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Uganda Prime Minister

Responds to Kony 2012 Video

and Calls Out Celebs on Twitter

3/17/2012 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Uganda Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi is finally responding to the Kony 2012 viral video -- with a video of his own and a series of tweets directed at a slew of celebrities.

Just a day after Kony 2012 director Jason Russell was detained by police after a naked meltdown on the streets of San Diego, Mbabazi posted a video on YouTube refuting a "false impression" people have been given about the country as a result of Marshall's video.

Mbabazi said the video is not representative of the current conditions in his country and added, "The Kony 2012 campaign fails to make one crucial point clear: Joseph Kony is not in Uganda."

Mbabazi also tweeted at several celebs who helped make the Kony 2012 video so popular (see below).



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en Todo Momento!!    

and anways... who on earth is this 'john prendergast' dude? some degreeless nobody with international political power under the clinton administration... wth??! seems real freakin odd to me.

949 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Didn't George Bush do the same and said there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq... lol

949 days ago

Hello is anybody in there?    

BTW War in Darfur has been over for almost a year but that moron Clooney is still making a big deal about it. IDK why celeb are so dumb and misinformed so f--king sad. Kony 2012 is just another reason to not lesson to these fame whore celebs.

949 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Is this guy confused or what? These people have been mocking this thing not 'endorsing it' that's Hollywood doing that crap. They got fooled by this viral video of a fraud pretending he was a Christian when he was a dirty lib who couldn't even wait to get home to whack his tweet, he did it right out in the freaking open. And Mugabe's right, the guy hasn't even been seen for 6 years. He's probably long killed. So it could all be over a freaking dead guy, this was years ago with this 6%&^*()_... People are easily duped, even Tim Tebow was duped but they wanted to believe this guy's video I guess, I laughed at most of it, it was Obama propaganda at it's heart. Sneaky these people are. I think he's an O surrogate and this was all planned to coincide with his "I stick for the downtrodden' so they could get inside that place and start molding these people, and the left decried nation building for 10 years while Bush did it, then Barry grabbed the headlines and was "lauded for the fortitude" . Bush showed fortitude, he went against the UN and every western Europeeon(sic)nation almost, and turned out most were in Saddam's ********kk being bribed with sweet oil contracts and oil for food scams, while the left believed SADDAM OVER BUSH!!! MENTAL CASES.

949 days ago


Kony isn't in Uganda but they did find Oil in Uganda last year!!!!!

949 days ago

king Leonidas    

2 Theories

1. Kony and his goons threatened to hurt his family in America. "Act like a nut or else"

2.Jason is the new "A Million Little Pieces" #hoax #OprahPart2

whatever Hows everyone's brackets?

btw. American Violence and education is a hot mess. lets campaign for that shall we?

949 days ago


while the left believed SADDAM OVER BUSH!!! MENTAL CASES.

They were okay with Clinton bombing Iraq for years for hiding WMD as well.

949 days ago

Fat Mike    

Of course they won't go and visit Uganda. It's a hell of a lot easier to like something on facebook and pretend to be proactive than actually do something has real effect.

949 days ago


This is great. Thank you TMZ for sharing this video with us. For all the critics stating people are idiots, they should've seen the twitter posts from natives of Uganda, they should've looked this stuff up, why does everybody watch one video and donate to this cause but not to bringing our soldiers home, or why do idiots watch this video and believe it. First off, Not everybody uses Twitter, 2nd I personally do not lay claim to being a culprit to any of these idiotic notions/ideas. 3rd Not everybody in the world has internet or even knows how to look up information or what search words to use. 4th To ASSUME that everybody who donated to this cause never made a donation to any cause to bring soldiers home is idiotic in itself because people with benevolence are probably donating to more than one cause. An emotionally moving video about the atrocities our soldiers face might make the news as well and increase donations to whatever entity you refer to as bringing them home. 5th the video Kony 2012 was captivating in its sound, videography, pictures, narration and tone or it wouldn't be the talk of the town. For people to be moved by an emotionally captivating video is not idiotic; its HUMAN! Especially when they know nothing about the situation and are not prepared to pick the information apart. For those who didn't know who Kony was and watched the video for the 1st time probably felt some sympathy/empathy for the children. (If you didn't; see a psychologist about possibly being a sociopath). If you have in depth knowledge maybe you weren't moved by the video, but don't scrutinize those who weren't. The news and this Mbabazi video especially has probably made those who were unaware before up to speed in knowing that this issue is 10yrs old. Apparently the current situation is that Kony IS still a fugitive being hunted but he IS NOT actively at this time kidnapping children and making them sex slaves or soldiers. Keep in mind, the scarred children still live with the memories, anger, abilities to kill and scarred faces. I ESPECIALLY LIKE WHAT 'CARL' (7 COMMENTS BEFORE THIS ONE) SAID ABOUT THIS IS JUST A CASE OF BRINGING ATTENTION TO AN ISSUE THAT IS 10YRS OLD. Lastly I highly DOUBT that Mr. Mbabazi had anything to do with Jason Russell's meltdown. Mr Russell was already pretty eccentric. Plus, can anybody on here factually pinpoint any media outlet in Uganda reporting on the Jason Russell meltdown the SAME DAY it happened? Do you think a Prime Minister sits around watching the news or searching the internet? I guess as a country PM you would have nothing to do. Oh and then sends out an international video in a foreign language that has to be sensitive to the viewers without writing, editing and preparing the video content? He can whip up video crew, cue cards with an obviously edited speech that was sensitive in its nature and intentionally not to be perceived as an attack on our intelligence or actions by specifically praising the people who have shown interest in this cause? COME ON PEOPLE!! This video was prepared, edited, processed and it didn't happen in 1 afternoon. Do you understand how much thought, effort and time went into doing his video? I'm sure he had experts advising on how to approach it without pissing off the USA and somebody had to write out his cue cards and speech and how to properly say some of the words that he stumbled on. I like Mr Mbabazi's video and I commend him for making it and reaching out and I'm sure it has nothing to do with Jason's meltdown. The fact that YOU saw it a day later is just YOUR coincidence. Oh and lets not forget the 10/11hr time difference.

949 days ago


Yes we know TMZ. They are not related. Can you move on please? Just because they lived together since they were ten, led a life in the spotlight and had a connection makes no difference. It is not incest at all. I don't care how much you play it out of proportion or try to argue it. It is not her real brother. I have very close friends from when I was young. When we got older we hooked up. So what? Plus the fact the the young girl just lost he mother. I don't know, but I just think that she is taking it well. It is hard enough without this incest stuff. Look up incest and find the true meaning TMZ. If it was incest, then you might have a real story about this.

949 days ago


Wow...a cassette player? Uganda really is a prehistoric jungle isn't it?

949 days ago


So basically this crafty whiteboy used his HOLLYWOOD connects to start a campaign using his laptop, ego and misinformation of beautiful Africa. Everyone drank the KOOLAID because mostly everyone and (SELFISHCELEBSinUS) NEVER goes to Africa or the hoods and neglected communities in the US to SEE FOR THEMSELVES WITH THEIR OWN EYES .TO SEE THE FACTS ON THE GROUND IN AFRICA or the neglected PEOPLE OF THE WORLD>>(WE BELIEVE WHAT WE READ NOT WHAT WE KNOW AS FACT in this great viral internet age) then suddenly we see the Truth Uganda is IMPROVING.....KONY IS A VILLAN..UGANDA HAS POSITIVE WEL SPOKEN LEADERS ...(poser celebrities attach on to causes for pr not for purposes beyond looking the part not being the part)JASON was exposed as a psycho Fraud who brokedown..He is a good actor and strategist. He either Bet on the wrong pony to be popular ...or did he bet on the right ONE(HIM). Everyone knows him now! Great job Jason ......My prayers go out to the positive Africans who stay dedicated to improving their country and my proud AMERICANS who have a heart and use social media and positive causes for the Human race to see beyond color to improve our human race. EVERYONE WINS WIN YOU BET ON IMPROVING THE HUMAN RACE WITHOUT RACIAL BARRIERS.

949 days ago


Is that a tape recorder? wwowwww!

949 days ago


So awesome.

949 days ago


It says in the video that he is not in Uganda, and they are rebuilding. Why doesn't anyone ever mention that?

949 days ago
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