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Lindsay's Alleged Victim

Pay Me at Least $100K ....

Or Else

3/23/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man who claims Lindsay Lohan struck him while she was driving her Porsche last week is demanding "six figures" from her .... and she must pay before her big probation progress hearing.

Sources connected with alleged victim Thaer Kamal tell TMZ ... Mark Geragos -- Kamal's lawyer -- has contacted Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, and made the demand ... and Geragos made it clear that his client has not yet cooperated with cops by sitting down for an interview.

We're also told Geragos claims to have a surveillance video showing Lindsay behind the wheel as her Porsche strikes Kamal, then getting out of the car and wobbling into the passenger seat as the passenger takes the wheel and drives off. But our sources say none of the witnesses corroborate what Geragos claims is on video.

We're told Geragos gave Holley a deadline of today. That's significant because Lindsay is due in court on Thursday for her final probation progress hearing. If Kamal goes to cops and presents evidence of hit-and-run, Judge Stephanie Sautner could violate Lindsay's probation and she could go directly to jail.

On the other hand, if Lindsay pays the money ... Kamal could decide not to press charges and the case would be dropped.

By the way, we're told Kamal told people at the scene he was not injured but had a change of heart after learning the driver was Lindsay.

8:58 PM PST: Apparently Lindsay is not going to pay Kamal, because we've learned he's now going to plan B -- we're told he's trying to sell the video.


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My Big Salami    

I would love to put my bike in Lindsays trunk!

942 days ago


If I were Lindsay, I'd roll the dice on this one and take the risk. don't pay! I think the Judge is in her corner on this one.

942 days ago


I can't stand Lindsay but this is ridiculous. If this man gets his way, no artist or public figure will ever be safe from this kind of blackmail. If she really hit him, he should have filed a formal complaint.

942 days ago


Un huh, and Gregaros called you, Shawn Holly called you? what is it, is this another DINA LOHAN discredit a victim column?
You guys are on a roll, oh POOR LINDSAY being screwed over by an Insurance scammer.
Oh poor Kim K, she's getting flour thrown at her and all the authorities have rushed to her aid (with no PROOF and no pics, thanks so much, HARVEY, you second rate HACK)

942 days ago


Legal blackmail?

942 days ago


Better borrow some cash or it is jail time.

942 days ago


Where is she going to find $100k to pay him? she is broke! Isn't that guy a club owner, I'm sure he has more money than Lindsay.

942 days ago


It is a form of blackmail, but I believe this guy, and Lindsay deserves it.

It does not surprise me she jumped out of the driver's seat, and into the passenger.
She has always been a liar, and always will.

She has wasted hundred of thousands of her dollars by being the bimbo she is.
GROW UP . AND STOP MAKING STUPID MISTAKES. It has already ruined your
reputation and career. Stupid is as stupid does.

942 days ago


The old pig-in-a-poke routine...I'm sure the only person they are trying to sell it to is Lindsay ... otherwise they would be showing it to a judge. After she buys it she would find out there's nothing on it. But then there could be some other moron that might pay the weasel for some worthless video. Make him prove it!

942 days ago


smoke and mirrors..she would smoke it or cut it up on a mirror

942 days ago


I hope someone files a complaint with the state bar against Geragos. S*** bag lawyers need to be tossed to the streets. Oh goodness, that would be 90% of them.

942 days ago


Doesnt he know she cant even afford a hair transplant..Geesh $100,000 is way out of reach for her..she owes that in Valtrex bills

942 days ago

Proud Veteran    

Now is the time for a fair minded prosecutor to step to the plate. No interview until after her probation hearing, no charges until after. Shawn Holley should tell Geragos to pound sand, she will fight him up to and including a jury trial.
Wonder what that tape and the conflicting whitenesses along with the doctor who examined him deposition will be worth then.
Lindsay is not on my Christmas card list but she deserves a level playing field for this obvious attempt to squeeze money from her.

942 days ago


smear campaign at its him off in beezid bucks and carvel

942 days ago


I have a hard time reading this one sided argument. I also like how the guy being investigated for insurance fraud didn't have the same first or last name, but he was a guy So it must be him! Wow TMZ you guys really sold your soul to the devil "Dina" for a paycheck.

942 days ago
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