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Tupac's Mom

Coachella Hologram

Was Frickin' AMAZING

4/16/2012 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Afeni and Tupac Shakur
's famously protective mother Afeni Shakur agrees with the rest of the planet -- the rapper's resurrection at Coachella this weekend ... in the form of an incredibly lifelike hologram ... was mind-blowingly awesome.

A rep for Afeni tells TMZ, she was absolutely positively THRILLED with Tupac's virtual performance -- when he appeared alongside Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg during the headlining show at Coachella last night ... walking back and forth across the stage like he was actually present.

Afeni didn't attend the performance -- but we're told she watched it unfold live on the Internet ... but while it was thrilling, the entire experience was bittersweet.

The rep says Dr. Dre asked Afeni for approval to incorporate Pac into his performance -- and she said yes. As a thank you, we're told Dre made a donation to the rapper's charity ... The Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation.

TMZ also spoke with Dre's crewmate Daz Dillinger -- who tells us, Nate Dogg was originally supposed to appear as a hologram as well, but the decision was made at the last minute not to use him. Nate got a video tribute instead.


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I dont know much about Tupac. I wasnt really into his music when he was alive. I do like some of his songs. I know nothing about his personal life, Im not even sure how he died so I can not say anything negative about him. Yes ive heard stuff but it is not my place to judge that man, when I dont know all the facts. But like him or not, know him or not that hologram was pretty cool. Just the technology was awesome.

857 days ago


I am sorry folks, but seeing a dead dude perform is pretty creepy. Who's next? Biggie? Curt Cobain? Freaking Elvis? I'll pass, thanks.

POLL: Was Tupac's hologram performance creepy?

857 days ago


I love listening to Tupac. But to say he wasn't a thug is ridiculous. Listen to "Hit Em Up" and try to say he wasn't. That song probably got him killed. Quote "My fo fo gonna make sure all ya'll kids dont grow"

857 days ago


Wow, still people hate 2pac, even after 15 years, i guess people dont like reality checks from intelligent young black males. what do you expect when children are being raised by pimps, prostitutes, and drug dealers?

857 days ago


Woooow, now that was a performance!! and as far as the negative comments being put on here is totally hilarious to me. I find it so funny how people can grow balls and talk so much **** behind a keyboard.( tisk tisk) 15 years after his death and look what we can do with advance technology and the support of other people. here's a question to all the haters on here...if Tupac was so much of a gangster, rapist, thug, etc. do you really think that those companies (owned by rich white people) would've took the time to do something like this for that festival if he really is who you say he is!?? I THINK NOT!!!!! LONG LIVE TUPAC!!! R.I.P

856 days ago


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856 days ago


I think its awesome. I've always loved the legend, but never got to see him on stage for myself. Even if its fake, its still a hint at what it could have been like. I smiled the whole time watching.

854 days ago


I think the whole thing is awesome. I've grown up listening to the legend, but never got to see a live performance. Even though it's fake, it still made me smile and think of what it would be like. I'm still smiling; that was sweet!

854 days ago


Afen Shakur is suprised to see 2pac hologram. 2pac is in cuba at home chilling now.

851 days ago


I went to 2pac cuba photos on line. hes not in a casket. Hes not dead He make fake photos of his death.

851 days ago


Taylor Ramirez Santibanez 9/16/94
Tupac Amaru Shakur 6/16/71

754 days ago

marcus demetrius mitchell    

thhat a very neat SUREthing too!....,21BIRTHDAY !!!

678 days ago
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