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Jackie Mason

I'm OK ... I Could Be Better

4/3/2012 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

75-year-old Jackie Mason is still in one piece after his 48-year-old GF allegedly attacked him last week in his New York apartment -- telling TMZ, "I'm okay."

As we previously reported, Mason called the cops early Friday morning -- claiming he and his girlfriend Kaoru Suzuki-McMullen had gotten into a heated argument ... and she turned violent, scratching and bruising him.

But yesterday in NYC, Jackie didn't look much worse for wear -- telling us he was okay after the 911 incident ... but he couldn't comment further.

FYI -- the woman in the clip is NOT Jackie's GF.


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Jackie is awesome. I hope he reads this. This is what you get for messing with the young chicks, lol.

935 days ago


Ralph Kramden LOL! Oh wait wasn't he buddies with Dom Wrinkles?

934 days ago

Tigers Wood    

From the tapes:

Jackie: You better clean my toilet or else your not getting any of my money.

Girlfriend: I don't care about your money anymore, your a fat dried up old nasty man, and your showed me your putz and it looks nasty to. I don't like your hair color either.

Jackie: I going to have the door man throw it out you stupid cU*nt, give me my phone.

Girlfriend: No you can't have it, I'm going to leave, get away from you old man, quit grabbing at me, I'm leaving.

Jackie: OWWWWWWW, you scratched with those big nails that I paid for, your going to get it now, I'm going to call 911, your going to regret not doing the cleaning now.

911 dispatcher: 911, what is the emergency.

Jackie: Wa Wa Wa Wa Wa my girlfriend attacked me, (crying now), I'm the famous actor Jackie Mason, and she attacked very bad I got proof. Wa WaWaWAWAWAWA !!!!!!

911: Okay we are going to send emergency personal to the address shown at **** ******* okay?

Jackie: YEESSSSS, please hurry she is crazy WaWAWAWAWAW !!!!

934 days ago


See ya September 22 in Westbury, NY !!!

934 days ago


what's going on with all these older men getting crap beat out of them by their women. don corneilius davey, jones, larry king

934 days ago

Wash. Hts. Girl    

He's such a nice guy in real life. But, there is no fool like an old fool..I hope he's learned his lesson. I wish him well.

934 days ago

James Trainer    

Get out of here, Jackie Mason was 75 eight years ago!!!! If this old coot is not being truthful about his age, what else is he stretching on?

934 days ago

James Trainer    

Get out-of-here!!! Jackie Mason was 75 eight years ago. If he isn't being truthful about his age, what else does may he be stretching in his story. What kind of guy calls the cops on a woman. He doesn't look physically hurt. He could have left, she could have left, were he and the woman living together? If they were living together, you can't immediately throw someone out who has no where else to go, unless of course, there is violence. Or in this case, a claim of violence. In my opinion, there is more to this story than meets the eye, including the fact that he shows no signs of injury and is probably an old, manipulative, stingy, weasel, lol, but yeah, I think that. A great reason one shouldn't live with someone, unless you're sure...

934 days ago

Tigers Wood    

Google it, there is more, so much for every ones favorite actor: Lots of cover up, at age 25 he became an ordained Rabbi
Born June 9, 1931, that makes him 82 years old
THE GAL PAL accused of giving Borscht Belt legend Jackie Mason a domestic beatdown says the comic turned into a sourpuss when she told him she was two-timing him.

Kaoro Suzuki-McMullen, 48, told the Daily News that the sultan of shtick launched into a jealous rage when she mentioned she was going on a date a TV bigwig.
“I’m a single woman. I should be able to go out with whoever I want,” she claims she told Mason, setting off the Friday morning lover’s quarrel at his midtown pad that ended in her arrest.
Suzuki-McMullen said Mason threatened, “I’ll throw you out of here,” in one breath then begged her to stay in another.
“I’ve never seen him like that before,” she said. “He told me I was the love of his life. We never fought before.”
The TV executive Suzuki-McMullen did not return calls or email seeking comment.
Cops said Suzuki-McMullen, who had been dating the funnyman for about six months, got rough with Mason when he tried to boot her from his apartment about 6 a.m. Friday. Officers arrested her when they noticed scratches and redness on the wrists of her senior citizen boyfriend.
Suzuki-McMullen said it was best that she was the one arrested.

Read more:

934 days ago

art allenreason    

barrack obama should be charged with treason impeached and sent to prison

931 days ago


Hey, I knew the guy who dated his chinese girlfriend. Old fart is impotent. He collects girls panties and bras in his bedroom. Whacky isn't it?

863 days ago

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