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Whitney Houston's Mom

'DEVASTATED' By Death Report

4/5/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cissy Houston and the late Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston
's mother is "devastated" and "inconsolable" over the L.A. County Coroner's Autopsy Report that makes it clear ... Whitney was deep into cocaine when she died.

Cissy Houston is telling close friends ... she cried hysterically when she first heard about the Coroner's findings -- that white powder (which we know tested positive for cocaine), a drug spoon and other trappings of drug use were found in the hotel room. 

Cissy says her biggest fear is that people will now remember her daughter as a druggie, and not a talented singer and family woman.

Cissy singled out Whitney's performance of the National Anthem at the 1991 Super Bowl, saying, "This is the type of thing people should remember Whitney for."

Cissy added, "No one's perfect. Only the Lord can judge."



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Can this finally all go away?!?!? She's was coked up when she died, I am not suprised and neither should her family, I mean come on, really?!?!?

895 days ago


alright, Cissy, only the Lord can judge so now i want to hear you NOT making accusations, comments regarding Bobby Brown. you and your family have been pretty vocal about him leading your darling lamb down the path of sin. No one put a gun to Whitney's head and said smoke this crack or snort this line. Maybe she did it out of curiosity but in the end, it got her. I believe the Lord forgives but like you said, Let the Lord judge.

895 days ago


And no Cissy, Whitney wasn't a "good family woman". I watched one of those Oprah interviews. She said she was "ready to get rid of the houses, cars but needed more, more". She needed more drugs and spotlight. It didn't take a psychiatrist to read through what she blatantly said. She didn't care about her daughter. She cared about her drugs and money.

The Good Lord isn't going to be able to help anybody pray this reality off of their shoulders.

895 days ago

paul a.    

Is anyone really surprised? It was clear to anyone with a set of eyes what was happening to this woman.

What is sad is that right up to the end (including her funeral) her enablers were denying everything.....

895 days ago


Cissy added, "No one's perfect. Only the Lord can judge. Except of course when I'm judging rown for all of Whitney's problems - even though they've been divorced for years and Whitney was into drugs LONG before she ever met him."

895 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Let's see...mama said Bobby was a cancer but Clive was a positive influence .....Bobby was not in her life and Clive partied under her dead Tell us about the picture Cissy and check your D.I.L...she is not honest. They allow Ruffles to be in their fold but trash Bobby?.......poor family.. in great denial. smdh

895 days ago

the real diva    

so sad Whitney was too far gone into drugs. it took her life. too bad her family did not step in to help her. or her entourage. but unfortunetly Whitney died and that is how it is. just goes to prove what cocaine can do. just a shame we will never hear her beautiful singing voice again. other on CDS or radio. hopefully her daughter will see what it has done to her mom and stay away from it for good.

895 days ago


Oh that's not all I remember her for. Oh no. I remember her for being talented but too stupid to keep it and smoked it away in a crack pipe. "crack is cheap" remember that? I do. I also remember her for being a washed up burnout singer trying to make a comeback charging people money to hear a cracked shell of her former voice. And of course, who could forget Bobby Brown?

895 days ago


A talented beautiful woman!

895 days ago


I ask - what kind of mother would not know something was wrong with her daughter??????????

895 days ago


talented singer and family woman? Sorry, We haven't thought that in a long... long time. She was what she was, a loony toon. And I bet drugs were the least of her problems. Sorry, but no love lose here.

895 days ago


whitney fans and those who knew her best will always love her

895 days ago

Oh well    

"Cissy added, "No one's perfect. Only the Lord can judge."

WHAT? Then what the hell you been doing? Bobby brown come to mind?

895 days ago


People will remember her for both. Much like Michael Jackson, she will be seen as a phenomenal talent that fell on hard times (of her own doing) that took away her talent and then her life too soon.

895 days ago


Clearly Whitney wasn't the only Queen of Denial in that family...

895 days ago
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