TMZ Live Whitney Houston's Cause of Death Revealed

3/22/2012 12:30 PM PDT

Whitney Houston's cause of death came out right in the middle of today's TMZ Live ... which means you get to see what happens as all the breaking details -- drowning, cocaine, heart problems -- come into the newsroom and get up on the site.

Also, Justin Bieber joined us -- he's fighting to get "Bully" a PG-13 instead of an R. It's no worse than the violence in "The Hunger Games" ... right? We talked to the Biebs about the controversy. Plus, a major twist in Lindsay Lohan's alleged hit and run case.

(0:20) Breaking LiLo news -- we have crucial, new information about her alleged hit-and-run incident.
(4:49) If The Situation and Snooki are sober on "Jersey Shore" ... will anyone watch the show? We got The Unit on line 1.
(12:01) Justin Bieber calls in! He's pushing for the documentary "Bully" to get a PG-13 rating.
(15:01) Britney Spears -- high marks from the judge.
(19:10) Jon Hamm -- using Kim for publicity.
(23:31) Reese Witherspoon -- knocked up!
(27:21) Phillip Phillips refuses to take Diddy and Tommy Hilfiger's advice on "Idol" ... and it works!
(32:00) Breaking news! Whitney Houston's cause of death was released ... watch our newsroom come to life.
(35:01) How big of a role did cocaine play in Whitney's death?
(43:00) Gisele Bundchen's daunting shopping trip.