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Kim Kardashian

I'm LOVIN' Kanye West's

New Song About Me! [Video]

4/6/2012 6:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is ALREADY talking about her blossoming relationship with Kanye West.
Kim Kardashian is ALREADY talking about her blossoming relationship with Kanye West ... telling the "Today" show she's a big fan of his new song ... even though he rips her ex-husband. .

A smiley, happy Kim sat down with Ann Curry this morning ... and took on question after question about her new hook-up ... to which Kim replied, "I completely respect and understand you have to ask these questions."

Kim then explained she's been friends with Kanye for years and is excited for what the future holds for them.

Ann also asked about Kanye's new song, "Theraflu" ... the one in which he professes his love for Kim and says he could've had Kris Humphries kicked off the NJ Nets.

Speaking of Kris ... Kim told Ann she doesn't want to talk about him anymore ... saying, "I have closed that chapter ... I'm just really ready to move on."


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She is so cold and callous to do what she has done to Kris Humphries.

She used Humphries for a groom prop for a TV wedding, all the while probably cheating on Kris with Kayne.

I hope Kris Humphries exposes her in court for the soul-less cold-hearted snakes that Kim and her family are.

744 days ago

Rico Suave    

You's a ho.... Ho... You's a Ho... I said that you's a ho....

744 days ago

Jim in Cali    

LOL at the media interviewing this bimbo.

744 days ago


Kim, you are STILL legally married.
Does that Bible Study group you attend teach you about ADULTERY?

Or is that church of your Mom's all about man created feel good stuff?

744 days ago


Everything she said in that clip were lies. That "relationship" is a business deal. Who spotted coming out a movie, then next day, "lunch" then today being interviewed about such "relationship" and willingly answer these questions. Anybody buying this. KimWh0re, your time is running out. And she said she doesn't know what the future holds? your whole life is calculated, if the favor is in your court, you will still be pimped out by your greedy mother.

744 days ago


She's not talking about being with Kanye so that the media will spend more time speculating and she can get more free press. Kim should really lay low and focus on her companies and not always being in the public eye. People are getting sick of her and this is just making it worse.

744 days ago


Ugh. They deserve each other.

744 days ago


This is all for attention/publicity. Best way to kill a narcissist is by ignoring them. We have the power people. This poison will stop at nothing to stay in the limelight, the hardest/lowest parts has been done, she slept with the devil, so what's a little prostitution with rappers? I am telling you, she has a contract with the devil. It make sense.

744 days ago


She is like a walking condom.

744 days ago


Wow she managed to get through that 1:48 interview with only 6 "YOU KNOWS" can you imagine how many there would be if the interview was 10 minutes long.

744 days ago


Maybe Kim can be the "flour girl" in a friends wedding? Ha-ha-ha

744 days ago

I am Spartacus    

I don't know if there is any celebrity (I can't believe i even used that word) that i hate more than this no talent, fat cellulite ass, fake, plastic, lying, whore.


And i think this might be the end for me with TMZ. With Kanye & this trash bag ho now dating, and TMZ being on the Kardashian payroll... there's no doubt we'll be getting at least 1 story per day on this famewhores that nobody likes.

Everytime i see her stupid, ugly face i get so angry at what a lying bitch she is and how dumb she thinks we are. GO TO HELL KIM, PLEASE GO TO HELL!!!!

744 days ago


The Kardashians have 0 credibility and will forever be deemed famewhores, everything they do is fake and for publicity. She can't even remarry for the public will never believe anything she ever does again isn't motivated by the old mighty $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

744 days ago


So when can we expect the next golden shower tape? The next over the top wedding? The next divorce? All this $$$ for these dumb pieces. This is what our youth look up to. What the f*ck does that say about us? I wish she would read these comments and realize how much people want her to disappear.

744 days ago


Nothing but a pompous, arrogant person would say that knowing it involves bad lyrics about her ex. I am so sick of the Kardashians.

744 days ago
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