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Sylvester Stallone

I Got SCREWED By a Con Man

... Thanks to Lisa Vanderpump

4/9/2012 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sylvester Stallone and Lisa Vanderpump
Sylvester Stallone
claims he was victimized by an "incompetent con man" who bilked him out of $1.4 million in a "shameful" home repair scheme ... and Sly claims he never would have gotten involved with the guy if it wasn't for Lisa Vanderpump

Stallone has declared legal war on a Mohamed Hadid -- claiming the guy is an "unscrupulous, unlicensed predator" posing as a qualified general contractor. 

In his lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court by legal pit bull Marty Singer, Stallone claims he hired Hadid to perform high-quality work on his L.A. mansion in 2009 ... after receiving a glowing recommendation from "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Lisa Vanderpump.

Instead, Stallone claims, he was left with "inexpensive, damaged deteriorating and uneven cabinetry and malfunctioning appliances" ... among other things.

Stallone claims Hadid charged him more than $10k for a "high quality wooden kitchen island" ... but instead he installed a "cheap wood veneer/plywood product that is defective and virtually worthless."

Stallone says Hadid also installed an inoperable and unsafe fire pit, an incomplete and unsafe air conditioning system ... and he claims the glass work on the house also sucked.

"Far from the top quality job promised, Hadid's work was riddled with defects, abysmal quality and poor workmanship."

Now, Stallone wants all of his money back ... plus damages ... and warns, "If you want to hire an incompetent con man to do construction, then Mohamed Hadid is your man."

3:36PM PST: Lisa Vanderpump tells TMZ, Sly and Hadid did indeed meet socially through her, but she added, "They're old enough to make their own decisions."


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This proves that Stallone can't make his own decisions and someone should tell him that Hadid is a very competent conman.

926 days ago


I guess Sly and his wife signed the contract to be on RHOBH.

926 days ago


Come on now...You're getting advice from a "reality" tv actress. What do you expect?!

926 days ago

Thurston Howell III    

Ha..ha...ha...this could'nt have happened to a nicer azzhole and now he's trying to blame his stupidity on Lisa Vanderpump? Can't this shiat-for-brains investigate a contractor on his own or is he too lazy and stupid? He just takes someone else's word that the guy did good work without checking him out?

Stallone has only himself to blame but then you can't expect much from this POS. He dodges the Vietnam draft and then has the BALLS to make millions off Rambo movies.

What an AZZHOLE!!!

Good thing he didn't go to Vietnam, he would have been blown up in about three days. (Good for him, bad for everyone else).

Boycott anything this clown does along with that POS Jane Fonda.

926 days ago


I guess Sly must have ended his non-existent "bed-side vigil" in his beloved sister's bed ;-)) in order to fit in a bit of legal rambling with his pitbull lawyer

926 days ago


No sympathy, you get what you pay for... you look to get cheap labor and frankly 10k will get a normal kitchen set up with all those things never mind the level of high end product a celeb would be ordering, and you got cheap labor and corner cutting... that was your choice.

926 days ago


Thats the same guy that Joe Francis is suing over a helicopter.

926 days ago


He's got some nerve to drag Lisa's name into this. It has nothing to do with her!

926 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Apparently, this con man is very well "competent" of hustling Stallone out of $1.4 million.

926 days ago

Grouchy Smurf    

"Sylvester Stallone claims he was victimized by an "incompetent con man" who bilked him out of $1.4 million in a "shameful" home repair scheme"

Incompetent contractor, perhaps. But definitely not an incompetent con man.

926 days ago


Who would get a recommendation from a Housewife of anywhere.?? Frankly, if I was that contractor I would be very afraid of conning Rocky and Rambo. He might come and kick my azz. But she does have a point. He did hire him and should have checked him out. That was HIS responsibility to do that, not her's. Just because somebody recommends something doesn't mean that you take it as gospel.

926 days ago


Team Lisa. If I'm planning on dishing out tens of thousands on renovations, I'm going to do my homework on the renovator. Lisa bears *no* responsibility for whatever dissatisfaction Sly feels.

926 days ago


Hadid is known in la and especially bev hills as being a complete and total s***bag. Everyone has been laughing at lisa vanderpump having him on the show and acting like he's is the greatest thing on earth. Funniest is how impressed she is with that gawd awful house of hs that he ravaged bel air to build. He's a dirt bag full of it loser. But hate to say it serves u right for seeking advice from a woman in big pumps on a reality show!

926 days ago


I laugh at these stupid rich celebrities, they always listen to other stupid rich celebrities. The same thing when these idiots try to tell people how to live their life and who to vote for and what to do when they are complete morons and hypocrits, they always think because other rich people like them have money they are somehow smarter than the rest of us. They are not, take one look at the overdone plastic surgery that is so popular among these celebrities, they all look terrible!! With their money they should be having great work done, but they all look terribly overdone and fake, even disturbing in some cases. But they can't just have natural look, they all go to each others surgeons and get the same fake face, it would be funny if it wasn't so sad, and unfortunately rich people are perfect targets for con men because they are ripe for the plucking. I am so glad I don't have these rich people problems. I am a proud NYer and glad to be on this side of the country where we have good quality plastic surgeons and good plastic surgery as well as nice beautiful kitchens, and I do like sly alot, but also have heard that he is a stickler for perfection so I wouldn't be at all surprised that he would be hard to satisfy no matter what kind of job you did for him.

926 days ago


Is this the same Mamid that has the 150 mil manison..
or is it the mamid frm shaws of sunset or just soem loser?
I [used to be a big lisa vanfablous fan now I just find her pretious and boring. wating to see her spin off show comming up soon.I know a littel inside scoop on slyvester once he was having a party and he hiered this couple to
play like they were party guest and then right in the middel of the party they striped thier clothes off and started having sex on the floor with al the party guest watchin in shock first then cheering them on..
Sly has a kinky sense of hummor.
Sedric Lisa old house guest the sleaze ball is spreading rumors that Ken has hookers on the side. I dont think its true it s more of cedrics htedful vendta against Lisa
Sly shouldnt hold lisa acountable the guy would do good work for lisa to get recomendations then once he has the job cuts corrners. Sly must not have been home at the time for repairs thats the problem you have to watcvh every move those guys make to get decnt job done.
Sly should send lisa flowers and an apolgy for dragging her name into this. It was the only way sly had to get the word out.. and hes pissed.

926 days ago
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