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Lindsay Lohan

Everyone's On Board

To End Formal Probation

3/27/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is in the clear ... if she doesn't screw up in the next 48 hours, she will be off formal probation for the first time in more than 4 years ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us ... The L.A. County District Attorney is satisfied Lindsay completed the terms of her probation. As a result, the D.A. will accept the L.A. County Probation Department's report that Lindsay has complied with all the terms of her probation. We've learned the D.A. will have no objection to Judge Stephanie Sautner terminating Lindsay's probation in the Beverly Hills DUI case.

As for Lindsay's other little problem -- the jewelry heist -- we've learned the L.A. City Attorney sees no reason why Lindsay's formal probation -- requiring her to regularly report to her probation officer and the judge -- will be changed to informal probation, meaning as long as Lindsay keeps her nose clean she is off the hook for misdemeanor theft.

Lindsay is in court Thursday, and we'll be livestreaming. She will walk out with virtually no strings attached to her freedom. Well, there is one string. To get off informal probation, she must obey all laws for the next 2 1/2 years.


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Yes TMZ we know, Lindsay Lohan will no longer be on formal probation come Thursday. How many stories on this do we need? I think its great that she finally decided to take her sentence seriously and she did what Sautner asked of her. However I dont think its great Sautner had to literally hold her hand and walk her through it month to month, actually its pathetic.

I just wonder whats going to happen after the 29th. Will Lindsay not be a junkie anymore? Will she get her looks back? Will the general public suddenly fall back in love with her? Will she have Alist roles awaiting? Will she suddenly stop causing drama everywhere she goes? Will she stop commiting crimes? I mean yes she is off formal probation but that doesnt mean sh*t when you look at the big picture. Will people even care about her after the 29th?

I will admit I have always been a fan of her films and in her hayday I think she was one of the best looking actresses in Hollywood. I would like to see her come through this but I think she has done too much, the general public think of the name Lindsay Lohan as a joke. What she didnt pay for her crimes in jail time she paid with her career. Guess we will see.

910 days ago


TMZ is the problem..they bought these stories from the Lohans..and it turns out that manager she hit is a good guy , and they tried to ruin his reputation...
there is something really wrong with bashing someone to defend your mistakes..I hope nothing but the worst for lindsay..

910 days ago


Did anyone see the Radar story about how that guy who is saying Lindsay hit him does NOT have a history of insurance fraud and no criminal record? He is looking to take legal action against those who dragged his name through the mud. It seems like Team Lohan has to drag everyone through the mud who dare take action against Lindsay's poor behavior - The jewelry shop who she stole from, the DA who prosecuted her probation violations/crimes as she would any other criminal, the judge who merely sentenced her to what would come out 12 days in jail after too many f*k ups, the BF tech who Lindsay attacked as heard in the 911 tape, the riverside police dept who were labeled witch hunters because they did their job in investigating an alleged assault now this guy. I am interested to see what happens although I doubt criminal charges are going to come out of this.

910 days ago


Thats it exactly Jay.......
Lohan Inc and the trolls all want everybody to believe that as soon as she walks out that courtroom Thursday she will be transformed into hollywood most sout after actress, that they will knocking down her door to get her to sign on the dotted line that the reputation and criminal record she has piled up in the last 4 years will just magicially disappear and people will forget it instantly...and she will be back to the hot 16 yr up and coming child star........Only in their dreams...Only in their dreams is not like that......Lohan Inc created this monster with her soiled reputation and like Frankenstien's monster nobody wants it around cause it kills every thing it touches......

909 days ago

Ellie G    

How many people will want to hire her when they find out she needs 24 hr a day babysitters just to get a job done.

909 days ago


If this is a preview to what the summer is going be like with these boys ....I might just find myself a workshop or retreat or seminar to go to every other week....Three fights ,, two accidents and one old small Pekingese cowling under the desk in terror....and it not even 10.00 am were is my general when I need him...he better get home soon if he wants a house to come home too.....just saying !!!!!!!

909 days ago


Will someone please tell Blowhan that Livestream cameras do not equate movie roles, therefore does not count towards SAG and AFTRA membership.

909 days ago


she doesnt deserve a comeback, after all the lies her PR team, and Dina told against this kid..besides the criminal aspect of Hit and Run..she accused him of being an Illegal alien,insurance chaser...and anything else they could bash him with..
thats just wrong on so many levels..
something has to stop.she is a really bad person to let this happen..

909 days ago


Of all the photos they have of Lindsay to post that one they used is really the worst !!!
"Why ?" you may ask.

Well for one its about 6 years old..
and it was from before she started distorting her face..
that is the old nose...before the tip started its collapse...
her old cheek bones...
her old lips
her old teeth
her old real hair.
and something I hadn't noticed till now her
brow line must have had them lifted
her chin before it was joined by its twin brother...

Which it you think about it really high lights all the work she has denied having done to her face.... this is the face of a completely different person....but you know something I like this face better because it was real...not plastic , not so Hollywood clonish..just like all the other Hollywood clone whores ...
But it gone now never to return to that bad ..people like that face not the one shes wearing now...

909 days ago


I just got back recently from staying at the Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana. It's one of the most haunted Bed and Breakfast in the south. It seems that I may have saved the place from burning down. When people found out what I do and why I was there they wanted to follow me around and try to see what I catch. One room had a police officer and her 12 year old daughter. During the evening a lot of things happened but what happened in their room was different. There was a huge storm going on outside with lightning and thunder all night. The officer came to me and said please come to my room. The large shade on the window went down half way stayed there for a second and then went to the floor and her shoes were stacked bottom to bottom on their sides. I told her there might be a simple explaination. I checked out the drapes and pulled them away from the window so I could see what made the shade fall. I found the drapes were wet and so was the rug. I pulled it away more and heard dripping. Water was dripping down onto a fan cord that was plugged into the wall. I unplugged it and told the officer that the reason the shade fell was to get you to pay attention. That there was a potential hazzard. You may not see or hear a spirit when it is trying to get your attention but you will pay attention if something out of the norm happens, like the shade and shoes.
The next morning in the gift shop the woman that runs the place ask my daughter, "Is that your mother? my daughter said, " the lady with the dark hair? Yes," the woman said, " I had a dream about your mother last night and I never dream about the guest. She was standing over by the window wearing a dark cloak and looking out over the courtyard. When I came in the room she turned and said HI, that is when I woke up. Which was good for I would have run late for work."
I didn't think anything of this until yesterday when I was listening to my recorder which I had running all night while I was asleep there. What I caught gave me chills. First you hear floor boards creaking like someone is walking in my room. Then you hear a womans voice say, " You be in the dream?" then you hear footsteps as it walks away. I also got a woman voice telling me to PLEASE RELAX when I was getting ready for bed. Oh, I also got a Fck You from a male voice. Now wasn't that nice.

909 days ago


Be back later..I am sickened by lindsay and bashing that soldier..I am a hater now..

909 days ago


Let's hope so!!! I really want her to do so well that we don't have to hear or read about again for a very, very long time!!! :) Go Lindsay!!!!!! LOL

909 days ago


"Im off two.....

I think Lohan Inc finally crossed that line from nasty to completely disgusting with this last hatchet job they have tried to pull on that boy......and showed the public just how disgusting they really are and how corrupt and malice they can be to protect their money maker....
I would urge that man and his Lawyers to go after Lohan Inc with every thing that they can do...its time to put a stop once and for all with the Lohan Inc reign of destruction........
I can see giving a person a second or even a third chance if they deserve it and proved they are deseving but giving this woman another chance is like asking the public to give The Green Hill Murderer another chance after he has been convicted of killing his 14th woman because he has seen the light and has changed his ways.......and Yes !there is a comparsion because both Lohan Inc and that Murder has destroyed peoples lives and livlihood forever for their own satifaction....

909 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Why the Six year old, pre-coke bloat picture of this slag? How about something current with that industrial orange colored hair?

909 days ago


I have no use for this crack-ho. She can't act, can't sing, DAMN sure can't drive, the only thing she's good at is partying till she pukes, gettin' into trouble, and then lying about it puttin' the blame on someone else. The woman is just NASTY, she looks like she needs a good scrubbin'.

909 days ago
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