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Tyler Perry

Cops Launch Investigation

into Allegedly Racist Traffic Stop

4/5/2012 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Tyler Perry presents ... a possibly racist incident with police in Atlanta.
Tyler Perry presents ... a possibly racist incident with police in Atlanta.

The Atlanta Police Department says it's launched an internal investigation .... after Perry publicly accused two officers of racially profiling him during a traffic stop earlier this week.

Perry says he was leaving his ATL studio ... when he made a left turn from the right lane to ensure he wasn't being followed. Tyler explains, "It’s a safety precaution that my security team taught me."

But Tyler was pulled over by police for the illegal turn ... and claims he was harassed by two "hostile" white officers until a black cop arrived to the scene and recognized him.

On his Facebook page, Perry says the black cop "immediately took both officers to the back of my car and spoke to them in a hushed tone. After that, one of the officers stayed near his car while one came back, very apologetic. I said all of that to say this: do you see how quickly this could have turned for the worse?"


For the record -- Tyler Perry did NOT get a ticket.

Reps for the ATL PD say it's looking into "whether any departmental policies or procedures were violated during the stop.”



No Avatar


Tyler who?

902 days ago


He should be locked up for those horrid movies he produces.

902 days ago


Did he even get a ticket for the moving violation? So, let me get this straight. He made an illegal turn, got pulled over and then he was sent on his way with no ticket. Wow, you better call Jesse Jackson immediately.

902 days ago


**** you Tyler Perry

902 days ago


Al Sharpton will send his clone.

Seriously, you broke the traffic law and got stopped. I bet you probably assumed they knew you and probably were a bit confrontational that you got popped for a minor traffic law. The black officer probably told them who you were as he wanted to kiss your ass.

As I, as non-white person, was told by a friend who is a member of LE, when you get pulled over, immediately lower the windows on your side, and keep your hands on the wheel. BOTH. When they ask for your license and registration, calmly tell them its in such and such places, and you are going to reach to get them. Don't try to reach for items before you are asked as they may think its hostile. I've done that a few times and never did I get harrassed nor a ticket. You have to do all you can to make sure you aren't a threat, for your safety and the officers.

902 days ago


Hey Mr. Entitled f^cktard, turning left from the right lane is breaking the law as well as very dangerous for you and anyone else on or in the road. When you break the rules of the road you get pulled over. Am I the only one sick of celebrities wanting preferential treatment and even sicker of the whoa as me race card being pulled??????

902 days ago


What a dimwit, he does not get a ticket for making an illegal left turn, puts other people in danger, and cops are racists for pulling him over??? So i guess the point is if you are Tyler Perry you are allowed to ignore traffic laws and if you get pulled over its because the cops are racist not because you are a complete and utter dimwit.

902 days ago


What a complete MORON! Tyler Perry makes no mention of the fact that he made an illegal turn. Who cares if your 'security team' taught you it. What because you're famous, it's ok for you to do it, but not others? It's ILLEGAL - PERIOD! Accept responsibility for your actions, instead of blaming it on 'race'. That's just lame:(

902 days ago


He was pulled over because he broke the law? Wow, that makes me think he thinks he's above breaking the law because he's a 'celebrity'. Police take in celebrities regardless of color all the time. Get over yourself, Tyler Perry. You're just pizzed because they didn't recongise you.

902 days ago


safety precaution? TRY ILLEGAL TURN!! Tard playing Race card smdh

902 days ago


You have got to be kidding me! Racist? I used to like this guy, but now, not so sure. What an idiot. The word "racist" is thrown around so much now, it really doesn't mean anything anymore....

902 days ago


Here we go crying racism! You made an ILLEGAL TURN. THAT is why you were pulled over and then you probably started crying racism which is why they were giving you 'trouble'. They didn't apologize and let you go because they were admitting to racism. Its because you got special treatment for being a celebrity. Dumbass.

902 days ago


I honestly don't ever think that racism will ever end when you have white trash not standing that some colored people are way better than them.. Insecurity issues... Understand, this is the only card they have to play with.....

902 days ago


ummmmm you made an illegal traffic manuever and then you call racist when cops pull you over. You Tyler Perry and people like you are whats wrong with this country,and why are you putting cars in the other lane in danger to make sure you're not being followed. You're famous dumbass, deal with the fame and be a responsible human being.

902 days ago


Should have arrested him for all the crap he puts on TV and in the theaters. Awful.

902 days ago
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