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Trayvon Martin Death

George Zimmerman

Charged With Murder

4/11/2012 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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George Zimmerman Mug Shot
George Zimmerman
has officially been charged with 2nd Degree murder after shooting and killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in a Florida suburb back in February.

Florida special prosecutor Angela Corey made the announcement moments ago at a press conference, claiming the charge was filed today.

Zimmerman -- a community watchman -- shot and killed Trayvon on Feb. 26th in Sanford, Florida, but no arrests were made at the time. Zimmerman has consistently maintained he shot Trayvon in self-defense.

A firestorm of media attention has surrounded the case -- with many celebs like Spike Lee, Roseanne Barr and LeBron James claiming the shooting was racially motivated.

Zimmerman has already turned himself in to authorities. If convicted, he faces up to life in prison.


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I can't imagine anything worse than hearing your son cry out for his life when it's too late to help him.
AP reports: "In the affidavit, prosecutors also said that Martin's mother identified cries for help heard in the background of a 911 call as her son's. There had been some question as to whether Martin or Zimmerman was the one crying out."

894 days ago


Reports were that something like 9 burglaries occurred in the vicinity of that gated community that George Zimmerman lived in --- and, while Trayvon Martin was merely a guest at the house of his father's girlfriend. No wonder Zimmerman observed a hooded "suspicious person". Since burglars don't just operate alone -- it wouldn't surprise me that Trayvon was staking out a house for his 'homies' to burglarize and was describing the house number or providing other descriptive details to the girl on the receiving end of Trayvon's cellphone call. That 16-year old girl who told Trayvon to run -- may be Trayvon's burglary-accomplise. Because Zimmerman got distracted talking to the 911 operator, he lost track of the "suspicious person". Meanwhile, the "suspicious person" stood out of sight and was lying-in-wait for the opportunity to assault Zimmerman. While Zimmerman was legally armed, Trayvon was unarmed because if police ever stopped him and found a gun on him, he could be tried as an adult if he used it. Proof that Zimmerman was assaulted is in that photos have surfaced showing Zimmerman's bloody scalp wound. If Zimmerman had not used his gun to defend himself from the "suspicious person" attacking him, Trayvon could have wrestled away Zimmerman and killed Zimmerman. Therein lies the reason for 'self-defense'. By the way, the same day that Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin, the burglaries also stopped in the vicinity of that gated community.

894 days ago

What a world!    

I wonder how many of these insensitive and hateful comments would be made if this site published our real names? How many of you could look at your children face to face and say it to them? What would your boss and co-workers think of you? God forbid you are members of a church. If it were your child that was killed, wouldn't you want due process? All of these comments are not necessary. However if they represent your true heart and conscience, so be it.

894 days ago


if it was my child god forbid poo poo .. i would surely not be selling pictures and making money off of interviews before he has not even got laid to rest !!!!!!!!!!!

I would be in a mental hospital on suicide watch !!!!!!

894 days ago


it doesn't look like his nose has been broken, does it

894 days ago


It's pretty sad that zimmerman wont get a fair trial because of all the celebrity crybabies who blew this **** up. I'm not judging one way or the other. Unlike almost everyone else I would like to wait to judge someone til all the facts are given which they were not. Everyone has the right to a fair trial no matter what but this guy will never get one because everyone on that jury will be scared for their lives if they find him not guilty. Pretty pathetic of people to scare a guuilty verdict out of people but it most definitely will happen.

893 days ago


Everyone loves to say "aww his poor parents" those are the same parents whose son sat in the coroners office for 3 days before being identified by ANYONE! my kid would have identified before he went cold you can count on that! how the **** do you not know or seemingly care where your son is to not go looking for 3 days!

893 days ago


I am so happy that this murder is in jail...(VERY HAPPY)MY GOD is a just GOD!!

893 days ago

What I Think    

I have to wonder. If Martin was in fact "scared" because a strange man was following him and he didn't know what he wanted, then why did he stay on his cell phone talking to a girl. Why didn't he end that call and dial 911?

893 days ago


This mutha f@*Ker deserves the death penalty!!!! Lock him up and throw away the key loser!!

893 days ago
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