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Skateboarder Ryan Sheckler

Victim of Vegas Jewelry Heist

3/16/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Sheckler -- a world-class skateboarder
Ryan Sheckler
-- a world-class skateboarder who has also ventured into reality TV -- had nearly $100k worth of jewelry stolen from his Las Vegas hotel room while he was snoozing, and the woman he planned on spending the night with has been arrested.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, on February 27, Ryan was staying at the Palms Hotel and at 3:45 AM he took Stacy Salazar back to his room -- a woman he says he's known for 4 years.

Ryan claims he fell asleep but was awakened by the sound of his door closing. He then noticed Stacy was no longer in his room. A few hours later he noticed his jewelry was missing -- a Rolex watch valued at $12,500, a gold/diamond bracelet worth $14,975, a diamond and white gold ring ($63,275) and a diamond necklace of unknown value.

Ryan called the cops, who took a report. 

The security camera shows Ryan and Stacy taking the elevator up to the room, and cops observed the Rolex on Ryan's wrist.

As for Stacy, the security camera shows her leaving Ryan's room at 5:05 AM. According to the police report, "As she is walking she is fumbling with her purse that she carries over her shoulder." She got to the elevator, wedged the door open at the last minute, got out, went to Ryan's room where they spoke at the door for one minute, and then she left.

Cops spoke with Stacy who claimed a childhood friend of Ryan's was setting her up and that he was the real culprit. Apparently cops didn't believe her, because she was arrested and booked for grand larceny.

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No Avatar


HEY RYAN, you are way too sexy to be dating WHOR&ES. Im sure you can find a decent, none-gold digging hooker to sleep with you... Skanky women are skanky women period. Never trust them with your life, your jewelry or your di*ck. They are disease infested, their mind is corrupt and they will do anything and everything to get one up on you. Dude, wtf

917 days ago

northern gypsy    

a couple of life lessons for this young man...
a...don't travel with your good jewelry...
b...pick & choose your "friends" wisely...
c...consider yourself lucky she didn't get away with it !!!

917 days ago


he wears more jewelry than my gf.

917 days ago


AAAAAAAAAAAAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Money cant buy happiness or smarts but according to POST # 3 it CAN BUY LOVE!

917 days ago


Lol...this is one stupid chick! Yeah, a "friend" set her up that just happened to NOT be in the room or hotel at the time of the incident. What a ho! Some friend she turned out to be too!

917 days ago


I'm really pissed that Murray killed Michael,Michael was my hero,my God,my life,oh how I cried when Michael died.

But now I have a new hero! one that sings even better than Michael his name is Justin Bieber!

He's a "real" white boy...Just like me!
And he's Canadian...Just like me!
He hasn't hit puberty yet...Just like me!
I think he's Gay...Just like me!

I just love the Bev,I carry his picture every where I go!

I wounder if he gets drunk on Rum every nite...Just like me!

Peace bits.

917 days ago

Scott Levy    

Why the hell would a straight man have so much jewelry? It's not like he's some blinged out rap star or something. Looks like an average white kid from Rhode Island. He must be trying to over-compensate for something. What a loser!

917 days ago


Stacy Salazar was the same chick that "won" that date with Rob Dyrdek on his show, "Rob and Big."


916 days ago


Wow, these comments are very rude toward Ryan! Do you people even have a kind bone in your body, no one deserves to be robbed, doesn't matter how much money they have or do not have! Ryan and his family are AMAZING People! None of you rude people would know that because you are so HATEFUL AND JEALOUS! Ryan has busted his ass on a Board for years and DESERVES to have the GOOD LIFE! You rude people couldn't handle the hard work he does for his career!
You Rude people are........................................"J E A L O U S E" is all im sayin!!!!!!!!

916 days ago


He is worth over 20 million and that means for the rest of his life he will never have to work a real job, and he can skateboard all day. You can not hate on Shecks bc he is living the dream and everyone else is jelouse.

914 days ago


I know Stacy first hand she 100% did not take anything. Ryan look at ur boy I can swear on the lives of my parents she didnt touch ur stuff. Besides who ever really took it is going to get nabbed when they try unloading that stuff.

914 days ago
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