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The Situation

In Rehab for Alcohol

Problem for 'Jersey Shore'

3/22/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Situation is in rehab not just for prescription drugs
The Situation
is in rehab not just for prescription drugs, but also for alcohol, TMZ has learned, and this turn of events could pose big problems for next season's "Jersey Shore."

Sources involved in the situation (sorry) tell us ... the Situation went through detox at a facility before he checked into Cirque Lodge in Utah, and the detox involved alcohol.

Our sources also say The Sitch is "very open" with other patients at Cirque about his drinking.  He discusses how his club appearances escalated his alcohol use.

Now here's the problem for "Jersey Shore."  The Situation and alcohol have been tied at the hip for 5 seasons.  If the show allows The Situation to fall off the wagon to make the show better in season 6, they will look like crass enablers.  If they don't let him drink, there's a good chance they will lose viewers.

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Who watches this ghit? It's one step above the K family.

894 days ago


Here's some free excellent advice MTV: LOOSE THE SITUATION!! CAN HIM, SAY GOOD-BYE, IT'S ALL OVER, IT'S ALL OVER!! Do the viewers a favor and end this now. PLEASE.

894 days ago


I think it's time for MTV to stop profiting off such trash, and become the channel they set out to be from the beginning. Why even call themselves "MTV" anymore - that USED to stand for "Music Television" - remember those days?

I don't watch the Jersey Shore (though I've caught a few skits online, and that's enough to make me despise it, along with all the annoying media coverage of these "try-too-hard" wannabees), nor have I watched MTV since it began going downhill years ago. I say, either do the right thing and cancel the show, entirely, OR go full out "white trash" and combine Jersey Shore w/ Celebrity Rehab and have all the cast members in therapy. From what I've seen, they can all use a good wake-up call. MTV - shame on you!

894 days ago


Seriously - what is this show about? It's about a bunch of New Yorkers (most of them, right? or have I been misinformed?), pretending to be "Jersey Guidos" and partying on the Jersey Shore. They tan, they drink, they have sex, they cheat, they fight. How they have a fan-base, is beyond me to begin with. But ok - for the sake of argument, let's go with that. Let's say MTV still wants to continue the show. Now they've got this one in rehab, and another who's pregnant. Aren't they pretty much the two main characters of the show, anyway? Now they can't drink, get high, fight...there goes the show. But no, I see MTV trying to drag this thing out and milk it for all it's worth.

894 days ago


this guy's eyebrow maintenance is sure odd for a man.

894 days ago


I'll admit, I can be a bit of a sucker for reality tv so I have seen a decent amounts of episodes... But you know what I saw? Alcoholism, drug abuse (at the very least steroids and at most blow), incredibly unhealthy relationships, arrogance, disrespect (like,I don't know- calling a cab immediately after you have sex with a girl and send her packing at 5am!?!?). And now Mike is in rehab and Snooki is pregnant? Cancel the damn show, it's more annoying than "The Hills" at this point.

894 days ago


He should sue the show for encouraging their assoholic behavior! The producers want them to be self abusing because the audience of the show MUST LOVE train wreck people, because they are a bunch of the biggest ass bags ever assembled. Hopefully their 15 minutes is up and they will go back under the rocks they oozed out of.

894 days ago



894 days ago


maybe they'll clean his teeth while he's in there...just sooo nasty...

894 days ago

hugh gary rection    

drop this crap off tv ..see if anyone notices!!!!

894 days ago


be still my heart...jersey shore might be doomed...who are these people that watch that total crap... people walking around acting stupid is no show...I don't get it!!!!

894 days ago


Mike was never like Snooki & the others.It was never drinking that made him cool. He was never the one falling down in the street or getting arrested. The Sitch likes women, that's his focus. He's gonna come back stronger than ever.
Ok,you guys can get back to your hating.Have a nice day.

894 days ago


I think the show is getting tired anyway. Same stuff, different day. I think between him coming back "sober", and them having Snooki on the show while she is pregnant is really going to tank ratings. Nothing against the current cast, but I think the only way for the show to survive beyond this next season is to get a whole new cast.

894 days ago


He'll be so hard to replace. Where can they find another no-talent greaseball doucebag that looks 40?

894 days ago


Good, now they can finish this awful series promoting the sober side of life, instead of glorrifying one that involves excessive drinking and random sex.

893 days ago
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