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The Chick in 'April Fool's Day'


4/1/2012 6:10 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0330_memba_april_fools_launchDeborah Foreman played the main character, Muffy St. John, in the campy 1986 slasher film "April Fool's Day." Guess what she looks like now!


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More memorable in Valley Girl. Like fer shur. Totally!

934 days ago


Uhmygawd...I am like so old. I totally like watched that movie like soo many times. My jellies, memeba them shoes? Like so cool. Wayfarers in turquoise and loved me some Oingo Boingo. Whatever if you were't like there. It was way bitchin. You thought you were cute" As If. Whats your damage dude? You can gag me with a spoon.

as if!", “totally”, "mang", "womang", and “duh memba

934 days ago


934 days ago


Hear the whole song here with a lame live performance and funny background people of the day...Yikes...the hair and clothes!:

We really looked kinda stupid in the eighties. Love the song though.

934 days ago


Frank Zappa kind of genius?:

Frank Zappa Valley Girl Lyrics

Frank zappa (lead guitar, vocals)
Steve vai (guitar)
Ray white (rhythm guitar, vocals)
Tommy mars (keyboards)
Bobby martin (keyboards, saxophone, vocals)
Ed mann (percussion)
Chad wackerman (drums)
Roy estrada (vocals)
Ike willis (vocals)
Bob harris (vocals)
Moon zappa (vocals)
Scott thunes (bass)

Valley girl
Shes a valley girl
Valley girl
Shes a valley girl
Okay, fine...
Fer sure, fer sure
Shes a valley girl
In a clothing store
Okay, fine...
Fer sure, fer sure
Shes a

Like, oh my god! (valley girl)
Like - totally (valley girl)
Encino is like so bitchen (valley girl)
There's like the galleria (valley girl)
And like all these like really great shoe stores
I love going into like clothing stores and stuff
I like buy the neatest mini-skirts and stuff
Its like so bitchen cuz like everybodys like
Super-super nice...
Its like so bitchen...

On ventura, there she goes
She just bought some bitchen clothes
Tosses her head n flips her hair
She got a whole bunch of nothin in there

Anyway, he goes are you into s and m?
I go, oh right...
Could you like just picture me in like a leather teddy
Yeah right, hurt me, hurt me...
Im sure! no way!
He was like freaking me out...
He called me a beastie...
That's cuz like he was totally blitzed
He goes like bag your face!
Im sure!

Valley girl
Shes a valley girl
Valley girl
Shes a valley girl
Okay, fine...
Fer sure, fer sure
Shes a valley girl
So sweet n pure
Okay, fine...
Fer sure, fer sure
Shes a
Its really sad (valley girl)
Like my english teacher
Hes like... (valley girl)
Hes like mr. bu-fu (valley girl)
Were talking lord God king bu-fu (valley girl)
I am so sure
Hes like so gross
He like sits there and like plays with all his rings
And he like flirts with all the guys in the class
Its like totally disgusting
Im like so sure
Its like barf me out...
Gag me with a spoon!

Last idea to cross her mind
Had something to do with where to find
A pair of jeans to fit her butt
And where to get her toenails cut

So like I go into this like salon place, yknow
And I wanted like to get my toenails done
And the lady like goes, oh my god, your toenails
Are like so grody
It was like really embarrassing
Shes like oh my god, like bag those toenails
Im like sure...
She goes, uh, I don't know if I can handle this, yknow...
I was like really embarrassed...

Valley girl
Shes a valley girl
Valley girl
Shes a valley girl
Okay, fine
Fer sure, fer sure
Shes a valley girl
And there is no cure
Okay, fine
Fer sure, fer sure
Shes a valley girl
And there is no cure

Like my mother is like a total space cadet (valley girl)
She like makes me do the dishes and (valley girl)
Clean the cat box (valley girl)
I am sure
That's like gross (valley girl)
Barf out! (valley girl)
Oh my God (valley girl)

Uh-huh... (valley girl)
My name?
My name is ondrya wolfson (valley girl)
That's right, ondrya (valley girl)
I know
Its like... (valley girl)
I do not talk funny...
Im sure (valley girl)
What'sa matter with the way I talk? (valley girl)
I am a val, I know (valley girl)
But I live like in a really good part of encino so it's okay
(valley girl)
Uh-huh... (valley girl)
So like, I don't know (valley girl)
Im like freaking out totally (valley girl)
Oh my god! (valley girl)

Hi - I have to go to the orthodon'tist (valley girl)
Im getting my braces off, yknow (valley girl)
But I have to wear a retainer
That's going to be really like a total bummer
Im freaking out
Im sure
Its like those things that like stick in your mouth
They're so gross...
You like get saliva all over them
But like, I don't know, it's going to be cool, yknow
So you can see my smile
Itll be like really cool
Except my like my teeth are like too small
But no biggie...
Its so awesome
Its like tubular, yknow
Well, Im not like really ugly or anything
Its just like
I don't know
You know me, Im like into like the clean stuff
Like pac-man and like, I don't know
Like my mother like makes me do the dishes
Its like so gross...
Like all the stuff like sticks to the plates
And it's like, it's like somebody elses food, yknow
Its like grody...
Grody to the max
Im sure
Its like really nauseating
Like barf out
Gag me with a spoon
I am sure
[ Lyrics from:

934 days ago


ummmyea...I have posted all the comments...I am like totally bored and it is fun remembering the eighties today...simpler times and not so serious...sweet stuff...I wish someone would do a updated VallyGirl movie with the same characters grown up...maybe still speaking like ValSpeak to their 2012 kids...still wearing the 80's could be really funny. Not a parody, more ironic and sweet... a coming of age story...for us who are just getting mid-forty-ish. Make it for us, but the twenty somethings will get it and see what their parents were like in a fun way. We were cool at one time. Include all the 80's Plimsouls type sounds for the soundtrack...It feels like a million miles away. The 80's...How much fun was that time?!!

934 days ago

Grouchy Smurf    

Like, for sure, it's totally Julie from Valley Girl.

934 days ago


Oh, dear. I had never heard of her, but judging by the first picture, Deborah Foreman was never a great looker in the first place, but she sure hasn't aged well, either. Yikes. Poor thing.

934 days ago


Anyone who has never seen this movie should go get it today.

Someone should put her in a re-make or catch up VALLEY GIRL movie...modern day mom still speaking to her kids in ValSpeak and bring in MoonUnit Zappa as her like best friend from the eighties. Find as many cast members as possible..not campy and goofy, but ironic and memory laden.
I loved that Valley Girl Movie. So many people still accidentally talk this sticks in the brain. Infamously, Kourtney Kardashian does it still today.

Valleyspeak or Valspeak is a common name for an American sociolect, originally of the San Fernando Valley in Southern California, in particular Valley girls. This stereotype, which originated in the 1970s, became an international fad for a certain period. Many phrases and elements of Valleyspeak, along with surfer slang and skateboarding slang, are stable elements of the California English dialect lexicon, and in some cases wider American English (such as the widespread use of "like" as a hedge). Elements of Valleyspeak can now be found virtually everywhere English is spoken, particularly among young native English speakers. The language has gradually become symbolic and is increasingly becoming unrelated to its original meaning.

The term "Valley Girl" and the Valley manner of speech was given a wider circulation with the release of a hit 1982 single by Frank Zappa entitled "Valley Girl", on which Moon Unit Zappa, Frank's fourteen-year-old daughter, delivered a monologue in "Valley speak" behind the music. This song, Frank Zappa's only Top 40 hit in the United States, popularized phrases such as "grody to the max". Some of the terms used by Moon were not actually Valley phrases, but were surfer terms instead (such as "tubular" and "gnarly"). But due to the song's popularity, some of the surfer phrases actually entered the speech of real Valley teens after this point. The Los Angeles surfing subculture, on the other hand, did not generally begin using the Valley terms, and in fact often despise users of the terms.

One of the earliest appearances of Valleyspeak on television was during episode 9 of the first season of Saturday Night Live in 1976, in which Laraine Newman played a member of a group therapy session that included John Belushi, as the Godfather, and Elliott Gould, as the facilitator. Another early appearance of Valleyspeak and the Valley Girl stereotype was through the character of Jennifer DiNuccio, played by Tracy Nelson in the 1982-83 sitcom, Square Pegs. According to an interview with Nelson included on the 2008 DVD release of the series, she developed the character's Valley speak and personality prior to the Zappa recording becoming popular.[2]

Valleyspeak is used heavily in the films Valley Girl, Clueless, In the Army Now, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, and Wayne's World. The character of Tiffany Blum-Deckler in MTV's Daria also uses Valley speak, as do Shaggy from the Scooby-Doo universe, Michelangelo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Snake from The Simpsons. The version of Kitty Pryde in the X-Men Evolution cartoon spoke like a valley girl. DiC's English dub of 'Sailor Moon' had Serena using valleyspeak.

Reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian has been mocked for her thick Valleyspeak accent.

[edit] Intonation

Frequent use of high rising terminal is common in Valleyspeak. Statements have rising intonation, causing normal declarative language to appear to the listener as interrogative. This is also known as "uptalking", and is similar to the Australian Questioning Intonation (or AQI).

[edit] See also

Los Angeles portal

California English
Filler (linguistics)
Jive filter - a novelty program that translates English into parody forms.
Like: As a discourse particle
Pink Five - a Star Wars parody fanfilm starring a Valley girl.
Gap Girls - a Saturday Night Live sketch, prominently featuring Valleyspeak phrases.

[edit] Notes

1.^ Cralle, Trevor (2001). The Surfin'ary: A Dictionary of Surfing Terms and Surfspeak. Ten Speed Press. p. 308. ISBN 9781580081931.
2.^ "Weemawee Yearbook Memories: Tracy Nelson and Claudette Wells", a featurette on the DVD release Square Pegs: The Like, Totally Complete Series ... Totally (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2008).

[edit] External links
Origins of Valspeak, YouTube video with Tracy Nelson from Square Pegs DVD commentary. "Valspeak" text translator
Lotozo, Eils (September 4 2002). "The way teens talk, like, serves a purpose". Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Citing Siegel, Muffy E. A. (2002). "Like: The Discourse Particle and Semantics". Journal of Semantics 19 (1): 35–71. doi:10.1093/jos/19.1.35.
Catherine Tate - Valley Girl parody

Biography for
Deborah Foreman (I) More at IMDbPro »

Date of Birth
12 October 1962, Montebello, California, USA
Birth Name
Deborah Lynn Foreman
5' 5" (1.65 m)
Mini Biography
Deborah Foreman won the prestigious "Most Promising New Star" award from Sho West in 1986, following her starring roles in the critically acclaimed Valley Girl (1983) and the award-winning My Chauffeur (1986). Subsequently, she had the lead (actually the two leads!) in April Fool's Day (1986/I) which continues to be a video favorite. She is a hard-working actress, equally at home with comedy and drama, who has earned the respect of colleagues and press alike. She has also been a successful model for Maybelline. Her father was a Marine Corps pilot and her mother is an executive assistant. She has one brother who is in the music industry.
IMDb Mini Biography By: Karen Johnson Public Relations
Father was a pilot and captain in the Marine Corps, so she and her family moved around quite a bit. Born in California, she was raised in Arizona and Texas.
Graduated Richardson High School (Texas), class of 1980.
Family sent her to modeling school in Texas to overcome shyness. She later worked as a Maybeline model.

Is a certified yoga instructor through Yoga Works and is a certified Stott Pilates instructor working at Grace Anatomy Studio in Studio City, CA.

Where Are They Now

Works as a graphic artist; also sells her own hand-painted furniture

(July 2009) Working for Grace Anatomy Sudio in Stdio City, CA teaching pilates and yoga.

(March 2011) Owner of her own Pilates Studio in West Hollywwood since March 2010.

934 days ago


Who the h-ll is Deborah Foreman???? Some washed-up 80's D-lister?

No, I certainly don't "memba" her. And she looks scary.

933 days ago


Valley Girl and Real Genius, she was every guy's fantasy. They picked a really awkward current photo. She will always be that girl in a Van Heusen shirt....

933 days ago


I made my husband watch that movie with me Saturday night. We are both 80's kids, and he had not seen it. I love that cheesy movie!

933 days ago


You guys are total a**holes! So lame to put an obviously terrible picture up of Deborah Foreman just to be funny! She still looks great and this is just MEAN! Pick on other a**holes, not innocent actresses!

933 days ago


I loved her in Valley Girl!!

922 days ago


Whack a bye-baby! Yes I rememba hur!

848 days ago
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