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Lindsay Lohan

Probation Dept. Pooh-Poohs

'Hit-and-Run' Allegation

3/26/2012 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County Probation Department has written a report for Lindsay Lohan's final court appearance Thursday ... and the Dept. will NOT recommend that Lindsay's probation be violated based on the allegation that she committed hit-and-run earlier this month.

Probation Dept. sources tell TMZ ... the report makes mention of the allegation by Thaer Kamal, the manager of the Hookah Lounge who claims Lindsay struck him and his car, and then fled. The probation report makes mention of the incident and says it's under investigation by the police department, but the probation officer discounts the claim and gives it no weight ... saying no charges have been filed and Lindsay has not been arrested.

The Probation report reads in part, "The probationer (Lindsay) is in compliance with the terms and conditions of probation." The report recommends that probation continue the way it's been going, but that is standard for these reports. Judge Stephanie Sautner has said if Lindsay is in compliance as of Thursday, she will terminate probation in the Beverly Hills DUI case, and change Lindsay's status from formal to informal probation in the jewelry heist case -- which means she won't have to appear in court anymore.

As we previously reported, Kamal's lawyer, Mark Geragos, has asked Lindsay's lawyer for 6 figures, claiming there's a surveillance video showing the hit-and-run, but sources tell us the video shows no such thing.

According to the probation report, Lindsay has not completed all of her community service yet, but she's scheduled to do so on 3/28 -- the day before her hearing. And she's supposed to complete her last day of counseling tomorrow.


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shawn Holley asked and begged the courts to let lindsay off..shawn has been living on beezid bucks and carvel for years...and wasnt allowed to quit

839 days ago


god she looks old

839 days ago


An extortion attempt should have no effect on probation.

839 days ago



839 days ago


still on probation until 2014..
but the grand news is..this turns into a civil suit.
lets add those up.
dawn Holland
PitBulls counter suit
Playboy (once they sue for the ELLEN thing)
Shawn will eventually sue for lack of payment
Her insurance company (hit and Run)
3 Boys in a car she jacked (might be settled)
she will never make enough to pay everyone off.HAHAHA

839 days ago


Lindsay sure is cutting it close with her community service. You would think she would not have left it to such a last minute time frame. This indicates she has learned almost nothing. I wish her the best but don't think she is serious about staying out of trouble. She will probably be another Whitney Houston but she will not live to be 48 years old. Her choice. (I hope her counselor gets sick and cannot meet with Lindsay for her final session and Lindsay will be in violation this coming Thurs).

839 days ago


Of course her probation wont be violated unless she is arrested. Probation doesnt get violated soley based on accusations. I hope she stays out of trouble once she is no longer under strict control of the court. She should get her a** to CS and finished today not the day before. What if she gets sick or something? Talk about waiting ti'll the last minute. Oh well I am just happy she is getting it done.

839 days ago


It shouldn't have anything to do with her probation! She hasn't been offically charged nor convicted of anything! It's innocent til proven guilty, not guilty til proven innocent!

839 days ago


Ha! Radar Online says they've seen the video and it shows there were NO PAPARAZZI THERE - which is why there were no pictures so many of you loons were yelling for. Proof ONCE AGAIN that she is a LYING, THIEVING, JUNKIE.

839 days ago


Phreaky: less than a minute ago
Ha! Radar Online says they've seen the video and it shows there were NO PAPARAZZI THERE - which is why there were no pictures so many of you loons were yelling for. Proof ONCE AGAIN that she is a LYING, THIEVING, JUNKIE.
wrong. the video only shows there were no paps in the back alleyway, but there were paps there. there are pics all over the internet of her leaving the club. the pic that tmz posted on the hit and run story was of her leaving the alleyway.

839 days ago


Jill....does your finger get numb from hitting "dislike" so often?? Just wondering...

839 days ago


DINA is all over that phone to TMZ and Harvey..trying to sway oppinion..the facts have long been dina and havey have become the court system.
lets see what plays out with that Video, and the real Victim.
screw sautner..a nother arrest will goto a different judge

839 days ago


EarthAngel: less than a minute ago
Jill....does your finger get numb from hitting "dislike" so often?? Just wondering...
shows how ignorant you are. i'm not even registered to like or dislike any post.

839 days ago


i'm not even a lindsay fan, and i don't think she hit that guy, good for the judge

839 days ago


Judge Sautner summed it best. You see a "PATTERN HERE" the pattern hasn't changed.

Lindsay Lohan has been complying, for the most part just by the skin of her teeth. Yet, complying. Only because she needs to be able to use her passport and be allowed to leave the states. That's the only reason. That simple. Everyone knows jail time is a joke.

The Liz cable TV movie will be shooting in Canada (not the states) until Judge Sautner signs off and gives the Ok, Lohan has to stay in the states.

Screw all of her BS she's pulled on movie sets. All her legal garbage she's gotten away with in LA. Lohan pulls any of her BS in Canada let's see how much Lohan get's away with. Canada is not LA. Yes, Lindsay Canada is a country.

839 days ago
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