. Its almost a given you are going to get ripped off if you aren't the one in the water. Don't hire two losers on break between jail sentences and a brain fried hippy and expect them to be legit.

941 days ago

John Cobb    

What a dweeb so Scott thinks people want to be him,ok can't run a 14ft boat,can't jump in the water n vacuum up gold,serves jail time for no support for his family,I can only imagine how many pages his criminal past is..his kids need to run far away from that lifeless wannabe...I doubt any other planet or country would accept him..

940 days ago


Scott ask Vern if he wanted to have a go and he said he did and prceded to suffer after asking for it. I dont care for Scott but Vern asked for it and got it.

939 days ago


Vernon had it coming to him, who talks crap right in front of someone without it having a negative effect? He should have kept his harsh comments to himself....I am for team SCOTT 110%

939 days ago


Ok,Scott has a terrible attitude and believes everyone is stupid except for Scott.Karma is a bitch, and Karma came back with the unfortunate result of affecting the entire crew.Scott did nothing but complain and look for reasons to avoid having to actually work, as did the other dweeb who hurt his shoulder.Steve was actually the only one willing to go the extra mile however, he had no perception of time and did things at his own pace, when Steve felt like doing them.As for the issue concerning Scott, and raising his kids.You people are in no position to judge him on that, he could be a loving, caring father who is in his kids life as an active participant, money cant buy lover in this case and in the unstable economy we live in, Scott going to Alaska may have been a last ditch attempt to get money to support his kids, we do not know.Scott is a on the other hand a total moron with a bad judge of character and as a Sergeant in the U.S.Army,and infantry fire team leader, Scott would be left in the rear, with the gear.I would never trust the lives of my men in his hands, to lead or follow.

938 days ago


You can let the owner of the wild ranger know this. I watched the show all the way through! What I see is he hired guys who diden't know mineing or how to fix the boat, or know what was wrong with it or even notice. Steve was to busy playing around, and throwing out comments to a man who already had a fast temper. The other guy was fine and was just getting the lashback from steves actions. Which I noticed his daughter was not far behind him. I noticed she like to make her partner jelouse. And all she did was complain like her Dad. Yes the Capt. had a fast temper. But
I also notice with the other owners they had one too. They only have so much time. So what did I see. A lazy owner who diden't care enough to come around until it was to late to fix his boat. Or to make sure it was in good working order. I noticed the Capt. got along real well with the other boat owner, and they got Gold. So lets put the blame where it belongs. On the baost owner who don't know anything about getting gold, and to lazy to even come see what they might need. They were other's on that boat when the capt. was diving. I don't blame him for knocking you up side the head. Good luck with steve next year. Him and his friend were the one's on the boat when he was diving! Think about it.

935 days ago


Hey guess what the fight was real.. I was there as part of the crew.

935 days ago

buzzsaw 1    

Scott Meisheim hit Vern with an object (glass) either thrown or inside his fist. In most states that raises the level to a Felony. He should have been arrested once again. If he is bent on fighting he needs to conduct himself in a fair manner no like the animal he resort to.

935 days ago


Tonight show nice and i'm sorry i just like the loud rough dude ,He's just straight to the point.

935 days ago


What he did was toss the water and ice in his face to stun him him as he charged.That is a smart bar fight move.

935 days ago
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