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Chevy Chase

Backed By 'Community' Staffers

'What Dan Did Was F**ked Up'

4/2/2012 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chevy Chase is getting support from several staff members at "Community" ... who tell TMZ there are a bunch of people at the show who feel the actor was UNFAIRLY attacked by show creator Dan Harmon.

As we previously reported, Chase recently left a scathing voice mail for Harmon after the producer led a "F**k Chevy" chant at the season wrap party.

Now, sources who work on the show tell us ... "What Dan Harmon did was f**ked up ... Chevy is a pleasure to work with."

We're told ... many people on set feel the "dispute" that took place between the two men during the taping of the season finale was blown out of proportion by Harmon ... because Chevy was "very respectful."

Here's how we're being told it all went down -- Chevy had an issue with one of the scenes and asked for a rewrite. We're told Chevy was very calm and polite ... but told producers he would "respectfully decline" to participate in the scene unless a change was made.

Producers shot down Chevy's request ... and he quietly left the set without incident.

Our sources tell us they felt the issue had been handled privately because Chevy showed up at the wrap party ... and everyone was shocked when Harmon grabbed the mic and unloaded on the actor.

One source tells us, "What Dan did was embarassing and left a sour taste in all of our mouths ... so low class."

The source adds, "The staff was not pissed at Chevy ... we're pissed at Dan. We all hope Chevy comes back next season."



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TV Gord    

To the people who continually write, "would of". It's "would HAVE". We need more English As A First Language classes.

911 days ago


Though Chevy may have been right to be upset, he should have demanded an apology, or just waited until contract negotiations and not signed his contract until Harmon apologized to him in front of everyone.

911 days ago


If Chevy refused to do the scene it was inevitable that he would be tarred and feathered in front of the company. That's showbiz. Chevy needs to shut up, get on his mark, and play the scene as written.

911 days ago


It doesn't matter how politely Chevy asked for a re-write or how politely he walked off the set. He's not paid to be a writer - he's paid to be an actor, which means, "stand where they tell you to stand, wear what they tell you to wear and say what they tell you to say". For him to ask for a re-write is incredibly insulting to all the writers on the show, and for him to walk off the set is a diva move that's disrespectful to the entire cast and crew. Should Dan have trashed him at the party? No. But Chevy activated the launch code for this sequence of terrible behavior.

911 days ago


These idiots on here harping on Chevy Chase. I could spit in your eyes. The man is a legend. Anyway even if he was an ahole here, which he is not by the sounds of it, he gets a pass. You guys need a long hard Vacation.

911 days ago


This story is totally false... there may be people on the staff who are Team Dan or Team Chevy however, I have heard the full audio and know many people on the Community staff through Channel 101 (Dan Harmon's monthly independent film festival he co-host) and the way I understood this story was many many many people joined in on that chant. This story and voicemail is over a month old too...I think the wrap party was at the end of January sometime. Anyway Pierce isn't an important character, fans of Community watch for Troy, Abed, and Chang. And that's a fact.

911 days ago


Also Joel McHale..!! How can I forget about Jeff Winger ; )

911 days ago


Both of them acted like a couple of selfish 10 year old brats. Neither thought how their decisions impacted their fellow workers. It was me, me, me rather than team, team, team.

911 days ago


Chevy Chase is hilarious, He is a real physical comedian like Jim Carrey. The boss who was a classless tool in front of the rest of the cast will lose the draw to the show, I know I won't watch it now!!!!

911 days ago


Chevy Chase ain't the creator; he is an employee of production wherein Dan Harmon has creative control. So I am with Harmon. You walk off the set of an expensive production on account of not having your wish granted.... sounds to me like Chevy quit.

911 days ago


That was douche bag move on Dan Harmon's part!

911 days ago


Chevy Chase is a libtard *******

911 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

Regardless of who is the bigger jerk in all of this doing that in front of his family was shady.

911 days ago


Good evening, Dan Harmon. I am Chevy Chase and you are not. (SNL for those born after 1970). I would add: .. " and will never be".

911 days ago


what's with all the chevy hate?

911 days ago
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