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Beyonce's Slim Body

Exactly What Conspiracy

Theorists Ordered

3/21/2012 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

032012_beyonce_stillWho killed JFK? Where's Hoffa buried? Did Beyonce really give birth? Mysteries that may never be solved! Except she totally had that baby -- though she IS oddly thin already. Hmm ...

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Looks perfect site to get new concept about slim body:) You are so busy with your site to give new concept to the people. Thanks!

917 days ago

S. Segal, Deputy Sheriff    

People let it go!!! Check out the pics of Beyonce at Jay-Z's concert at Carnegie Hall on the 7th of February, her breast are full of milk and the hips are spreaded. She has since lost weight. You can get meds to dry up baby milk if you are not breast feeding. Had 4 kids, I know.

917 days ago

the sea    

I know she didn't have that baby. Heard it from a doctor at Lenox Hill hospital.

917 days ago


Jay-Z had her whipped back into shape...gotta get his Ho back out there earnin'.

917 days ago


Man this country is getting sillier everyday. More stupid goons are coming out of the woodwork. White folks have the UFO conspiracy and the republican Birther movement and now black folks got the Beyonce baby conspiracy theorists. Get a job fools and stop worrying about other people's lives, no-life having MOFOs.

917 days ago

Umm ok...    

C'MON TMZ! She was NEVER pregnant and she did a sloppy job of trying to fake it! EVERYBODY knows it! Nobody would have cared if they used a surrogate, but instead she strapped on a fake belly for a few months and rented out an entire hospital floor to cover all security cameras. She is delusional & pathetic.

917 days ago


What an ego you must have to not be able to admit a surrogate or adoption, etc. Every other celeb does it and no one cares, so why go to such lengths to create/project this lie?

917 days ago


Come on! Look at all the evidence. The folding belly - her hopping up in to a suv days before she was due - the prostetic breasts (check mto's website for the pic) She used a surrogate & this lie will come back to bite her in the ass. As for the weight gain/loss. When she's not touring her hips always spread, just like her mama's. If she laid off the sunday pizza & popeyes she wouldn't have gained all that weight. As for the loss, spanx works wonders!

917 days ago


My wife is pregnant and I have never once seen her belly cave in when she sat down. There is also the inevitable swelling of visible body parts. If she is breast feeding, she should most certainly not be on any kind of diet to lose weight. The whole thing is a sham and TMZ needs to stop protecting her.

917 days ago


"Mom boobs!"


917 days ago


As a conspiracy master, I do not abide by such silliness. JFK is a solved issue -- every detail, every motivation, every person. Many people have been killed covering it up -- including JFK Jr. Two books give all the details - "Murder in Dealy Plaza" for the technical details and "JFK and the Unspeakable" for the political motivations. In case you don't know, the CIA killed him, masterminded by LBJ. There were 15 acts of complicity by the secret service. The ideas of the mob and Castro are merely smokescreen.


917 days ago


Looks like the Carters finally paid TMZ off

917 days ago

Kimmy Ef    

You would be shocked how quickly you slim down after pregnancy if you breastfeed your baby. The weight literally melts off.

917 days ago


Hopefully this picture comes through with the link. This picture was taken one day before she supposedly gave birth. She is not pregnant here.

917 days ago


For the guys out there. She's a nursing mom and you can drop baby weight fast while nursing. She is burning about 500-800 a day. I lost 10 lbs the first week I was home from the hospital. Also, she had a healthy weight gain. You should only gain 20 lbs during a pregnancy. That baby looks just like JZ and it's light skin comes from B and her mom's side of the fam...I'm not sticking up for them, but people who haven't had a healthy pregnancy have no clue what they are talking about.

917 days ago
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