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Lindsay Lohan

Putting Herself on House Arrest

Until Probation Is Over

3/18/2012 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is done gambling with her freedom -- after another bout with trouble just this week, she is following the advice of her closest friends and putting herself on lockdown until her probation is up in two weeks ... TMZ has learned. 

Although she claims she did nothing wrong, Lindsay once again found herself in the news this week for all the wrong reasons ... when a clubgoer claimed LiLo hit him with her car in Hollywood early Thursday morning.

According to our sources, the latest incident prompted people close to Lindsay to beg her to stop going out at night until her probation is over. We're told Lindsay agreed and will now only leave her house when she really has to ... like for her court ordered community service at the morgue. 

Her probation is scheduled to end March 29.



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what is wrong with you people,are you that bored ,with everything going on in the world you find your kicks out of what LOHAN does in her life.

951 days ago


Oh I see. So she will wait till her probation is over to go out and commit more crimes so she doesn't get extra time because of probation. Oh wait, I forgot she's got an unlimited supply of "get out of jail free" cards. My bad.

951 days ago


In 5 years, Linds will look exactly like what she will be in 5 years: A pile of ashes in a Kleenex box under the bathroom sink at AA Aliana's studio apartment in Van Nuys. DUIna had them until her indictment for massive tax evasion/fraud.

Tra la la la la. Another day in Lindsayland.

951 days ago


NEWS FLASH! ' ̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=(•̪●)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ Lindsay is changing her business model to finance her BIG Comeback!
She will no longer providing curb service and is taking her act off the streets for the next couple of weeks. Her services will be in call only, full service and her clients will be contacted with the service site. BYOB! BYOC! BYOD! Help Wanted: Service Attendants, light housekeeping. Two Positions Open!

951 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I'd H8 to be in her shoes right now! Allegedly tapping somebody with her car, allegedly jumping into the passenger seat shortly thereafter, and all the potential witnesses where drunk and already have some sort of "impression" of her because of her notoriety.

I can feel her "fear of the unknown" right now over this situation.

I gotti roll, but remember to keep it real or kneel, you know the deal!!!!!!!!!!

951 days ago


pretty sad when she has to state that she will not be caught drinking in public..
maybe she has had more disfiguring plastic surgery, and has to heal..or being in public people have access to serving papers on her.

951 days ago


Abigail Rose‏@_littlerosebud_


"On a scale of one to Lindsey Lohan, how drunk are you?" ... "Paris Hilton." #quoteofmynight

10:05 PM - 18 Mar 12via Twitter for iPhone · Details
Colt Isham‏@KingPred62Reply

· Open

My St. Pattys Day would of gave Amy Winehouse or Lindsey Lohan a run for their money #toosoon #reevaluatingmylife
Mike Franchise‏@MikeFranchise


Twitter told me to follow Lindsay I wanna see what herpes is up to.

10:04 PM - 18 Mar 12via web · Details

· Open

Charlie Sheen vs Lindsay Lohan. A battle to the death -
Holli Birchard‏@HolliStaycieBir


Lindsay Lohan 39hit and run 39 car drama Club manager to press charges after: excalibur car 1958cadillac ciel fi...

10:09 PM - 18 Mar 12via twitterfeed · Details
that white paint is from an antique caddy..

951 days ago

Red Cloud    

Page 4
But of course, that's nothing new for Lohan. She's nothing but a lying, thieving, drunken, drug-addicted, contemptuous, hateful, disgusting,
talentless, unemployed, sue-happy, manipulative, repulsive, disease-ridden,
smelly, balding, snaggle-toothed, slime-laden, middle-aged looking skank.

Oh the joy!!! The absolute, pure joy of knowing that so many on the hate side of the Lindsay debate are really beginning to feel the pain of defeat. You're losing, and you become more and more aware of that fact each day as Lindsay rises. Just read the stupidity above from this brainless clown on page 4. The freak actually pulled in 17 green thumbs!!!! Lindsay's rise makes you feel like zhit, right? You're not smiling and laughing, like me and many others. MAXIMUM LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

951 days ago


she just bought a bunch of she can party during her own house arrest like she did on the roof at her not so for real last house arrest

951 days ago

bring back recent posts    

....stupid girl...she blew it!!!!!!! comeback for her...zebra's don't change stripes..such a shame..usually..u just read about childhood stars in the future 10 years..being and technology lets u see it for her..oh well..she had her chances..still DROOLS for the limelight

951 days ago


Man from Lindsay's past moves on:

951 days ago


is she supposed to stop going out forever ? the courts and police can do what ever they want even after her probation? all someone has to do is say she did this and that and the police arrest and the courts give a bail bla bla bla repeat its all BS,,,, i hope she doesn't go into hiding forever

951 days ago


holy rabid mongoose batman! Lindsay says she's going to stay home!
*cough cough hack snort*

951 days ago


Desperate skanky attention whore

951 days ago


Interview with Michael Lohan about Lindsay and himself:

951 days ago
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