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Lindsay Lohan

Assault Accusation Will NOT

Affect Liz Taylor Role

4/16/2012 12:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's alleged nightclub assault -- and her weekend-long partying -- will not scare off the producers who hired her to play Elizabeth Taylor.

Lindsay's rep Steve Honig tells TMZ he spoke to the filmmakers this morning -- after the photos of LiLo at the Coachella Music Festival came out -- and says, "Producers have assured us everything is on track and there are absolutely no problems."

Sources close to the production tell us producers also aren't overly concerned about the ongoing police investigation into whether Lindsay assaulted a woman at a Hollywood nightclub. We're told they're sticking with her ... for now.

Honig says, "Lindsay is going to star in Liz and Dick."


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It's Nikki Bitches     

Wonder how many phones Honig has gone threw, from throwing them at the wall.

928 days ago


Lindsay Lohan playing the part of Elizabeth Taylor is an insult to the actress. She does not resemble her and there are so many other beautiful women who could play the part and who do not have a criminal record.

928 days ago


I'm thinking theres no funding for this movie, it was just a THOUGHT. Fast forward to when Blohans name became attached and now its all but DUN!

928 days ago


And don't forget folks. While in Coachella LL's last 10K, passport, AND the "untitled" script were all stolen. You know, for the movie that isn't fully written yet? The one that HAS NOT been cast? The one that has NOT been announced by LIFETIME? I call S-H-E-N-I-G-A-N-S. No I don't, I call the LL camp LIARS......BTW, found this LOVELY pic of LL with black hair, falling down drunk!

928 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

I hope they get the comedian, Emmo Phillips, to play the part of Richard Burton.

928 days ago


you statement that TMZ was at the party that she was at and they she was sobber all night long is like saying the the buzzard saying he was at the killing party and watched and the pore jackel "Lindsay" didn't take of bite of the roe we would trust the buzzard who usually sits on the dam jackels back when it is relaxing...and eats all the remains....So Assinine ....LOL So Stupid....Sure we believe that one...

928 days ago


It's a battle for the truth between ROL and TMZ. Although no one has ever said Lindsay actually signed for the role, and it's not listed on IMDb, so I'm going with ROL on this one.

928 days ago

I am Spartacus    

they'd be better off with a hologram Liz than this ho bag

928 days ago


Lindsay's rep Steve Honig tells TMZ he spoke to the filmmakers this morning -- after the photos of LiLo stoned out of her gourd with Snoop and also exiting the men's bathroom with a "mystery man" at the Coachella Music Festival came out -- and says, "Producers have assured us everything is on track and there are absolutely no problems."

928 days ago


Please! Liz Taylor. Lohan.... are you nuts!!!

928 days ago


Why is this such a big deal if Lohan is telling the truth? If Lohan is milking this for attention bad move. Show the tape already.

God help Lohan if it turns out she is lying and trying to cover it up and get's caught. Her career is so far down the toilet now she can considered it flushed if she is lying.

928 days ago


How smart is it of Lifetime to drag this on as long as possible, and then possibly sign someone else? They've gotten all this free publicity!

928 days ago

Hot Farts    

Not only does ir not exist anywhere including imdb - but this Konig guy has the shadiest website and you can't find one photo or story on him unrelated to Lohan or Mueller his other supposed drug addict client. No one in my working environment has ever seen him, heard of him or worked with him and they know all agents, PR peeps and managers. One attorney said "he's trying to scare up business by giving free so-called "services" to Lohan because of her infamous notetiety" "He's no one" All people have assured me he has nothing to do with the industry and is not involved in any deals. He is not in the Bluebook

928 days ago


There's now proof that Lindsay Lohan hasn't gone a day in 8 years without doing at least $1,000.00 worth of cocaine. Every day. At least. Even in jail. I cite the same sources that "HELL(p)" did when she just claimed that Linds movies made a billion dollars.

928 days ago


Why haven't they announced who's playing Richard Burton? It's only two weeks out allegedly.

928 days ago
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