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Amanda Bynes

History of EXTREME Inebriation


4/10/2012 6:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Bynes drinks ... A LOT ... despite claims from her father that she doesn't imbibe ... and TMZ has video proof of the actress drunkenly stumbling out of a club just a few weeks before her DUI arrest.

Despite the fact she was busted for drunk driving last week, Amanda's father told, "I was told that she blew a zero on the Breathalyzer. She didn't have a single drink that night. My daughter doesn't drink."

But TMZ knows Bynes has been frequenting the Hollywood club scene recently ... and on March 22, she appeared so wasted on her way out of Greystone Manor in West Hollywood, she needed TWO FRIENDS to hold her upright so she could get to her car.

Thankfully ... she played it safe and didn't drive that night.

But on March 17, a seemingly inebriated Amanda didn't play it safe at all.  We got video of the actress stumbling out of Greystone Manor ... then getting behind the wheel of her car and driving away, despite pleas from our photog to let a sober person drive.

Of course, Bynes was arrested on April 6 ... after police say she was so drunk, she crashed into a cop car at 3 AM.

Sorry Mr. Bynes ... your daughter drinks ... and she needs help.


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She is an alcoholic and a partier. She hasnt worked in years. She has a huge problem!

905 days ago


Obviously she is looking to get some attention since she has dropped off the radar, this is how celebrity works now for d listers, first the DUI's then the sex tapes perhaps a little naked photo shoot people start to feel bad for her ect... they do some PR for their enforced community service for whichever crime they commit.. Honestly I am not surprised that the guy didn't stop her (in the car) that was probably the plan the whole time. They knew it would blow up on TMZ. Drinking and driving is so wrong because it's so easy to just not do. Selfish idiot.

905 days ago


I wouldn't be concerned if she was just getting drunk every so often (going to clubs doesn't automatically make you an alcoholic), but the fact that she repeatedly decides to drive while under the influence is a major problem. I hope she realizes how dangerous her choices are for herself and everyone on the road with her.

905 days ago


First paparazzi concerned for the star now thats a mindboggler

905 days ago


I think that if someone parks valet and the valet person notices that the person is drunk and gives them the keys anyway, they should get in trouble for that.

905 days ago


At least this time she wasn't driving. What is up with you rich people you can afford a limo or a freaking CAB !! SHEESH !!

905 days ago


Holy crap people. Do you know her? I certainly don't. She needs help? Because she drinks and got busted by cameras driving. Bet you never did that. Wow just wow! Lay off she's basically a kid. I hope her dad still thinks she doesn't drink. Who Cares! I got kids and i still don't. You people scare me so much more.

905 days ago


Holy crap people. Do you know her? I certainly don't. She needs help? Because she drinks and got busted by cameras driving. Bet you never did that. Wow just wow! Lay off she's basically a kid. I hope her dad still thinks she doesn't drink. Who Cares! I got kids and i still don

905 days ago


stupid **** could have killed someone

905 days ago


Sounds like her AND her father NEED HELP! Her with her drinking problem and him with his DENIAL! Are ALL Hollywood parents in denial about their wacko kids?

905 days ago


I feel bad for her dad.. COMPLETE DENIAL! When she was working, I remember her being quoted as saying no one would ever catch her stumbling out of a club cause she doesn't drink and wanted to be a good role model.... MY how times have changed!

905 days ago

Veritatis Amans    

I don't understand the posters who are complaining that TMZ is being too harsh on her and that she in just in a "party mode."

TMZ is doing her, her family, and all of us a service (can you believe it!?).

Drunk drivers kill people. Almost everyone knows someone affected by a drunk driver - lives taken too soon, victims with permanent disabilities, perpetrators whose families carry the expense of their actions.

If you're going out - leave your car at home. Use a car service, a taxi, or a designated driver. What's so tough about that?

905 days ago


Young, dumb, stupid whore. Sex tape or reality show attempt next. Her and alcohol go together like richard gere, a gerbil, and saran wrap.

905 days ago


Leave this girl alone TMZ and stop trying to push her over the edge so she can be the next Lindsay Lohan. She was very stupid for driving when she was drinking before and she should of known better but other then that so what if shes going clubbing? She is a young girl enjoying herself doesn't mean shes got an alcohol problem. I go out sometimes and I get drunk but I know I dont have a problem with alcohol and I dont do it all the time. Obviously I dont know this girl personally to really know what's going on with her but if she has a problem give her some space and stop following her about.

905 days ago


The proof is in the video. Daddy can be in denial all he wants but one day he'll get that dreaded phone call that she's either killed someone or herself while driving drunk. The fact that the valet and the man that was in the car with her allowed her to drive while drunk, girl needs new friends. Friends don't let friends drive drunk!

905 days ago
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