Donald Trump Black People Love Me Twice as Much ... Thanks Kanye!!!

5/4/2018 12:01 PM PDT

Donald Trump Thanks Kanye West for Doubling His African-American Poll Numbers

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Donald Trump just shouted out Kanye West during his speech at the NRA Convention ... for giving him a boost in the polls with black people.

The Prez thanked Kanye in front of the huge audience in Dallas, telling them the rapper must have some power because he doubled his support from African-Americans ... according to a new poll.

Trump's citing a recent Reuters poll that says 22 percent of black males approve of the job he's doing as President -- doubling his last approval rating of 11 percent. It's unclear from the poll how black females feel.

As we reported ... the bro fest between Kanye and Trump has been going on for nearly 2 weeks. The rapper has voiced his love of the Prez, and even rocked a MAGA hat.

Clearly, the feeling of love is mutual ... at least for now.

3:00 PM PT -- We did some digging into the Reuters poll Trump was quoting, and turns out the 11 percent boost is based on polling only black men, for what it's worth. We also checked several other polls -- of men and women -- and there was still an increase, but only about 4 percent.

Again, for what it's worth.