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Model Lauren Scruggs

REJECTS $200k Settlement

in Airplane Propeller Accident

3/27/2012 6:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lauren Scruggs -- the model who lost a hand and an eyeball
Lauren Scruggs -- the model who lost a hand and an eyeball when she was struck by an airplane propeller last year -- claims she shot down a $200k settlement offer from the plane's insurance company ... and now she's suing for much, much more.

Scruggs filed legal docs in Dallas, Texas ... claiming the insurance company "verbally offered" to pay her $200k for the Dec. 3, 2011 accident ... and they explained it's the MOST the insurance company can pay out to a "passenger."

But Scruggs is calling BS ... claiming she shouldn't be considered a "passenger" because "she was not in the aircraft or getting in or out of it at the time of the incident."

The 23-year-old model argues she had "completed her exit from the aircraft prior to the time of the incident and was physically located on the tarmac when the incident happened. Until struck by the propeller, she was not in physical contact with the aircraft after her exit."

Scruggs is asking for unspecified damages ... but we're guessing she wants WAY more than $200k.


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ok well this is wrong, it is not a company, it's just a pilot and his plane, so she is suing the planes insurance co. and the pilot - and it does say $200,000 limit per passenger - and i don't know why but the suit is from lauren and her dad jeff, how does her dad have any standing to sue here??? i hope this doesn't ruin this pilots life, you know he doesn't have the $$ she wants

883 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

If she were black, they be offering her half of the company, or they'd expect it......

883 days ago


Wonder if anyone has ever said why she walked into that propeller?? My bet is she was talking on a phone like most of the self involved zombies you see every day. Where's her culpability in this?

883 days ago


umm this was her fault. she deserved what she got for not paying attention. and she's a blonde. stupid blondes these days. lol

883 days ago


she was a model, she is not that good looking, and now she could be an actress playing horror movies with one hand and one eye

883 days ago

I cant beleive it    

Really? Really? I say rule in her favor and give her all the common sense she can fit up in that cracked up little head of hers (and the propeller from the plane to hang on her wall like a big game trophy)! Ah, only in can still make it even if you are dumb and lucky, all you have to do is walk into spinning propeller and cash in!

883 days ago

Josh burdette    

What an IDIOT! You're in a prop plane and when it lands you walk into the propeller. How stupid could you be?

882 days ago


she should get more than that!

882 days ago


If you talk to a small plane pilot they will tell you you should never let a passenger out of a plane with the prop running. A prop is nearly invisible in day light and totally invisible at night. This accident should have never happened. It was not the victim's fault. It was the pilots fault for ignoring all safety protocols. It would have taken 5 seconds to shut down the props.

All these comments about how stupid she was are written by idiots who don't know that a spinning propeller at night is invisible.

882 days ago

Carl Yarbor    

I was recently injured after deplaneing from the rear of the aircraft. after retrieveing my luggage I proceeded to put my bags on the cart that i would be pulling them with. While doing this the worker on the steps backs up and knocks me out . Yes, literally ran into me ! Shame on the Airline

832 days ago

Carl Yarbor    

I was injured recently after deplaneing from the rear of aircraft. While putting my luggage on my cart i was ran over hit in the head unconconsious. Now, my life has changed constant headaches,blurred vision, back pain, neck pain, lower extremities very sore.

832 days ago

Carl Yarbor    

It's not her fault, If you have ever flown on a prop then you would know how difficult it is to see the propeller especially at nite. The pilot should have never started the engines until passengers are onboard. So get your information straight...............

829 days ago


We simply don't take resonsbility for our actions any longer! I am grieving for you, Laure,n and wish you all imaginable blessings and strength in your recovery. However, in your quest to recover an insurance settlement, are you not hurting others in the process. Haven't you suffered enough? Why does you wish to pass your suffering on to others who possess no culpability in your propeller accident? The pilot (who is a family friend)? His pilot's license and ability to maintain his income? Will he lose his license? Are those questions pondered at all in the shadow of this tragedy? I agree on a legal basis with a previous postee...1. There IS a duty owed. 2. There IS a duty breached. 3. The proximate cause should be considered. 4. Actual damages need to be examined more extensively before monetary damages are agreed upon. Agreed! The pilot puportedly advised you on TWO occasions to stay clear of the propeller, even using his body to guide you in the right direction--AWAY from the propeller. As my colleague and postee has stated, this case should not (under legal cir***stanes) pass the discovery phase and should be dismissed. I am, admittedly, torn. Ms. Lauren Scruggs you are a beatutiful, vibrant model/blogger. Are not our Wounded Warriors entitled to equal treatment and care, as you have received? I would like to hear you speak to those who have given their lives for YOUR freedom to fly over the skies of Dallas and view Christmas lights? Lauren, you look beautiful. And, how can you compare yourself to Bethany Hamilton? Is this comparison based merely on faith? Bethany Hamilton did not have access to even a fraction of what had access to in your recovery?!?! And, Bethany's faith has sustained her despite the unequitable access to resources...for Ms. Hamilton AND our Wounded Warriors. Ms. are in my prayers. But, when YOU pray at night, please consider those who are suffering while you are living life to its fullest? Lauren, you most CERTAINLY did NOT deserve the obstacles that you currently face and WILL face in the future. But, an inordinate settlement form the insurance company will benefit YOU, but hurt so many in the process. Please consider the damage that will result from this settlement. And, PLEASE pray for those who are not as fortunate as you! Bless you in your recovery and may you have strength to guide you in the days, weeks, months and years to come!

Today's American - make bad decisions and look to someone else to pay for your mistakes. Hope the presiding judge has some balls and tosses the case.

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645 days ago


Epitome of dumb has a book out.
Love the dead eye look and the fake hand.
Freakin fool! Bet she won't wander onto the runway soon...

467 days ago
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