Ice-T and Coco Do NOT Compare Us ... To Kim and Kanye

10/14/2018 7:24 AM PDT

Ice-T and Coco Bristle at Being Compared to Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West


Ice-T wants to make one thing crystal clear ... he and Coco are NOTHING like Kim and Kanye, but he does think Ye and Trump are birds of a feather. 

We got Ice-T and Coco in New York City Saturday, and Ice had nothing but disdain for the Oval Office meeting.

He thinks Trump is so entrenched in his views, no one's going to change them ... and Kanye was just used by the Prez to score more African-American voters ... or at least that was the plan.

And check out what happens when our photog compares them to K & K.