Airbnb Stay Inside New 'Up' House, 'X-Men' Mansion & More!!!

Airbnb is bringing to life some of the most beloved homes in pop culture ... courtesy of their new Icons category -- which is leaning big into Disney.

The house rental app announced the new initiative Wednesday, revealing 11 new housing experiences set to drop this year -- which will be hosted by the greatest names in music, film, television, sports, etc.

The whole idea behind the Icons category is to allow users to step into worlds that previously only existed in one's imagination -- and here, they got a couple of big-ticket items ... including the "Up" house and the house from "X-Men '97."

Robert Kraft Invites Heckled Pats Fan To Game ... After Vid Goes Viral

It clearly pays to be a good person ... 'cause the New England Patriots fan who kept his cool as a Las Vegas Raiders supporter tormented him during Sunday's game is getting the hookup -- with free tickets from Robert Kraft!!

Video of the incident went viral this week ... showing a woman in a Derek Carr jersey berating a man in Tom Brady threads in the Allegiant Stadium stands right after the Pats lost in heartbreaking fashion.

The guy -- Jerry Edmond -- was praised on social media for not stooping to the woman's level ... and Kraft was so moved by his handling of the situation, he decided to give the fan a VIP experience at this weekend's game against the Bengals.

As it turns out, the Pats vs. Raiders contest was Edmond's first NFL experience ... and he said he didn't want to ruin his experience by retaliating toward the heckler.

Not only is Edmond getting free tix to the game, the team says he's going to get a customized jersey and pregame field passes to watch the players warm up.

As for the Raiders fan, she gets nothing but a ton of shame.

UFC Star Colby Covington Wins Over $70k At Poker Table ... 'It’s A Surreal Feeling!'

Colby Covington doesn't only win in the Octagon -- he wins at the card table, too -- recently competing in two high-level poker tourney's in Florida, winning over $70k!!

It all went down at the 2022 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open this week in Hollywood, FL. 34-year-old Colby entered a tournament -- the largest in the state's history with over 7,700 entrants -- and astonishingly, playing against many professional players, made the final table, finishing 7th!

For his troubles, CC won $48,298.

After the incredible performance, Covington said he "wanted to come back and prove that wasn’t just a fluke," saying he wanted to show he "could play with the best players in the world.”

That's exactly what the #1 ranked UFC welterweight did ... 'cause days later, Colby entered another tourney, Event 22, at the casino. There were 84 entrants. The game was pot limit Omaha 8.

And he won (!!) ... taking home $25,875 for first place. Altogether, with the prize money from both tournaments, Colby took how $74,143.

But, it clearly wasn't about the money for Colby, who described winning as a “surreal feeling.”

“It’s been a long journey to finally get a trophy here at Seminole Hard Rock. This is my home casino, and I love playing here,” Covington added.

Covington said his strategy in the tournament was to stay away from Phil Hui, a 3-time WSOP bracelet winner who has reportedly earned over $3.6 million during poker tournaments alone.

"He’s a great player, one of the greatest players in the game today," Covington said.

"I know he’s a specialist in high-low, so I wanted to navigate around him and wait to pick really good spots where I felt comfortable with getting the high and the low.”


Dustin Hoffman TMZ Caused 'Luck' Cancellation

Dustin Hoffman says the TMZ reports surrounding the deaths of 3 horses on the set of "Luck" last year are to blame for his show getting canceled ... claiming our facts were wrong.

Dustin just gave an interview to, saying the "real" reason the show was canceled was due to a collaboration between PETA and TMZ ... and NOT because the public was upset that THREE horses died during production.

Hoffman said, "It’s completely distorted. Anyone who raises horses know they break their legs. The accusations they made were distorted."

He also directs people to the horse racing website Paulick Report for the "real reason the show was canceled."

Truth is, the TMZ stories are in sync with what was reported on the Paulick Report.

Here are the facts that we published on

-- THREE horses died during the production of the show
(Confirmed by Paulick Report)

-- Horse #3 was euthanized on the set ... and production continued a few hours later
(Euthanasia confirmed by Paulick Report)

-- HBO acknowledged the deaths ... and released a statement saying “accidents unfortunately happen."

And the kicker ... the ratings for "Luck" weren't that great to begin with ... and there were MULTIPLE reports that HBO used the horse deaths as an excuse to cancel the show without having to admit failure.
(You can also read about that on the Paulick Report)

Dustin Hoffman I'm Holding a WAKE for My Dead TV Show

First step is denial ... then anger ... then comes the AFTER PARTY ... at least , that's how the big shots behind "Luck" are grieving the death of their show.

TMZ has learned "Luck" star Dustin Hoffman ... along with director Michael Mann and executive producer David Milch are throwing a "wake" at a fancy Hollywood restaurant tonight to thank the cast and crew for "all the beautiful work."

As we previously reported, HBO decided to cancel the show this week after a 3rd horse died on the set.

Rest in peace.

'Luck' Horse Trainer 'Sometimes S**t Happens'

The man who trained the third horse that died on the set of HBO's "Luck" is telling friends ... NO ONE is to blame for the fatality ... insisting the animals received exceptional care, but sometimes "s**t happens."

Sources close to Matthew Chew -- who trained and owned horse #3 -- tell us the people who looked after the horses are some of the best in the business ... who thoroughly examined the animals at least twice a day during production.

Chew has told friends ... the horse was simply playing around when it "misstepped" and fell down Tuesday morning ... suffering a head injury that required it to be euthanized on the set.

We're told Chew believes the incident was a freak accident ... telling one person, "We were just horribly unlucky ... sometimes s**t happens."

Dustin Hoffman Why the Long Face?

Not to beat a dead horse -- but Dustin Hoffman didn't look too happy today in L.A. ... hours after hearing HBO had cancelled his new show "Luck."

As we reported, the network shut down the racetrack-themed series after a 3rd horse died on set.

'Luck' Director Blames TMZ for Killing Show

Director Michael Mann straight up LIED to the cast and crew of "Luck" yesterday ... insisting the reason the show got cancelled is because TMZ "unfairly spun" the story about a THIRD horse dying on set.

Sorry Michael ... no spin here.

Mann and producer David Milch addressed the staff right after HBO pulled the plug on the show yesterday ... and explained, "If you take a look at the media coverage that has been spun unfairly. If you saw the media coverage ... It's TMZ and everybody else."

Let's take a look at the facts ...

-- THREE horses died on their watch. No spin.
-- Horse #3 was euthanized on the set ... and production continued a few hours later
-- Publicist Karen Jones initially LIED to TMZ about the story ... in an effort to stall us from publishing.

Bottom line -- if the horses were alive, the show MIGHT still be on the air.

HBO's "Luck" Memo Forget Dead Horses ... It's March Madness!!!

Hours after horse #3 keeled over ... the cast and crew of "Luck" received a sensitive memo urging them to remember one very important thing -- place your bets for the NCAA Basketball Tournament!!

TMZ obtained the "Luck" call sheet for Wednesday -- featuring shoot times for Dustin Hoffman, Dennis Farina, Nick Nolte and others -- and while it makes no mention of Tuesday's on-set tragedy ... it does state in bold type: "Don't forget to turn in your NCAA brackets ... by 7PM tonight"

That turned out to be the last call sheet -- "Luck" was cancelled late Wednesday ... and HBO's statement noted their "heartbreak" over the situation. Clearly, nothing soothes the soul faster than nailing the Final Four.

To be fair, March Madness does begin today -- and similar reminders were sent around millions of offices ... though we're guessing a horse didn't drop dead in most of them.

'Luck' Cancelled After 3rd Horse Death

4:30 PM PT: The crew was assembled for a meeting where they were just told the show is cancelled. They are pissed because production was supposed to last another 8 months and they were just told they will not be getting any severance.

4:20 PM PT
: We've just spoken with on-set sources, who tell us the crew has not been told their show was cancelled. They're learning it from TMZ.

HBO has cancelled "Luck" after the latest horse death.

As TMZ reported, yesterday a third horse died during production of the show, and HBO just made the drastic decision to lower the boom.

HBO released a statement that reads in part, "While we maintained the highest safety standards possible, accidents unfortunately happen and it is impossible to guarantee they won't in the future."

The statement goes on ... "We maintained the highest safety standards throughout production, higher in fact than any protocols existing in horse racing anywhere with many fewer incidents than occur in racing or than befall horses normally in barns at night or pastures."

HBO's 'Luck' No Moment of Silence For Dead Horse

The cast and crew of HBO's "Luck" didn't miss a beat after a horse died on location today -- they just kept on shooting.

Eyewitnesses tell us ... the horse suffered a fatal injury after rearing up, falling backwards and hitting its head on the ground, breaking its neck. It was then euthanized.

We're told the crew was told to drive themselves from Santa Anita -- where the accident occurred -- to Marina del Rey to continue shooting the show.

As we reported, this is the third horse death on the series. After one of the other horse deaths, HBO stopped production, but apparently horse death has become somewhat routine on "Luck."

HBO was scrambling today after we called with information about the death, trying to delay publication of the story.

HBO's 'Luck' Another Horse Dies on Set

There has been another fatal horse accident on the set of the HBO series "Luck" -- a third horse has died, TMZ has learned.

We're told the crew was trying to get a horse out of its stable when it reared and fell back, suffering a head injury. The horse was euthanized at the Santa Anita Race Track in Arcadia.

This is the third time a horse had to be euthanized during the filming of the series, starring Dustin Hoffman.

HBO was scrambling after TMZ called 2 hours ago with the story, and the publicist, Karen Jones, stalled us while they got their story together. In fact, when we told her about our story, she said it wasn't all true -- but it was.

PETA to HBO The Blood of The 'Luck' Horses is On Your Hands

All three horses that died on the set of HBO's "Luck" were victims of "sloppy oversight" on the part of HBO and the show producers ... and they should all be ASHAMED ... this according to PETA.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are PISSED at HBO after a 3rd horse died during production Tuesday ... and a rep tells TMZ, "All the evidence we have gathered points to sloppy oversight, the use of unfit, injured horses, and disregard for the treatment of race horses."

What's worse ... PETA

Steve Cooley on Monday -- one day before horse #3 died -- asking him to investigate the deadly situation on the set of "Luck" ... but no immediate action was taken.

HBO had released a statement following the death of horse #3 saying, "An American Humane Association Certified Safety Representative was on the premises when the accident occurred, and as always, all safety precautions were in place."

Not good enough for PETA ... which says, "We will want answers on HBO’s latest casualty. Filming must stop now."

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