Daz Dillinger In the Crosshairs of Cops ... After Crips Threat Against Kanye

5/1/2018 7:26 AM PDT

Daz Dillinger Now in Crosshairs of Cops after Crips Threat Against Kanye


Daz Dillinger is now on the radar of the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept., after his call to the Crips to pay a not-so-friendly visit to Kanye West.

TMZ called the Sheriff's Dept. Monday to ask if Dillinger's video was something they were looking at. At the time, the Sheriff's Dept. was unaware Dillinger had posted the threat to Kanye, but today a Sheriff's Dept. source told us detectives are now looking at the video to determine if there's a "prosecutable crime."

We're told the Sheriff's Dept. has also reached out to Kanye and his security team, but so far they have not heard back.

Dillinger called on the Crips to "f*** up Kanye."