'SNL' Mocks Trump/Kanye Oval Summit

10/14/2018 6:52 AM PDT

'SNL' Mocks Trump's Meeting with Kanye West in Oval Office

Donald Trump came to a startling revelation last night ... Kanye West is the black him!!!

Alec Baldwin made his return to 'SNL' to parody Ye's Oval chit chat. This one is especially interesting, because they danced around making fun of mental illness.

Also interesting ... most times 'SNL' takes a real event and makes it broader, but this one was pretty much true to form ... with all the hits, runs and errors from Thursday's pre-lunch meeting. The reporters in the crowd were definitely funnier than the real deal ... for sure. 

At the very end, 'SNL' makes a not-so-oblique reference to the rumored "Celebrity Apprentice" outtakes ... Omarosa and others have said Trump used the n-word during filming of the TV show.