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Dustin Hoffman

I'm Holding a WAKE

for My Dead TV Show

3/16/2012 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

HBO Luck wake invitation
First step is denial ... then anger ... then comes the AFTER PARTY ... at least , that's how the big shots behind "Luck" are grieving the death of their show.

TMZ has learned "Luck" star Dustin Hoffman ... along with director Michael Mann and executive producer David Milch are throwing a "wake" at a fancy Hollywood restaurant tonight to thank the cast and crew for "all the beautiful work."

As we previously reported, HBO decided to cancel the show this week after a 3rd horse died on the set.

Rest in peace.


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Where's Hoffman's usual indignation for events that always piss of liberals, such as unnecessary animal deaths?

919 days ago

Pee Wee German    

The 1980 CONAN THE BARBARIAN movie deliberately killed about a zillion horses with trip-wires. There was no fuss about that!

919 days ago


And the buffet menu will include Horse Meat Stew, Horse Meat Burgers, and a special horse meat recipe handed down by the Obama family.

Do I have it about right?

919 days ago

Paul Truitt    

I have been on both sides of the fence. I founded and solely supported a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization for animal health, safety and welfare. As a licensed veterinarian, I donated my time to investigate alleged cases of animal neglect and abuse. There is always at least two sides to any story. The truth - the rest of story would shock many who support some of these rescue groups with their donations. Personal experience has shown me that they will go to outrageous extremes to put Thoroughbred owners and breeders out of business - even if they have to fabricate evidence against the owner or recruit the owner's employees to do harm to some of the valuable animals they want to coerce and extort out of the owner's possession for their own use or profit. I think that the executive producers of "Luck" should do a do***entary covering both sides of the story - the truth and nothing but the truth.

918 days ago

Orlando C. Madeira    

I hate to lose one of my few favorite must watch series on TV! Couldn't they appoint a representative of the organization dedicated to protecting horses from injury to
oversee and stop any activity that was too dangerous in filming Luck? An agreement like that could save the series!

O. C. Madeira

918 days ago


The show sucked anyway. There was way too much dialog. It was as if they were talking just to hear the sound of their own voices.

918 days ago


Open letter to all the people that read this article,
The crew of Luck was very saddened very the loss of horse lives.
The crew also wishes for the public to know that the utmost care was taken with all of the horses before during and after the racing sequences.
The crew would also like everyone to realize without diminishing the terrible loss of life that the three horses were injured over the course of THREE YEARS, not three THIS year.
There was a horse injured in the pilot in 2010, A horse injured during an episode in
2011 and the unfortunate accident this year.
The crew of over 400 people are all now out of work.
-400 families just lost their income
-400 house payments now in jeopardy of not being paid.
-countless millions of dollars that would have been spent in Los Angeles in goods and
services wiped away.
- Three accidents in three years, no workplace has that good of a record, especially not
one that works with horses.
-47 horses lost the best homes they ever had!

917 days ago


HBO just needed a good reason to kill this boring show starring a bunch of over-the-hill actors with very low ratings (<500,000 viewers on Sundays). No sense beating a dead horse.

917 days ago

Stuart Bernstein    

I for one was very disappointed to learn that HBO has cancelled this series. Granted, it took several episodes to understand the big picture. I would often use subtitles in order to catch
every precious word spoken. The writing, the acting, the production quality were all top of the line. The incredible scenes of the horses at the starting gate. The viewer could see and feel the tension of the horses and their jockeys. We really had an opportunity to intimately get to know the many regular characters played by such greats as Hoffman, Nolte, Farina, Kind, Dunn, Gedrick, Hennessy et all.. Even the less seen though facinating characters were played by such greats as Michael Gambon, Ted Levine, Joan Allen , Jurgen Prochnow. WoW! Gambon's incredible performance as the evil Mike Smythe has been highly noteworthy for sure. To see Gambon and Hoffman acting together is epic. I can't believe that with only one remaining episode we shall lose the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful collaboration of artists. Please reconsider HBO!

914 days ago


I think it was due to disappointing ratings. Lets face it, what percent of the audience is interested in gambling? Especially horse racing, a sport, whose attendance is in steep decline.

910 days ago


Great news!!! It's about time someone is held accountable for animal abuse and death on the sets of shows and movies.
They are not props, but living things. Wake up people!

908 days ago

Larry Luper    

Great show. The accidents with the horses are saddening. The viewer knows of the captivating plotline directions, by the sudden end.

908 days ago


It just makes me so angry that 2 actors that I love Jason Gedrick and Dustin Hoffman would be involved in a show that exploits animals to begin with and it makes me sick that horse racing is even considered a so called sport.This show never should have been made to begin with and horse racing should be banned end of story.Why did they need to center a gambling show on horse racing why not boxing where the people are there of their own free will and are not forced to kill themselves for blood money.Good riddance luck and farewell to 2 stars I once loved and now have no respect for and rest in peace you beautiful horses I am so sorry for your pain and I hope you are in a better place than this one.

908 days ago


Please reconsider HBO. Please. There is no other show like this one.

907 days ago


Wow! What a great show! From what I've read, nothing that the TV did killed the 3 horses. Their safety standards were higher than required and every care was taken to protect and provide quality support for each and everyone of the horses. I loved watching the horses, the races, Dustin Hoffman, the incredible cast, the excellent acting and the engaging storyline. I will miss this show tremendously.

907 days ago
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