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'Hunger Games' Star

U.S. Should LOWER

Boozing Age to 18

4/12/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If 18-year-olds can fire a shot in war ... they should be able to take a shot in a bar ... so says "Hunger Games" star Josh Hutcherson.

Hutcherson was leaving STK last night when we asked a question inspired by his 19-year-old co-star Alexander Ludwig ... who triggered an investigation when he left a 21+ bar in Hollywood this week.

Hutcherson tells us the drinking age in America simply doesn't make sense -- saying, "I think the age to go to war is 18 ... so I think the drinking age should be 18 as well."

Hutcherson raises a good point ... so we gotta ask ...


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The drinking age should stay 21. The brain and mentality of an 18 year old is not the same as that of a 21 year old (generally) and a 21 year old is/should be more mature and able to make better judgments. Studies *actually* show that the highest incidence of alcoholism is in Europe, where people start drinking at a young age and it's part of their culture to indulge in wine, beer, etc. They are alcoholics and binge drinkers. Lowering the age would only lead to more problems in many aspects of life.

832 days ago


is 21 a federal law? Or just what happened because federal funding for roads and such started rewarding states for having their law 21? (same thing happened with speed limits)It wasnt so long ago 18 was the standard and then there was a patchwork of 18 vs 21 where you had high school seniors making runs across the border for under classmen

832 days ago

brown dynamite    

If he wants to drink before 21, he and others like him can join the military. Others who don't shouldn't be allowed to before 21. Drink at home like other teens and stop bitching about not being able to go into a bar to do it. Deal with it.

Want a good example on why it's fine at 21, just look at all those idiots that threw those Project X type parties. Teens are idiots, simple as that. None of us knew how to act when we were drinking at that age. Hell people over 21 can barely handle themselves, but there are a hell of a lot more people over 21 that can make a rational thought than teens.

832 days ago


Is it just me or is anyone eles tired of the hero worship these PLAIN PEOPLE, who happen to star in a movie or have a beautiful singing voice, they are held up as heros
2 famous singers died in six months, not only were they the lead in on the news on tv, newspapers, and all media for months, as if they were worthy of hero status.
One had a televised funeraL for four hours, and her state lowered the flag to half staff.
Our military heros who are giving up their lives for you and me don't even get more than a passing mention on the news. They donot qualify for the flag to be lowered to half staff. OUR HEROS that died fighting for our country deserve and have won the right to have the flag lowered when they come home in a box.
Our president is vilified and shown nothing but total disrespect. In past days whether you voted for the president or not, he was our president and worthy of respect.
I vote, and will continue to use that vote to weed out those that have elevated commom actors and actresses and reality stars to hero status. The governor who lowered the state flag when Whitney died, he does not deserve another term, he ignored all the people who opposed the lowering of the flag for a singer, who had a beautiful voice.
Who do you want your child to look up to?
May God Bless the USA.

832 days ago


It's called common sense,sure when we were younger we wanted them to lower the drinking age to 18 we were legal to buy smokes and we could join the Armed Forces, We could start buying lotto tickets, but looking back now I'm sure glad they did not lower the drinking age because even at 18 years old there are still very bad drivers on the road even with out drinking and having them have beer or the hard stuff at 18 would make it 100 times worse for them to think in a split second if a car or animal cuts in front of them, So no I think it's a bad Idea to have the drinking age at 18 Years of Age.

832 days ago


Being from Canada, 19 is decent. 16 is too low. 21 is ridiculous. Like someone mentioned about the forbidden fruit=less alcohol poisioning, and same with war, old enough to go to war, old enough to drink.

832 days ago


I know that they say that the new 21 is 26 (mental age-wise), which I agree with, but if you can get drafted, join up, go to war, and be charged as an adult, I figure you should be allow to drink. If the government feels 18 is too young for that, then they need to change the minimum age on getting into the military and who gets charged as an adult.

832 days ago


How about instead of lowering the drinking age we raise the age that someone can join the military or go to war to 21! Both decisions can have lethal consequences.

832 days ago


NO!!! The drinking age should stay at 21. The decision to drink, when to stop, if someone stops, whether they are going to insist they can drive anyway, etc. has the capacity to touch every life the drinker comes in contact with after the first swallow. In war, there is a CO who controls the troops under them telling them what to do - not an equal comparison at all. The other things I see mentioned - doing porn, etc. - are comparing applies and oranges. Teenagers as young as 11 can be charged as adults in some states if the commit a crime that is serious enough. Are they supposed to be declared adults in all other aspects,too? Let them drive at 11? Let them vote at 12? Just look at what the "under-agers" do with booze and hazing incidents at colleges. And this dumb jerk from this crappy kids-killing-kids movie wants to lower the drinking age?

832 days ago


You can go to war at 18, you don't have to. Oh wait, isn't this idiot from Canada. He comes here and tells us our laws are wrong? twit

832 days ago


Then go to war! When you go to war rather than pretend you are in a war we will discuss. Now put on your big boy pants and shut up.

832 days ago

Juliette Harper    

With over-paid untalented boneheads like this loose on the streets, the U.S. should raise the drinking age to 30.

832 days ago


Yes legalize drinking to 18. As if we didn't already have enough DUIs, date rapes, unplanned pregnancies, STDs, Girls & Guys Gone Wild,alcohol poisonings, alcoholism, fights, domestic violence, public intoxication, black outs, incarceration, deaths. Oh yeah that is SO what an 18 year old is ready for. Hell some 40 year olds can't handle drinking, you think 18 year olds can? I don't know maybe I am just thinking on the negative side.

832 days ago


We have enormous problems with alcoholism. Let's address how to stop drinking,
especially starting people so young! Yes, they'll do it, but don't make it LEGAL.

832 days ago

Jim in Cali    

I'll go 19. 18 people are still high school seniors. Once you leave high school and mom and dad aren't responsible for you anymore you should be able to do what you want.

832 days ago
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