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'Community' Creator

Chevy Chase Was DRUNK

During Voice Mail Rant

4/3/2012 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained an audio recording of "Community" creator Dan Harmon discussing the Chevy Chase voice mail moments before playing the tape for an audience at a recent comedy event ... in which Harmon calls Chase an "A-hole" who was probably DRUNK when he made the call.

Harmon played the tape at an event called "Harmontown" -- a monthly comedy event he hosts at an L.A. comedy club.

Sources tell us ... while on stage, Harmon vented about Chevy's alleged tantrum during the taping of the season finale of Community ... explaining, "I had written a very simple scene that Chevy couldn't possibly f**k up."

We're told Chase objected to the scene ... but Harmon says he stuck to his guns because he had an emotional attachment to the material.

Chevy walked off the set ... but according to Harmon, Chase eventually sent Dan a text message in an effort to smooth things over.

Harmon didn't accept the apology ... telling the Harmontown crowd, "I said f**k you ... you breached your contract, you're an a**hole."

Harmon continued, "And then what happened a day later? That night ... after what I'm guessing is two bottles of Beaujolais? Ladies and gentleman ... Chevy Chase." Harmon then played the entire voice mail for the crowd.

Among the new soundbites ... Chase tells Harmon, "If you were here now, I'd f**king kick your teeth out." He adds, "You're not funny ... you're OK."

Still no word on whether Chevy will return to "Community" next season.


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My first experience on a film set was that there is much more drama on set then "the show".
It's typical and everyone in the industry knows this:)

931 days ago


Chevy Chase is one of the biggest unliked jerks in the three-mile zone. This story is bad for no one but Chevy.

931 days ago


He may have very well been drunk. Let's cut him a little slack. He wouldn't be the first person who drunk dialed or tweeted or whatever. I do not see Chevy as an aggressive person. This has to be an isolated incident. That is the voice of reason. Something many people today lack.

931 days ago


I think Harmon is coming off more and more like the douche bag here. Harmon seems to be doing the Charlie Sheen role. Say what you want about Chevey and his personality disabilities, he has kept everything private.

931 days ago


Really they can replace him easily!! you do realize the people involved have stated that Chevy was respectful and walked off the stage politly the entire crew backs him up. Which menas they are backing up the guy who gets a paycheck not the guy signing them. This guy then goes to a wrap party and makes an ass out of himself then he pulls this ****. Chevy was one of the funniest man on TV at one point and that was with material he wrote. This guy is a joke and wants the spotlight. At this point he looks like a douche.

931 days ago


I hope the whole cast bands together and doesn't come back and work for this A-HOLE. He seriously admits Chevy apologized and he told him to **** off? And he doesn't think this makes him look like a COMPLETE douchebag?! Wow, no wonder Chevy walked off the set - there was no room for him and this guy's ego. I'm glad I stopped watching this crappy show a while ago or I'd certainly have to now.

931 days ago


Yeah but the guy looks a little foolish when Chevy says 'You can play this to all the people who are on your side' . That was funny.

931 days ago


So Harmon wouldn't rewrite the scene because of emotional attachment? I don't know where he learned how to write for the entertainment BUSINESS, but all the classes/seminars/workshops stately clearly that it's about making money and to leave your personal issues out of it.

931 days ago


I'm guessing he won't be returning.

931 days ago


I tried watching Community one time...tried. It wasn't funny at all, actually lame. If the charge of the "F*ck you Chevy" chant is true, spoken in front of Chevy's wife and child, it shows that Dan Harmon is an ass and not Mr Chase. Playing a recording of an allegedly drunk Chevy in front of a crowd is a chicken sh*t thing to do.

931 days ago

Bob Loblaw    

Someone should tell Harmon that no matter how much of a jerk Chevy is, playing this out in public is not a good argument for renewal. You can bet NBC is taking the infighting and mess that is the show-runner into consideration.

931 days ago


Sounds like the real a-hole is Harmon. I still laugh over the scene when Chevy Chase's characters references using Encarta. Hope these two big babies can patch things up.

931 days ago


Wow. This dude is an AHOLE. So Chevy is notoriously hard to work with. So what? He still deserves some respect and Chevy kept his ish private whereas this guy? He is going so far out of his way to keep the drama going just like jr. high school girl! Seriously, playing voicemail messages for a crowd? Just wow.

Dan Harmon is a loser and Community blows now anyway.

931 days ago


Chevy Chase should be grateful he's working at all.

931 days ago


I love this show. Chase only brings it down whenever he shows up. He's not funny! The rest of the cast deserves a better and talented team player.

931 days ago
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