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Morning Show Wars

Sarah Palin to Co-Host 'Today'

4/1/2012 10:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NBC has countered ABC's move of bringing Katie Couric to "Good Morning America" this week by announcing Sarah Palin will co-host "Today" this Tuesday. 

On their website, the peacock said that Palin will "reveal a different side of her than you've seen before." NBC is also promising that "a surprise legend will return to the broadcast Monday morning."

Palin and Couric are forever linked from their infamous interview in 2008 when Couric hosted "CBS Evening News."

The interview is widely credited for destroying Palin's credibility ... probably forever.


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I guess like everything else...NBC needs ratings, why won't the media just let this woman go away??? The only way I'd be watching, is if President Obama Passed a bill..."Obama Care." Check out Stephanie Miller on Current TV in the a.m.

831 days ago

you betcha! i hope she does some FaithHilling on the show. its the newest fad.

831 days ago


I would much, much rather f.u.c.k Palin. MUCH

831 days ago


"The interview is widely credited for destroying Palin's credibility ... probably forever."
And putting Sarah Palin on "Today" will be widely credited for destroying NBC's credibility... probably forever.
Octomom would have been preferable.

831 days ago


Ha! No fair! Put 'em on together so that Katie can further demonstrate how intellectually bankrupt Palin is. To those of you who take Palin seriously, God is laughing at you not with you.

831 days ago

donna adams    

You were pretty late in reporting this, Harvey. What are you afraid of? Palin, now, is absolutely harmless. I will watch her show regardless. Katie has had many times in the sun. I, for once, would like to see someone in daytime NON-CABLE with a different perspective other than LIBERAL,

831 days ago


Jesus...Sara. ****

831 days ago


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a true freedom loving American, Sarah Palin! Yes, will definitely be watching, just because she is on the show!

831 days ago


of course they will do anything for ratings palin and couric id rather clean the bathroom

831 days ago


Where is the rest of the interview... the parts that were edited out? Couric did this over three days... will they show that Couric asked Sarah about abortion over and over and over trying to trap her into saying something they could clip and smear her with? Not naming publications you read is IMPORTANT?? About as important as Obama going to 57 States?? It amazes me that liberals forgive Obama for being a total a** and because Sarah Palin got pi**ed at Couric and did not name any of the publications she reads they label her unintelligent.
Well, for a woman who is unintelligent, lets see.... 3.3 million Facebook fans, 768,000 Twitter followers, unofficial national Tea Party leader, instrumental in stopping Obamacare, helped lead Republicans to massive victories in 2010 elections and loved by millions of Americans and a fantastic example of a REAL feminist... versus a perky little twit who sucks at the liberal teat.
Get real. Sarah Palin will be relevant a lot longer than a little tv personality.

831 days ago


Jeebus, watching the liberals scream bloody murder over Palin taking a turn as a host on TODAY is a delicious hoot! It doesn't get any better than this!

831 days ago


I will never watch another Today Show if this is true. If others wish to listen to "news" from this idiot, they can. But not me.

831 days ago

Keyser Söze    

LMFAO... How pathetically desperate NBC truly is?

That's just sad, sad, sad... and hilarious. "The Daily Show", "The Colbert Report", "SNL", "Real Times" and pretty much every late-night talk shows thank you oh so very much, Today.

831 days ago


The last sentence of this article is pure nonsense. "The interview is widely credited for destroying Palin's credibility ... probably forever." Wednesday morning, you may want to take out the "probably forever" part. Come on, learn how to write.

831 days ago


I think Sarah Palin will prove that she can run circles around Katie Couric on Tuesday. Palin's credibility wasn't ruined in the interview. Couric's was.

831 days ago
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