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Ex-Kony Soldier

Warlord May Have CURSED

Jason Russell

3/24/2012 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


African warlord Joseph Kony is a master of voodoo ... who may have willed an evil spirit to poison the mind of Invisible Children co-founder Jason Russell ... this according to a former member of Kony's child army.

TMZ spoke with Richard Akena ... who was captured by Kony's forces 4 separate times when he was a child and was forced to carry out Kony's evil bidding.

Akena tells us ... most people who were captured by Kony believe he is "being controlled by a devil spirit."

Akena says it wasn't unusual to see Kony try to use voodoo magic in an effort to thwart his enemies in Africa ... and he believes the same voodoo magic could explain Russell's naked meltdown .

Russell's family says the breakdown can be chalked up to "reactive psychosis" ... caused by stress and lack of sleep. 

Still, Akena tells us he's convinced otherwise ... "This was Kony's doing."


No Avatar


Makes just about as much sense as "reactive psychosis" ... caused by stress and lack of sleep" which is just medical lingo for "went bat **** crazy..."

908 days ago


uh, nope, unless he somehow cursed drugs into his system

908 days ago


Meth/Voodoo, same difference.

908 days ago


Really? TMZ Really?!?! you're proud to put this kind of report on the site?

908 days ago


All I can say is that man seemed sane and wrapped pretty tight, to all of a sudden freak out and blame it on "exhaustion" seems rather lame, sorry the voodoo angle is plausible, and people who doubt it need to research voodoo and hoodoo more the spiritual world is no joke, the light and the dark is very real and not something to ignore and could affect anyone anywhere, and I am not joking or crazy, research voodoo and hoodoo thoroughly and then maybe post an opinion...better be unbiased about it too, cause it can affect you too, one never knows.

908 days ago


Jason Russell is not crazy and is not the victim of "voo-doo". The guy is a genius. He faked this meltdown to gain publicity for his video, and it worked.

908 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

Sure...Dude is a CRANKSTER,speed FREAK,an just a plain freak.Give us a break.Dude is a dumb azz.

908 days ago

Georgie in NH    

Voodoo makes more sense than dehydrated and lack of sleep.

908 days ago


oh, if it was only that simple(minded).....

908 days ago


not suprise

908 days ago


Sooo funny how everyone thinks the Illumati is real and that Jay-z and Beyonce are Illumati leaders and that Blu ivy is the devil yet these same people think voodoo is not real? LOL Please!!!!

908 days ago


why dont you ask the Holy Spirit Mobile Force how voodoo helped them against the NRA armed with machine guns. They put spells on rocks and said they would blow up like grenades well they didn't and alot of them died even if they won a couple of battles.

908 days ago

Carolyn Baker    

I Knew it ....Hopefully some of Jason's African friends will come to his aid with this and I hope stupid westerners don't pooh pooh it or he will be dead next!

908 days ago


America the place full of conspiracy idiots and people who believe in voodoo curses we are all screwed.

908 days ago


Harvey! I am placing a voodoo on you! Maybe next TMZ Live you will strip naked and go crazy!

Now that will be entertainment

908 days ago
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