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Olympic Hero Kurt Angle

I'm Hunting for the Scammers

Who Stole $4k from My Mom

3/29/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Team USA wrestling gold medalist Kurt Angle is on a mission to avenge his 80-year-old mother ... who sent $4,000 to heartless phone scammers after they convinced her a family member was in danger.

Angle tells TMZ ... his mother recently received a call from someone in the Domincan Republic who claimed her grandson was in a local jail and needed $4,000 STAT ... or the consequences would be severe.

Angle's mom, who lives in Pittsburgh, wired the cash and thought everything would be fine ... until she got another call the next day ... demanding an additional $4,000.

Mama Angle couldn't afford the payment ... so she contacted Kurt ... who had a feeling the whole thing was a scam and reached out to the family member who was supposedly in danger.

Turns out, the family member was FINE and hadn't been to the D.R. in over a year ... so Kurt contacted local authorities to get to the bottom of the situation.
According to the FBI, Kurt's mom is just one of MANY victims being targeted by international scammers who prey on the elderly.

Kurt tells us he has a feeling the people who duped his mom have an accomplice working near her home in Pittsburgh ... because they knew about his family ... and managed to find his mother's unlisted phone number.

"I'm gonna find the son of a bitch who did this to my mom," Angle tells us ... adding, "I don't want this happening to anyone else!"

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936 days ago


wOw.. 1ST MEANS i'm spending TOOOO much time on the internet... THAT'S FOR SURE.. and you all know what they say about SITTING... yes.. 10 hours a day.. it's Deathly!!!!!]

936 days ago


I hate scammers who scam elderly, they need to be punish. On the other hand if the scammers scam a rich person like Kurt Angle himself I would just laugh and says he deserves it.

936 days ago


You get em Kurt! These people who prey on the elderly deserve a good ass kickin.

936 days ago


Now, about Grandma... I WISH there were some way to let elderly folks become aware of all Scams asking for money.. This scam is typical of others I've seen.. and Yes a close friend of mine got an email.. was in London.. and all here belongings were stolen - Please send $5K and I'll pay you when I return ..etc. This one I caught in time only by happenstance as I phoned them regarding another matter and they said they were just going out the door to send money to their friend.... I CAUGHT them in time. Remember.. most elderly are 'naive' and vulnerable to anyone needing help.. a friend? much more a Relative.

936 days ago


Go get them, Kurt. A financial adviser scammed my grandmother out of more than $20,000 for the past few years and I didn't find out about it until last week when I had to help her to the tax office because of her age, where they informed me what was going on. I'll be contacting the FBI soon, hopefully they don't have so many things to deal with that they can take the time to sort it out, otherwise I'll have to deal with it myself. My grandmother is a sweet innocent old woman who never hurt anyone. It pisses me off so much.

936 days ago

Cognizant _illiberal    

i hope he gets justice. a couple of brown gang members were caught spray painting my property downtown i use as storage, the cops said "would you like to press charges?" i said "hell YES!" the cops said "what do estimate the damage to be" i said "10thousand dollars" those brown gang members cant afford the damage they did. i hope kurt gets justice like i did.

936 days ago


And he's going to do it with a broken freakin' neck, ladies and gentlemen.

936 days ago


It also sounds like the family member in DC could have taken part of it. Kurt's gonna find these people and break their neck. His mom should have contacted him or his brother immediately.

936 days ago


In DR, sorry about that.

936 days ago


While he's searching for this "son of a b*tch", he might consider also searching for the "son of a b*tch" who decided "wrestling" (grappling on the floor with people of the same sex) is actually "sport".

Aside from hideously fat men in Japan who don't mind being seen in public in their underpants, and USA high school students, where else is this considered a "sport"?

Off-topic, I know, but the whole idea of "wrestling stars" is a joke in itself, makes it difficult to take anything else in the story seriously.

936 days ago


Angle was not just a USA wrestling champion but the 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist.

936 days ago


happened to my parents a year ago ,,,, sad .

935 days ago


wow they just did a story about this on abc news last night. they said what the crooks do is study peoples' facebook, twitter, and youtube accounts for info. even using videos to practice mimicing a loved one's voice

just a warning to everyone not to put all their and family's business out on social media

935 days ago


ps. i meant to say abc news did a story on this type of scam. it wasnt about kurt angle in particular. just regular people. so dont think you have to be famous for people to be able to know everything about you and your family

935 days ago
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