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MLB Superstar Torii Hunter

Cops Drew Guns on Me!

4/5/2012 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Los Angeles Angels stud Torii Hunter was staring down the barrel of a loaded firearm yesterday ... when cops raced to his mansion in Newport, CA ... and drew their weapons on the MLB star.

Hunter admits it's kind of his fault ... explaining on Twitter that he accidentally triggered the house alarm ... and 20 minutes later cops had arrived to the property to investigate the scene.

Hunter says he went outside to talk with the cops ... and, "They drew their guns on me."

But then Hunter suggested he was racially profiled ... tweeting, "They didn't believe I lived here in Newport Coast so they walked me upstairs at gunpoint to get my ID."

He continued,  "When I showed him my ID, he said I'm an Angel fan hope u guys have a great season. ARE U KIDDING ME!!!!!! Lol."

One of Hunter's teammates chimed in with a tweet that read, "That's racist."

Hunter responded, "lol ... Now you know I can't say that."

A short time later, Hunter changed his tune ... tweeting, "Hey Twitterland! I'm not upset that the cops did their job today. I'm actually glad they were protecting home."

He added, "It was my fault that the alarm went off anyways. I just thought it was cool to let u guys know my awkward moment for today. The cops that were here today had there guns drawn but pointed downward in for safety. Those guys handled the situation like trained cops."


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As a LEO, I check ID of anyone caught on any property that an alarm came in on. They don't know who he is, nor can they know for sure without verifying with ID who he is and that he lives there. Sheesh.

895 days ago


alarm goes off. cops arrive. they meet a guy and have no idea if he is dangerous and want to see id that he lives there.
no biggie.

895 days ago


He should be mad that it took 20 minutes for the police to even show up! What if this really had been an emergency? If I lived on "Billionaires' row, I would be raising heck right now.

895 days ago


Well,you're a fool!!!!

895 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

So Cal cops being racist!?

That would NEVER happen.

*Cough* Daryl Gates *Cough*

895 days ago


He trips his alarm and wanted the cops to just believe he lived there? What if there really a criminal and they just took the criminal's word that he lived there and you ended up dead? I hate ignorant people who call racism at the drop of a hat.

895 days ago


Hey Torii, next time tell what really happened in the bginning, not after as you admit. This is just another reason things are so screwed up between different races. You should be ashamed of your 'twitter' actions.

895 days ago


Torii is a great guy... We miss him here in Minnesota. :(

895 days ago


And he couldn't pick up the phone and call the Alarm Service to report a False Alarm? Not the sharpest tool in the shed now is he...

895 days ago


If it was a real criminal and the cops took their word that they were the owner, and the house were robbed than he would be filing a lawsuit that the cops did not do their job. You cannot win with the Black population these days...Always RACE RACE RACE!!!So sick of it!!! Dont like it here than MOVE!!!!!!to Africa.

895 days ago


What if it were a black cop and a white home owner and the cop made him show ID at gunpoint...Would it be racism in that case? I think not... Racism is only a one way street as far as the black population sees it.

895 days ago

Jay W.     

Cops would have acted the same if it was a caucasian, latino, asian, Islander, or whomever. They were responding to a possible break in and they kept their guns pointed downward until there was positive identification.

895 days ago


Everytime somebody is not being polite or a kissass to a black (famous) person its racist. Are you freakin kidding me? You are a racist miss Torii crybaby.

895 days ago


what a REVERSE RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!! if you had been robbed & they didnt respond or maybe stop the "possible perpetrator" & then let a man black, white or hispanic just stroll out the door & you were robbed...then what??? just play baseball u fool!

895 days ago


Is everything that happens to black people racist?

895 days ago
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