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George Clooney

I Used My One Phone Call

in Jail to Call ...

3/17/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0316_george_clooney_videoYou're George Clooney and you've just been arrested in Washington, D.C. during a protest. You get one phone call and you know EVERYONE. So who do you call? WHO DO YOU CALL???


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good job George thats the way you should use star power

948 days ago


We know who you are, your cause and the atrocities in the Sudan but your story cut into my NCAA tournament action. I do like the son and dad combo arrest. Trying to figure out how my and and I can do the same.

948 days ago

who dat    

idc what kind of tail he is supposedly hittin. He looks like an old queen.

947 days ago


This was all a set-up, he was with Obama the night before at the Whitehouse, and when do the secret service arrest protesters not the DC police. Why doesn't he help children in this country, he just wanted to look good to the public.

947 days ago


This was a set-up. He was with Obama the night before at the Whitehouse the night before and when do "secret service" arrest you, not the DC police.

947 days ago


He could have called for room service. I hear the place down on 14th Street stays open all night. LOL

947 days ago


Oh, he called his mama, ok.

Mama, this is your son Everett. I've been arrested. What the heck do I do? Should I up an R-U-N-N- O-F-T ?

Mama speaking:
$#!^ son, you are dummer than a bag of hammers. What the sam hell were you going in DC for? Didn't mama worn you about showing your azz in DC? Ok, someone will get ya out stay put.

Mama hangs up the phone, and says to herslef..
and all this time I thought Delmar was the dumb one.

947 days ago


If you haven't seen Clooney in O'Brother Where Art thou?
You should see it. It was funny from beginning to end.

947 days ago

BB in CA    

If the US military ever bombs your town's civilians & it's not on the news, I'm sure Geo & his dad will do whatever it takes to get it on the news.

947 days ago


George Clowney, jerk of ages! trying to get america to foot a bill he thinks important. IT AINT TO ME. Why don't you get $25 million from your bank and take ownership of your frigin problem. The going rate for a suicide bomber is only $5K in afganistan maybe you can get cheaper in darfur. But this isn't about getting C rations to people this is about getting your has been ash on TV.

947 days ago


Paleesse....this guy is nothing but an egomaniac. He KNEW he would be arrested. How about putting all of that time and effort into helping our Vets? Or our own children in the USA? Typical liberal Hollywood elite. Watch me....see what I do....praise me....

947 days ago


Not to worry, George had dinner at The White House the day before and OB told him he will give both George & his father a Presidential Pardon to expunge this off his criminal record. This was George's first arrest, and if OB did not promise him a Pardon he would not have done it. You heard it here first.

947 days ago


Dog, of course!

946 days ago
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