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Joe Eszterhas

Mel Gibson Made My Son

Fear for His Life

4/13/2012 5:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0413_ eszterhas_videoJoe Eszterhas says Mel Gibson's behavior in Costa Rica was so threatening ... Eszterhas' son slept with a butcher knife under his bed because he was so afraid of what Mel might do.

Eszterhas, speaking with the "Today" show this morning, told Ann Curry that Mel said the "vilest and most threatening things" he's ever heard while Eszterhas and his family stayed with Mel in Costa Rica to work on a movie script, "The Maccabees."

Eszterhas went on to say that the staff at the house became so afraid of Mel ... they told their kids to go hide.

A portion of Mel's rants are on tape, as TMZ first reported, but Eszterhas is unsure if he will release them.

For his part, Gibson has denied most of the allegations, saying in a statement, "The great majority of the facts as well as the statements and actions attributed to me in [Eszterhas'] letter are utter fabrications."


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release the tapes or you look like the liar.

891 days ago

just curious    

@ Cujeaux

You wrote: The death threats OG brought up ARE NOW BEING CONFIRMED. Joe stated he brought that part up to make her aware of the potential danger.

I thought this letter was from Joe to Mel. If so, how could his bringing that up make her aware? Sounds like the letter was made for public consumption and Joe made a slip. Just saying...

891 days ago


It sounds like child protective services needs to investigate joe and his wife for not being able to protectect there 15 year old son his kids should be taken away.

891 days ago


Cujeaux, 2Idiots,
You accuse others of being blinded and supporting Gibson. You two have so much hatred in you that you are blinded in the other direction. I think there is a middle ground, but attacking people for what they believe doesn't put you on higher ground then them.......I just don't understand why you do it with the most hard hearted/headed method.
(if this makes sense)...typing fast.

891 days ago


In Joe's book on the Devil in Hollywood, he talks about how he slept with Sharon Stone. it seems she slept with everyone who worked on "Basic instinct." I don't like how she lied about not knowing that her private parts were showing.

891 days ago


"...but Eszterhas is unsure if he will release them."

Translation: Jimmy Hoyson must be outta town right now lol.

891 days ago


Joe Eszterhas should shave that beard and mustach! It grosses me just to think what he might look like when he's eating or when he has a cold!

891 days ago


And in the process, get a haircut!

891 days ago


So, JE is unsure if he'll release the tapes? This sounds a lot like the McDonald's worker who claimed to be a Mega Millions lottery winner but she lost the ticket. Hmmmmm...

891 days ago


Fuddy: maybe he's hoping Gibby hasn't been muzzled by his attorneys yet and his pride will cause another knee jerk reacition that will cost him. Like I said before - it's well known in the industry that Gibby has spouted off to many about his hatred towards the jews. Everyone is sick to death of his denials when he's confronted with them. El Gibnuts doesnt have the CAJONES to own his smack.

891 days ago


To all the idiots who do not believe Joe when Mel has already shown a pattern of this exact type of behavior and he says he has these rants on tape, I can't wait until he does release the tapes which I totally believe he will! Then you will have to eat your words so keep talking morons. lol This is just the latest example of Mel showing he is a complete sleazeball with serious mental problems!

891 days ago


Mark my words Fuddy - Ez will become a folk hero in the industry now. WB threw him under th bus, but they will make it up to him. Gibby wasn't as pissed with Ez as he was with WB. He knew they gave him the shaft and he was stupid to think they would give him a chance. I imagine they would have taken anything for a screenplay since it was a war movie from the dark ages! Please! Giblets should have done he honorable thing by thanking Ez for his effort, but in true Gibnuts style, he in turn threw Ez under the bus - which prompted the letter. You know the rest.

891 days ago


Cuj -- it's interesting where your priorities are in this mess. You are concerned about the name-calling, but you should be concerned about OG's life being threatened and then the alleged filth that was spoken to a 15 year-old boy. That's what I would be most concerned about. I don't give a rat's arse about name calling. Name calling starts on the playgrounds everywhere, and you just learn to deal with it -- doesn't make it right -- name calling happens every day. Plus, you also learn to not believe everything you hear or that is gossiped about. Like I said, if any of JE's claims have teeth, then they should proceed in a court of law. I happen to be of the opinion that none of the claims JE has stated have any credibility whatsoever.

891 days ago


Cuj -- if things happen as you say, then first of all, I will be surprised. Secondly, I will be very disappointed in Mel.

891 days ago


I don't believe that Sharon Stone could slept with this s***. He is so hideous. Fat, ugly and dirty looking. I bet Even such big whore as Ox would never wanted to fück him for money. She had the luck to find attractive sugar daddies. This guy is such ****bag crazy loser.

891 days ago
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