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Dennis Rodman

Laughs Off Child Support Debt --

My Baby Mama's a Chump!

4/3/2012 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Dennis Rodman really is broke, he doesn't give a CRAP -- eating at an expensive restaurant in Miami this weekend ... and brazenly laughing in the faces of all the people he owes money ... literally.

Dennis and his entourage hit up a place called Joe's Stone Crab -- a famous Miami spot where the entrees range from $25 to $45 -- and on their way out ... a photog asked about The Worm's widely reported financial problems.

Dennis immediately cracked up -- and his entourage proceeded to mock the photog, as if asking the question in the first place were utterly ridiculous (fact -- it's not).

Dennis' lawyer has publicly claimed Rodman doesn't have the money to pay $800,000 in back child support and $51,000 in spousal support because he's completely broke and "sick" (i.e. an alcoholic). For his part, Dennis has been fighting his child support order for years because he can't afford it.

A former Vegas waitress has also obtained a judgment against Rodman for $225,000 -- claiming he slapped her butt on the job.

It's not the first time Dennis showed zero regard for his debtors -- just last month, the guy walked around some Vegas shop ... throwing money in the air (below).

But for some reason, this was all joke fodder in Miami yesterday -- with Dennis' buddy even quoting his lawyer in a mocking tone ... joking, "He's broke and sick motherf**ker ... we're going under the bridge after this."

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No Avatar


Wait, $225,000 for a butt slap? How did that get through the court without being adjusted? Was the judge dating the waitress?

879 days ago


What a waste of space on this earth.....as commenter #1 said: "Karma's around the corner beeotch....

879 days ago


Disgusting loser and wannabes.

879 days ago

Tigers Wood    

Photog was being upstaged by a bunch of broke azz queens. Dennis did say he would do a guy in the past.

879 days ago


So--no job, no money, a deadbeat father, a lot of debt--and he has an "entourage"? What am I missing?

879 days ago


Wow another dead beat Dad avoiding his responsibilities, rather than standing up and being a man he'd rather go out and spend his money on his "friends." SMDH, I don't know why they haven't thrown him in jail yet. It's time for the courts to take a stand against @ss holes like him.

879 days ago


No wonder he's laughing it off...he's eating expensive food and walking around as a free man. Maybe one day "the man" will catch up to him, but for now he can laugh. Sigh.

879 days ago


All press outlets should put a freeze on Rodman . He is unworthy of any attention .
A certified loser ! Hopefully, Dr. Drew has given up on him .

879 days ago


The POS should be broke. He's thumbing his nose at people with real money problems.

879 days ago


His spokesman are as good looking as he is.:) "Talkem Bout?""Ghit aint no thing"

879 days ago

Pat Boone is a Flaming Fruitcake    

Poster child of typical "Father of the Year" in the black community. His child will grow up and breed more human wastes and burdens on society. Figures Madonna banged this disgusting, vile man. Dennis Rodman has always been pond s***.

879 days ago


I'm honestly surprised that Dennis Rodman is still above ground ... he needs psychiatric meds, but he's so undisciplined that he'd never take them the way they need to be taken. Besides, even if he did sober up, and straighten up he'd be left with a whole lot of crappy tattoo's and maybe that'd just drive him to drink again. Whatever.

879 days ago


can he be any more revolting

879 days ago


The courts just need to make a stand and throw his ***goty ass in prison, sell his stuff and be done with him. All people like him needs to be taught a really good lesson. Just because he is a bad basketball player doesn't mean he can get away with the trouble he caused in the first place!!!!!

879 days ago


What a douche! But eventually, the law will catch up with him and they will simply throw his sorry ass in jail until he can come up with the money he owes :-)

879 days ago
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