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Chevy Chase

RIPS 'Community' Creator --

You're a Piece of S**t'

4/2/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Community" star Chevy Chase BLASTED the show's creator on a SCATHING voice mail for the guy ... telling Dan Harmon he's a "g*dd*mn a-hole" who sucks at writing.

The voice mail is FEROCIOUS ... and according to reports, it's the boiling point in a raging feud that's been going on behind the scenes of the show for months.

During the voice mail, Chase calls Harmon a "g*dd*mn bad writer ... s**t ... stink-o" ... and adds, "Your writing is getting worse and worse."

He also calls Harmon a "fat f**k" who will probably die soon because he eats like crap.

Chase also makes reference to an incident that went down at the show's wrap party, when Harmon allegedly led the crowd in a "F**k You Chevy" chant ... in front of the actor's wife and daughter.

Sources tell TMZ, the rant was extremely awkward for everyone present -- some people joined in, but most people just watched uncomfortably. And Chevy stormed out.

The chant was reportedly in response to Chase walking off the set on one of the final days of shooting.

We reached out to both camps for comment -- so far, no response from either side.


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why does this sound like a poorly done stage thing. I hate the beeping. Chevy, if this even remotely true, you know how to do it and make a point. Messing with family is not allowed, but this video didn't make the point.

904 days ago

just because    

Sarah Jones didn't get fired from the Bengals yet, so what Chevy Chase said "suck my ****" to his boss on a voice mail.

904 days ago


It is not real.....this is a publicity can tell by the tone of his voice and the laughter in the background....this is not a story.

904 days ago


chevy chase is the real Vatican assassin!

904 days ago


I've always heard that Chevy Chase was the biggest *******. Community is the only worth-while thing he has done in a long time. Chevy is looking pretty fat too, so he shouldn't be one to talk.

904 days ago


I "met" Mr. Chase years ago while in NY and getting gas at a station...i looked over said "wow, Mr. Chase, You have brought me many laughs over the years" ....his response was "get over it!!!, realy nice guy huh!!! what an ungreatful creep

904 days ago


I would say that he got of lucky with what Chevy did. Had the guy done that to me or most of my friends with thier spouse and children present he would have been in a hospital for awhile. Never watched Community and could care less about Chevy or any other star they all are over paid arses but to lead a chant in front of a wife or child like that the guy is really lucky thats all he got.

904 days ago


Go Mr Chase! I grew up watching you on TV and in movies. I love your talent, as well as your character. The gloves come off when a person messes around like that! Not only in front of your wife-but your daughter! I support you 100%

904 days ago


I've read somewhere that Chevy Chase, although hilarious, Is a horrid prick to work with! I've heard that he throws temper tantrums a lot! Glad I don't work with him.

904 days ago


Hahahaha! thats funny....

904 days ago


In his defense the last few episodes since they have returned have been pretty lackluster.

904 days ago


this kinda story bores's just so none of my business...this isn't fun hollywood gossip just shows me some people should really take a higher stance on situations in their lives and handle them discreetly

904 days ago


When we say " Happy Thanksgiving" we are really saying GOD BLESS this Turkey who is now on our table..R.I.P. all the Turkeys who died so we could say HAPPY THANKSGIVING
and Hello to MAX H.

670 days ago
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