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The Situation

In Rehab for Alcohol

Problem for 'Jersey Shore'

3/22/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Situation is in rehab not just for prescription drugs
The Situation
is in rehab not just for prescription drugs, but also for alcohol, TMZ has learned, and this turn of events could pose big problems for next season's "Jersey Shore."

Sources involved in the situation (sorry) tell us ... the Situation went through detox at a facility before he checked into Cirque Lodge in Utah, and the detox involved alcohol.

Our sources also say The Sitch is "very open" with other patients at Cirque about his drinking.  He discusses how his club appearances escalated his alcohol use.

Now here's the problem for "Jersey Shore."  The Situation and alcohol have been tied at the hip for 5 seasons.  If the show allows The Situation to fall off the wagon to make the show better in season 6, they will look like crass enablers.  If they don't let him drink, there's a good chance they will lose viewers.

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derp derp derp

947 days ago


I am not a fan of the Jersey Shore or the cast what so ever, but the only way he can keep his sobriety is to step away from the show. MTV should be less concerned with viewers or their show and more concerned with the fact they are part of the reason his addictions got to the point they did. I hope all the people who watch the show that idolize these people see that actions do have consequences.

947 days ago

who dat    

The people who watch js are morons & total loozers anyways. Yes i mean YOU. points finger

947 days ago

Peter Sc    

I don't understand why he sought treatment when it is a part of his line of business to drink.

The drinking is what sells the show here in Europe. Without it the viewers cannot identify themselves with the participants.

947 days ago


Who cares about this ugly low class mother f-----.

947 days ago


There's nothing sexier than a man who's afraid of camping.

947 days ago


I'm confused why it matters what he went to rehab for. It seems pretty bad that things he says in meetings are being repeated, too. Whether it's alcohol or angel dust, he is just a human being with a problem. If I was him I'd probably be worse so, while I've never seen the show, and I'm not a fan, I can't say anything except hope he gets well.

947 days ago


If a show is going to lose viewers because they don't let one of the people drink themselves sick, doesn't that say a lot about the people/lack of integrity of this stupid show?

947 days ago

Sin D    

either way it's winner mkay...publicity is a good thing mkay...the show blows, but people will watch

947 days ago


Again, who cares. MTV should be more concerned about future lawsuits from him then ratings. He's a major liability now. You know he will blame MTV for this.

947 days ago


I thought the show was bringing in a new cast next season? If not, are we going to have these same characters on jersey shore until they are in their 40's? 5 seasons is enough for me. If any one needs to go to rehab it is Skanki Snooki. I mean Mike is in the minor leagues for drinking, Snooki is a hall of fame drunk.

947 days ago


he is a ***** that can't handle his booze. doesn't work a rea effing job/...just a *****.

947 days ago


Karma is a b!tch. When you sign stupid contracts to earn easy money by acting idiotic...what do you expect to get in return. Enjoy your talentless fame and free money. Adios!

947 days ago



947 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Haven't you ever known anybody who went to rehab, TMZ? You don't get clean and not sober. Every addict I've known who thought they could keep drinking, just became raging alcoholics.

947 days ago
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