North & Kim Shout-Out to Ye ... AND Taylor Swift?!?


Kim Kardashian's definitely gonna get her ex-husband's attention with this -- she and their daughter North West not only made a video homage to Kanye West ... but also his arch nemesis, Taylor Swift!!!

North recreated her dad's look with a damn good makeup job, and Kim recreated -- well, herself -- to make a TikTok with Ye's song "Bound 2." They didn't do any lip-synching, but ya gotta hand it to North ... she's got Ye's brooding look down pat. Kim famously co-starred with her then-husband in the OG 2013 music video.

We know North loves her some TikTok, so using it to pay tribute to her father has gotta sit well with Ye -- who hasn't always been a big fan of her even being on the platform. As for why they did it ... well, that's what's really interesting.


Before the "Bound 2" TikTok, Kim and North posted a different one -- a fully lip synched and choreographed routine to T Swift's "Shake It Off."

As everyone knows, there's nothing but "Bad Blood" between Ye and Taylor since the 2009 VMAs Taylor interruptus incident.

So while their Taylor TikTok is totally playful and seemingly innocent ... it wouldn't necessarily land that way on dear ol' Dad, who took another infamous swipe at Taylor in his "Famous" song and music vid.

Remember, back in better times for the couple, Kim was fully in lockstep with her then-hubby when it came to the war of words with Taylor.

So, you could see this as an olive branch to the singer on Kim's part.

As for the Ye clip -- we're not saying Kim and North's TikTok was a make good to him ... but, we're not NOT saying that either.

Interestingly, both vids -- posted on the kimandnorth page -- have comments turned off. Definitely for the best in this case.

Kanye West Checks Out Malibu Pad With Mystery Chick


2:09 PM PT -- It appears the woman is OnlyFans model, Monica Corgan, who Kanye's been linked to in the past ... as we reported, the two were spotted at a movie together months ago.

Kanye West has a lot of construction going on at his Malibu home, and it's possible he's now working on a new relationship too ... after being spotted with a mystery woman.

Kanye and the brunette -- who did her best to keep her face hidden from cameras -- hit up Ye's nearly $60 million Malibu beachfront home. Unclear if the woman is just a friend, or something more, but she was decked out in tights, an oversized hoodie and possibly Balenciaga sunglasses.

Of course, if you know anything about Kanye and his recent girlfriends -- like Julia Fox and Chaney Jones -- they're almost always exclusively dressed in Balenciaga.

No word on how far along house construction is, Ye's completely gutted it ... but you gotta imagine it'll be quite the spectacle once finished.

As we've reported, Kim and Kanye have been on friendly terms as of late -- following her split with Pete Davidson -- but the home Ye bought next to Kim's remains unchanged ... so it doesn't look like he has any plans to actually move in.

Originally Published -- 1:25 PM PT

Kanye West New Foam RNNR on the Way? Prototype Sprayed at Office

Kanye West's cooking up something with his futuristic foam footwear ... with a little spray.

A Yeezy employee was spotted outside Ye's Calabasas office Monday spraying on what appears to be a new Yeezy Foam RNNR Ararat prototype. It's unclear what exactly the employee's trying to accomplish, but the sole's getting the bulk of the spray. Non-stick spray? Who knows.

Either way, this is the first look at Kanye's new Adidas RNNR prototype ... 7 months after the foam shoe's first release.

Some of Kanye's biggest pals have been seen wearing the Foams ... including Justin Bieber on a yellow Vespa and his wife, Hailey, during a recent shopping spree with Kendall Jenner.

Even though the shoe was soundly ridiculed when they were first released, they've made a killing on the resale marked ... going for as much as $800. The retail price was only around $100.

Don't forget though ... Kanye told Joe Rogan back in October he wants his shoes to one day cost a mere $20.

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Sunday FunDay With Fam, Lambos & Brad Pitt!!!

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are keeping things balanced in their lives -- hanging with their kids for lunch Sunday, but then partying with Brad Pitt later.

Kimye and half their brood -- North and Saint -- hit up the fancy joint Crustacean Beverly Hills ... rolling up in style with not 1, not 2 but THREE black matte Lamborghinis. The couple actually owns 5 of the whips in total. Check out the vid ... when the late lunch ended, the kiddos jumped into their own Lambo.


After mama buckled 'em up ... Kim and Kanye jumped into the lead Lambo and drove off. They headed to a fancy crib in the Hollywood Hills where they rubbed elbows with Andrew Garfield and, of course, Brad.

It's unclear what the occasion was that brought them all together, but it was just the latest celebration for Kim, who's been partying like a rock star almost nonstop since Thursday's 35th birthday bash for Khloe

Kim, Khloe and Kendall also got dolled up Saturday night to celebrate Larsa Pippen's birthday. Helluva weekend and a great warm-up for all the upcoming holiday festivities!

Ice-T and Coco Do NOT Compare Us ... To Kim and Kanye


Ice-T wants to make one thing crystal clear ... he and Coco are NOTHING like Kim and Kanye, but he does think Ye and Trump are birds of a feather.

We got Ice-T and Coco in New York City Saturday, and Ice had nothing but disdain for the Oval Office meeting.

He thinks Trump is so entrenched in his views, no one's going to change them ... and Kanye was just used by the Prez to score more African-American voters ... or at least that was the plan.

And check out what happens when our photog compares them to K & K.

Kanye West Back on Twitter ... Preaching About 'Mind Control'

Kanye West took a break from family time in Africa to get in touch with the world via social media once again, and his purpose was to speak out against mind control ... and oddly, social media.

Ye returned to Twitter Saturday afternoon after going dark last week, and live streamed himself from Africa, talking to the camera while constantly rubbing his forehead ... appearing to be deep in thought and focused on his words.

But ... as he even admits ... he also seems sleep deprived.

Kanye captioned his vid "Mind control," and started off by railing at social media and discussing how he's hurt by people trying to tell him what to do. He says it feels like they are trying to touch his brain ... and he hates it.

He adds to his social media bashing by saying it told us all Hillary Clinton was going to win the presidency, and claims social media falsely wants you to believe people don't like him when in fact ... "Everybody loves Ye!!"

There's more -- a lot more -- including Kanye declaring "I am the best living recording artist," boasting about his IQ and assuring us all he's not crazy ... he just needs some sleep.

Get some sleep, Kanye.

Kim Kardashian 20th High School Reunion ... Share and Cher Alike


Kim Kardashian hit up Cher's concert in Vegas Friday night with the girls from Marymount High School, class of 1998.

Kim and her classmates went on the road to continue their 20th high school reunion celebration.

No sign of Kanye at the concert or in Vegas. TMZ broke the story ... Kim and Kanye flew to Wyoming earlier this week so he could put the finishing touches on his albums.

We're told Kim has been watching Kanye like a hawk since his appearance on "TMZ Live" ... so maybe the Vegas girls trip is a good sign.

Kanye West Thought Doctors Would Kill Him During Hospital Stay for Mental Breakdown


Kanye West thought he'd get killed while being hospitalized at UCLA after suffering a mental breakdown.

In the newly released interview with Charlamagne tha God, West talks about his 8-day hospitalization in 2016. He says Kim was out of town when it happened, so he was only accompanied by friends when he was first admitted. Kanye said he begged his friends not to leave his side, but at one point they were forced to and Ye calls it the scariest moment of his life.

Kanye mentions he thought docs would drug and kill him while he was alone. However, earlier in the interview he mentions the love he felt from several African-American employees in the hospital.

West also opens up to CTG about his medication, saying he's on several ... but doesn't mention them by name.

Jay-Z, Kanye West Plan Summit to Bury Hatchet In Latest Feud

Kanye West and Jay-Z will be meeting face-to-face soon to squash their latest beef, and if they smoke the peace pipe it will end a lawsuit that looms over their multi-million dollar Tidal dispute.

Sources close to Yeezy and Hova with direct knowledge of the situation tell us, their lawyers have been trying to settle a $3.5 million dispute Kanye has with Tidal. As we reported, Kanye had fired off a letter to Tidal stating his contract with them was over because Tidal didn't live up to his end of the bargain. Specifically, Kanye says he didn't get advances and bonuses that totaled $3.5 mil.

We're told Kanye and Jay have not agreed to settle, and the reason became apparent to everyone. The impasse had nothing to do with their business dispute -- $3.5 mil is peanuts to both of them. They couldn't settle because they each harbor animosity toward the other.

Jay was enraged when Kanye attacked Beyonce at his concert last Fall. Kanye felt Jay should have cut him a break because that was the time he was melting down and just a few weeks after the concert, he was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold.

As one source put it, "The Generals [Kanye and Jay] have to meet face-to-face. When that happens, the resolving the money dispute is a piece of cake."

We're told Kanye is up for the meeting and Jay is also inclined to meet. It shouldn't be hard. Now that Jay and Bey live in a Bel-Air mansion, they are literally down the street from Kanye and Kim.

We're told the meeting should go down soon, and once it does their Tidal dispute will quickly end.

Kim and Kanye Threaten Blabbing Bodyguard with $30 Mil Lawsuit

7:57 AM PT -- A rep for Kim and Kanye tells us the money won't be enough ... they also want a full retraction of everything he said in the interviews.

Kim and Kanye have threatened their former blabbermouth bodyguard with a $30 million lawsuit, and he's gotta drop to his knees and apologize.

We've learned Kim and Kanye's lawyer has fired off a letter to Steve Stanulis ... the bodyguard who went to anyone who would listen, claiming he was fired for chatting up Kim on the job and making Kanye jealous. Kim and Kanye have both said it's a complete lie.

Turns out, we're told that Steve signed a confidentiality agreement promising never to breathe a word about Kim, Kanye or the klan. We're told the lawyer's letter is quick to mention a provision which says Steve is automatically on the hook for $10 mil if he opens his mouth ... and they believe he did at least 3 interviews.

It's interesting. We're told Kim and Kanye's lawyer gives Steve an out, if he shuts his trap and issues a public apology to the family. Our sources say the letter does not ask Steve to admit he lied but they demand he stop talking to the press.

Kim and Kanye think Steve's MO is simple ... it's a cheap, underhanded way to get famous. A rep for the couple tells us, "This sad, parasitic maniac has violated every basic human tenet of decency with his story of lies. The Wests will explore all legal means at their disposal to silence this nonsense."

BTW ... this isn't the first time Kim and Kanye have gone after someone for violating the confidentiality agreement. TMZ broke the story, YouTube founder Chad Hurley weaseled his way into AT&T Park in SF and videotaped Kanye's marriage proposal. Chad signed a confidentiality agreement and ended up paying them $440,000.


Kim and Kanye The Son Also Rises

North West is gonna have a little brother to taunt, because Kim Kardashian just spilled the beans.

Kim chose the appropriate day for the reveal on social media, saying to Kanye, "Precious moments like this when we were traveling on tour with you and what I live for," adding, "You're such a good daddy to North & you will be the best daddy to our new son too!"

We had heard it was a boy for a few weeks, but Kim chose to make it official late on Father's Day.

Presumably Caitlyn Jenner will be the child's grandfather ... at least if consistency rules. But you never know.

Kanye West I Listen to Me in the Car!


Kanye West is one satisfied customer -- with his new album.

We got Kim's hubby arriving at LAX Friday, and he told our photog about his next album, which he was listening to on the way to the airport.

Kanye was super friendly ... which is becoming SOP.

He made it clear ... his album is great. Fact is ... most people who say that are just blowing smoke. In Kanye's case, he has a track record of awesome records, so he's probably right.

Kanye West Snoozing Kanye Called Out By Elsa ... At 'Frozen' Show

Kanye West isn’t the biggest "Frozen" fan in the world and the ice princess onstage at Disneyland gave him a cold stare for it.

Kanye must have been exhausted from walking around the park for North West’s birthday -- 'cause he caught some major ZZZZZs during the "Frozen" sing-along show. The problem for Daddy West is he's pretty high profile.

A Disney employee noticed him, umm ... resting his eyes, and later said on FB and Twitter ... “when you perform for the Kardashian family for North’s birthday…and Kanye sleeps through the whole show.”

Our park sources tell us the employee was the woman who played Elsa. We're also told Kanye passed out for the entire performance, which is only 25 minutes. So, kinda perfect time for a nap.

Bottom line here ... Kanye's just like most other dads.

North West I Can't See Mickey ... Too Many Damn Security Guards!


North West's trip to Disneyland for her second birthday would have been amazing ... if only she could have seen through the massive security team following her around.

The majority of the Kardashian klan made the trip to Anaheim to celebrate, including Tyga and his son.

Instead of trying to blend in, Kanye, Kim and company rolled around with what looked like a dozen security personnel escorting them around the park.

It may be a 'Small World' ... but North's got BIG company in it.

Kanye West FourFive Seconds to Bail on Amber Rose

Kanye West was like a human Bugatti -- going zero to 100 in a matter of seconds to get the hell out of Drake's epic party ... when he found out his ex Amber Rose was there too.

We’re told Yeezy was chilling for about 40 minutes, having a good time with folks when the DJ got on the mic and sounded the alarm -- announcing Amber had entered the building.

Sources close to the rapper tell us he wisely didn’t want to chance bumping into her, or worse -- getting photographed near her. We're told Kanye waited for his boys to pinpoint Amber's location ... and then made a quick, quiet exit in the other direction.

The exes beefed earlier this year -- when Amber called Kim Kardashian a whore, and Kayne hit back with his infamous jab about Amber's, umm ... hygiene.

Good thing he didn't have to rinse off this time.

North West I Was a Big Disneyland Attraction For My Birthday

North West had an awesome second birthday she'll never remember... at Disneyland.

The Kardashian klan was on hand -- Kim, Kanye, Kourtney, Kendall, Kylie, Mason, Penelope, Tyga and his son King Cairo. No sign of Kris Jenner or Scott Disick, but still ... solid turn out.

They did the usual kids stuff ... lots of rides and a petting zoo.

Soak up the attention while you can, North ... your little sibling is coming soon!

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