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Krysten Ritter

Don't Trust the B----

on United Flight 841

4/14/2012 7:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Krysten Ritter was involved in a nasty verbal clash with a male flight attendant Friday that left her fighting back tears ... witnesses aboard the flight tell TMZ.

According to the witnesses, Ritter was on a flight from NYC to LA that was experiencing severe turbulence. We're told at one point Ritter -- whose show "Don't Trust The B---- in Apt 23" premiered this week -- got up when the "fasten seatbelt" sign was on ... and she was immediately confronted by a male flight attendant. 

Our sources say the flight attendant was "very aggressive" and yelled at her to sit back down. We're told Ritter was so distraught by the confrontation, she was on the verge of a tearfest.

According to our sources, the supervising flight attendant got wind of what went down and spoke with Krysten. We're told that flight attendant apologized and told Krysten she felt the male flight attendant was out of line and that disciplinary action would most likely be taken. 

We spoke with Krysten once she landed -- take a look.


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Okay, now lets see . . . the plane "was experiencing severe turbulence" and the "fasten seatbelt" sign was lit and this idiot decided to get out of her seat AND the flight attendant who told her to sit down is being disciplined?

921 days ago


What a weird looking bitch! Not attractive and too dumb to follow the rules. Then gets her feelings hurt when someone tells it like it is. LEARN THE RULES MORON!!!

921 days ago


I've had a lot of bad experiences on United. I have had bad experiences with flight attendants, the folks at the gate, and the folks at the customer service counter (when United can't get it's ish together and everyone on the flight has to go reschedule). I have had to file numerous complaints about them and their flights (e.g. a re-routing and 12 hour delay!!!) and they always give me vouchers to fly with them again. I finally said stop giving me vouchers, I don't want to fly with you again. Note that I have never filed a complaint with any other airline (US Airways, Southwest, Delta, Jet Blue).

921 days ago


Hey, look! It's the Sean Young of the millennium.

921 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Another vapid, not very bright, I'm special "star" that can only happen in today's world, but it looks like she can take at least 2 peens in her mouth at once. That fact alone means she'll make it in Hollywood.

921 days ago


And Krysten would be the first one to sue the airline when she got injured. I can just see the attorney in court... Well, the flight attendant didn't MAKE her sit down, so she thought it was OK to get up. FOLLOW THE FRICKIN' RULES KRYSTEN. You're no better than anyone else on that plane.

921 days ago

Mr. Nice Guy    

Loved the show. Airlines Suck!

921 days ago

Imp C    

Wow, stars must freak out any time they're confronted with something a regular person deals with. Deal with it chick, ****ing dumb.

921 days ago


she's hot, I like her look.

I didn't see the show cause I'm always busy at work, but I liked that one commercial for the show "I'm sorry I hooked up with your fiance, in your beedroom, and on your birthday cake" I'm just a sucker for tv shows with good looking adult women acting like tramps. I googled her and she also plays guitar and sings in a band, so I'm double impressed.

As for the plane thing, what do I care, maybe she had to take a pee.

921 days ago


A male flight attendant.....Hmmmmmmmm?!?! Sounds like another flamboyant queer!

921 days ago


She obviously doesn't have much between the ears...

921 days ago

Scott Guiher    

Let me get this straight, Krysten Ritter is now so famous that she doesn't have to follow the same rules that I do? The flight attendant was doing his job. Geez, Ritter isn't even somebody and she already can't get over herself.

921 days ago

Mabel Leaf    

These comments seem a tad harsh. Maybe she only got up to pull the thong out of her a$$ when the flight attendant flipped on her. She answered the pap's questions politely. I detect no bitchiness or overblown sense of entitlement.

921 days ago


What this idiot does not realize, in sever cases of turbulence, the person not buckled will hit the ceiling and fall directly on the person who followed the rules by buckling their belt. The rules don't just protect, but protect those who are around her.

921 days ago


All these media whore celebrities think that they should ALWAYS get there way. There SO, SO special...Don't yell at me when I am a SUPER A-HOLE special...Wish she would have been thrown around the cabin and badly injured...she would have sued the airline...HATE all these idiot celeb's. They all have this were better than everyone else attitude cause they are "actors"...Love seeing when bad sh*t clobbers them all...TMZ loves to kiss up to em....

921 days ago
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