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Jermaine Jones

Still Welcome at Hometown Church

3/17/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

God's a lot more forgiving than "American Idol" -- TMZ has learned, the hometown church where Jermaine Jones grew up singing choir still welcomes him with open arms ... despite his checkered past.

TMZ broke the story, "Idol" producers terminated Jermaine's run on the show after discovering the singer had 4 warrants out for his arrest -- and gave multiple fake names to cops.

But Reverend George Holland at Green Grove Baptist Church in NJ isn't so quick to rush to judgment -- telling TMZ, he has known Jermaine since he was a boy ... explaining, “He’s well-loved and accepted here. We serve a forgiving God. Everyone has made mistakes in their lives. Hopefully when you make those mistakes you’ve learned from them and become a better person.”

Rev. Holland adds, "I don’t know exactly what the charges are so I can’t comment on that, but as far as welcoming him back ... there’s nothing out there he could’ve done to make us not welcome him back."


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The Atlanta Church Of Satan     

He will always be welcome to our church. The more warrants the better.

953 days ago

Serious Jelly    

Jermaine - don't worry my brother your going to be okay.

Take voice lessons... write yourself some nice songs.

Find yourself a keyboard player who can read and arrange your music. Take some music theory classes. Take good care of yourself... that includes watching your diet. Don't drink or smoke and definitely stay away from drugs.

Also start learning the Music business inside and out.

Taken a few dance lessons might be a good idea as well.

Keep negative people away from you...

Keep the faith and don't give - up the ship.

As far as you haters are concerned out their :

"Let he who is without sin... throw the first stone!"

953 days ago


AMEN to that...He is a talented guy and deserves another shot at this. Sad how TMZ branded him as the worst criminal in the USA. I hope he has learnt from his mistakes and will stay away from crime and use MUSIC to live a positive life.
And I am very proud to see a BLACK MAN trying to take a positive route in his life. Congratulations GENTLE GIANT.
Rock on Jermaine. Rock on

953 days ago


As long as you pay your dues and tithes you are welcome to the tax free buisness.

952 days ago

Ronald Jensen    

Rev. Holland well said! Jermaine has a lot of issues and short comings but as a minister of the church he (Rev. Holland) has exhibited the very essence of what the church is about. He is not condoning Jermaine's past actions he and the church quite simply reached out and wrapped their arms around a person who had made mistakes and I am sure will attempt to help him get back on the correct path.

952 days ago


You know, I get the forgiving part. It's the habitual lying part that bothers me. I had an x wife like that, and a nephew that's like that. I think it's a sickness. They do it with straight face, and will lie about insignificant things. That's the part that bothers me. An example, the story he told about his Dad. Maybe he did divorce his mother when he was 10, but he stayed in his life. According to the story told here. I don't see him arguing that.

952 days ago


Zero comments, go figure.

952 days ago


His violent "past" isn't in the past--it's actually very recent.

952 days ago


When does he go to jail? 4 warrents is very serious and police should take action!

952 days ago


The sad part is when they showed clips from his rehearsal that he would have sung that night had he not been released.

Not a fan, but it was surprisingly good, and would have been the standout performance in an otherwise lacklustre night. Especially from the men's part.

952 days ago


Yes, everyone make mistakes. But it takes a real man or woman to face those mistakes and do whatever you can to make it right! That is the issue! Personal Integrity!!!

952 days ago


hey Rev he still is a Boy,a thug,and a convict,a liar and more

952 days ago


Four arrest warrants is resume enhancement in the hood.

952 days ago


TMZ is so lame it's funny. Always chasing these nothing people around for a non-story. Lol Your slackers can't find any real celebrities to chase after??

952 days ago


I liek thsi guy, we have all made mistakes..I read the courts these warrents are from are not going to make an arrest becaus ethe warrants are so minor. I usually like TMZ but I am really annoyed at them for dragging this guy threw the mud..or perhaps I amjust getting tired of everyone in this world lately judging everyone else so harshly.
Jermaine - I wish you luck you have a beautiful voice and I hope as soon as you get thsi taken care of, you can presure your dream to be a singer. God Bless.

951 days ago
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