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Transgender Beauty Queen

Hotel Guests OUTRAGED

Over Bikini Shoot

4/4/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Transgender beauty queen Jenna Talackova
Transgender beauty queen Jenna Talackova received yet another fat rejection on Monday -- when her bikini shoot upset several guests at a swanky L.A. hotel ... and staff was forced to shut it down.

Sources tell TMZ, Jenna -- a post-op transgender -- had originally planned to host the bikini shoot in the privacy of her room at the Hotel Wilshire, but when she arrived with her crew around lunchtime, her digs weren't ready ... so she moved the shoot to the pool instead.

Problem is ... the pool at the Wilshire is located on the roof -- right beside the "Roof on Wilshire" restaurant -- and diners weren't too pleased when Jenna stripped down to a bikini right in front of them, posing for shots.

We're told diners complained -- and the restaurant staff asked Jenna and her crew to pack it in, insisting the shoot was interfering with business. On top of that, we're told Jenna also failed to get permission from the hotel to shoot in a public area.

According to sources, Jenna's team repeatedly refused to budge -- so the restaurant turned to the big dogs in hotel management, who quickly readied Jenna's room so she could move the shoot there instead.

Jenna's attorney Gloria Allred tells us the photog was shooting for a Canadian documentary -- and she claims the hotel later apologized to Jenna and the camera crew.


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UGGGHHHH! I am O.V.E.R. this crap. Seriously, how far is it going to go, really? I get it, people are gay-okay! But, I draw the line when I am being forced to say they are women and/or men. If you are BORN man no matter how many times you visit the chop shop, and no matter how pretty you gussy yourself up, you are still a MAN!!!! For the Chaz B. types same applies, you are a WOMAN. I feel sorry for children who are being confused by this crap. I am all for gay rights, but my support stretches from the LGB side, not the T. But, do whatever makes you happy. I am just another person who my opinion. I also think it is disgusting living a lie. This MAN will never feel a period pain, labor, or menopause. I don't care how much she paid but she is a man. I would have vomited in my mouth if I saw that prancing around in a bikini while eating. Disgusting... I am also pissed at how the committee is backing down on their initial rule. I mourn the passing of the once mighty and strong AMERICA.

903 days ago


To all you haters would you discriminate this way if she where Black, Hispanic or a Jew? She is a trailblazer for transgender people. It's called discrimination. You can't do that in the US or Canada. Call her whatever you want she just made HISTORY!! All you haters go back to your holes.

903 days ago

buzz kill    

WTF? If this he/she wants to compete dressed as a woman, it needs to wait till October for the Halloween costume contests. In the meantime get back in the damn closet.

903 days ago


Jenna Talackova
Genital lack of a....

903 days ago


Sorry, and I believe everyone should be treated equally, but if this he/she has a is a HE, and men do not compete in a MISS Universe pageant. I don't care what his passport says. Penis = MALE!

903 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

@MMB, there are natural born women who will never feel period or labor, some women don't have breasts or uteruses. Some males have female chromosomes and some females have male chromosomes. Does your uterus define you?

As a decent person, I would never dehumanize another person by calling him or her, "thing" or "it". Some of you are so ugly, and I'm not talking about your faces.

903 days ago


Now that you all mention it, she really does resemble Ivanka Trump. Maybe there's something Donald failed to mention about having a weird son? If was paying good money to sit in a restaurant and have a nice meal and spend a bit of time in conversation I would be totally ticked off no matter **who** was distracting my time by posing in a bikini, even if it was a beautiful real woman or real man. If I wanted dinner theatre I'd go to a dinner theatre.

903 days ago

John T.    

Born a man, no amount of surgerys will make him a woman. Nothing but a reak. Sick'o

903 days ago


Reading the comments below, I think there is a direct correlation between reading celebrity gossip and terrible spelling. It makes sense considering one has to be pretty pathetic to waste their time caring what goes on in the lives of celebrities.

I don't know the entire story here(someone just linked me to it and told me to read the comments for a good laugh), but I find it funny that people care so much what gender this person was at birth.

903 days ago


They should have had her room ready. These people have schedules to keep and time is money. It has nothing to do with being a transgender, and the article doesn't say they said not to shoot by the pool because of her gender.

903 days ago


Let's see you without 2 inches of make-up caked on.

903 days ago


So, she is a male who chose to become female - ON THE OUTSIDE. If she presented herself to the International Olympic Committee she would be judged a male. She is genetically a male. She is not a natural born female.

903 days ago

buzz kill    

It was bad enough when they started faking boobs, now they have to fake the whole damn package. Society is screwed.

903 days ago

Johnny Handsome    

HE shouldn't be allowed to compete.

When he trades in HIS XY chromosome's for a pair of XX chromosome's, then HE can play with the girls.

903 days ago


It is a disgusting person. We don't have to applaud your filth. I mean Gloria Allred.

903 days ago
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