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Whitney Houston

Cocaine in System

At Time of Death

3/22/2012 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston had cocaine in her system when she died -- this according to the L.A. County Coroner.

The L.A. County Coroner has just released the singer's official cause of death -- accidental drowning ... but the report also notes heart disease and cocaine use were contributing factors to Whitney's demise.

Officials say Houston also had traces of marijuana in her system ... as well as Xanax (anxiety medication), Flexeril (muscle relaxer) and Benadryl (allergy medication).

A source connected to the investigation tells us it is "very possible" Whitney had a heart attack that caused her to lose consciousness and drown. The heart attack may have been triggered by hardening of the arteries as a result of cocaine use.

As we previously reported, Whitney was found dead in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton hotel last month and several pills were found on the scene -- including Xanax, Ibuprofen, and Midol.

Investigators found NO EVIDENCE of cocaine in the hotel room.

Law enforcement sources have told us from the beginning they did not suspect foul play -- and believe her death was not a homicide.

Her family however had doubts about Whitney's demise -- suggesting there may have been foul play.

3:01 PM PST -- The Houston family has released a statement which says, “We are saddened to learn of the toxicology results, although we are glad to now have closure.” 



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Linda Sturdivant    

Bobby Browns sister was just on the Dr. Drew Show, accusing Ray J, of being her "go to" boy, & bringing her the cocaine. SLANDER!!!!! Didn't you guys report that a couple years ago or so, that they were indeed dating? And in fact, they said in the news that she had partied with Ray J, the previous weekend, not the week of Whitneys death? I know they were friends, but Ray J, is not known for doing coke, but known for using Pot.

943 days ago


I would hope and pray that every one leaves her daughter alone. Let her deal in private. She needs everyone to leave her alone, especially the public.

943 days ago

Tony the Giant    

@Frisky Business, I know it takes time, for toxocology reports. But they didn't seem like they were in a hurry either, until just this week, when everybody started talking bad about Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon. And their possible motives.
Why? Cause this insipid little thug, is putting himself out there for suspicion, that's why. Cause first of all, he acts too desperate. He seems like he's just sizzling for that money, Like he wants to hurry up and get married and get it over with. You understand what I'm saying? That's how stupid he is, he lets everybody know his business. He's about the most unorganized a--hole, I've ever seen in my life.

943 days ago

Melanie Andujar    

probably it was Ray J who gave her the drugs lol she did pass a note to his sister brandy which wont say what was in it....but if u connect the dots he was read hurt and reports for stated she was with RayJ at the time and hung out with him that whole week b4 she died...research it on google or pass TMZ reports....that might be true :)

943 days ago


Not surprising, but what a waste of her talent and her life. RIP, Whitney.

943 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

The same person:
1. Got Whitney the coke.
2. Did the Coke with Whitney.
3. Found Whitney dead.
4. Took the Coke before the EMT's got there.
5. Finished the Coke that night.
6. Sat in the front row at Whitney's funeral.

943 days ago


Is there a single celebrity out there that has the least bit of self discipline, or maybe just a general sense of morality? At this point celebrities should be required to take random drug testing before performances, on movie sets etc...most of them think they are above an overdose or death in general. Having your parents bury you, leaving your children behind...just to get a high. Honestly...

943 days ago


God Bless her Soul. She just couldn't stand the addiction anymore and knew she wanted to leave this earth to be whole again and with Our Heavenly Father. I can't blame her. Her family and friends did a wonderful service to the world by having her funeral televised and did the most perfect job for letting the world know how wonderful the African-American race is, and how beautiful they are as a people, and as a white girl raised in the Baptist Church showing the beauty of this denomination of Christianity! Most of all the funeral was a wonderful testament to their faith, hope and love for our caring Lord, Jesus Christ.
I can't say enough nice things about this beautiful Church Service. Bless you All.

943 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Don't see conspirisies where there are none. To be blunt, she was a drug addict who killed herself. Her family covered up her drug user, moved her body around, were not totally truthful to the medical authorities, and tell the truth, California is not going to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a drug addict, no matter how famous.
If her family is so upset, let them exhume the body and test away to their hearts content. They are not going to do this because they know what she was - a drug addict who killed herself.
BTW, The LA authorities spent way more money on her than they would have for any "normal, average person" read not famous celebrity.
Sorry but the State of California has spent a lot of time and money already - money that could be better spent on victims of crime.

943 days ago


Cocaine is a helluva drug

943 days ago


What really gets me is no one gave 2 S*&t's about the passing of Etta James who was battling leukemia and hadn't done drugs in many many years and someone like Whitney Houston who was doing drugs and partying which was a direct result of her drowning the media glorified her life.

943 days ago


Whitney's SISTER-IN-LAW seemed to go out of her way on the OPRAH INTERVIEW to tell the WORLD that "SHE DID NOT SEE WHITNEY AT ALL THE DAY SHE DIED" and that Whitney was wanting to see her and was calling her. SISTER-IN-LAW Pat also put out to the WORLD that she WALKED to Whitney's room, NOT RUN, even when she heard the Hairdresser screams in the hallway. Makes you WONDER WHY the SISTER-IN-LAW is trying to let the world think she was NO WHERE AROUND Whitney on the day of her death. >>> The MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION IS...... WHO REMOVED THE BED SHEETS AND CRACK PIPE?? Someone is going to be pulled in by the Police! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Hotel security cameras DON'T LIE!!!

943 days ago


sad and **** all of you judgmental *******s..shes dead now so just stf your words mean nothing to her now

943 days ago


I dont understand how everyone can comment,and it shows but mine doesnt,Oh well.Sh** Happens RIP Whitney

942 days ago


one of you guys at TMZ tell the cops about DeBarge thats your answer he was with her before and he just got busted for dealing.. DUH

942 days ago
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