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Michael Clarke Duncan

"Mayor" Kim K Sparks

Verbal Throwdown with GF

4/19/2012 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian better not be counting on Michael Clarke Duncan's vote -- because dude laughed so hard when he caught wind of KK's political aspirations ... his girlfriend got pissed.

MCD and Omarosa Stallworth were outside Staples Center when a camera guy told them Kim's considering a run for Glendale, CA city council and eventually mayor. Michael's awesomely honest response -- "No she's not! Are you playing? Are you serious?"

But Omarosa immediately had Kim's back, saying ... "Run girl, run! You can win."

The whole thing quickly melted down into a heated debate -- Lamar Odom's name even got dragged through the mud.

Check out the lovers' spat. We're guessing Mike's still in the dog house ... a really big one.


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Damn. His fiance encompasses all that is wrong in this country. Reality "star". GMAMFB. All your fault TMZ.

881 days ago


You can't run for mayor of Glendale. Glendale has an elected city council. The city council nominates one of their own to be mayor which is a largely ceremonial post. Maybe Kim should "run" for Queen of England. What a moron!

881 days ago


MCD has talent and class - what the h is he doing with that skank parasite? I don't know if I can enjoy his films anymore...

881 days ago


He's engaged to Omarosa??? MCD seems like one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. I can't imagine what he sees in that woman.

881 days ago


They will get married on a reality show, do the show for half a season then divorce. It's the IN thing to do. Just another show I won't watch.

881 days ago


No, no, no, no, no, no, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! **** the Kim K thing, Michael Clark Duncan is going to marry OMAROSA???? He is so awesome and she is such a fugly ****. He deserves so much better. I feel terrible for him.

881 days ago


Im more surprised that he's dating that idiot. Wow, I guess he's an idiot after all. What a shame. Idiots tend to attract one another.

881 days ago


At least that guy has common sense ! I applaud him for saying all those words ! he spoke the TRUTH. & to that dumb ass lady kim k. is far from being "smart" ..OPEN YOUR EYES people.

881 days ago

Joan K    

Omarosa or whatever her name is has to be a few bricks short if she thinks dumb azz Trashian would be a good choice for mayor, she is an idiot too.

881 days ago

Fat Mike    

Omaraosa is nuts. I agree with Shaq

881 days ago


I never comment on these things but KK running for a political seat is beyond hysterical into the crazy zone for Americans. It might be an Armenian community but its in the USA. I have to wonder what she knows about US History not to mention World History. I cant imagine its much according to what I have seen and heard from her own lips in the reality show or her other online vid. Give yourself time Kim, give up fur, it is a sticking point for lots of people and will come up in politics. Be prepared, you cannot run for 72 days, break down crying and run to the land of Oz when you dont like it.
Good Luck

881 days ago


I love Omarosa and Michael Clarke Duncan together!!!

881 days ago

Lady Juliette    

Kim doesn't have enough brain cells to run for office. Let's get real here people. She didn't have the time to put into her marriage to make it work so what makes you think she will have enough to even and I am laughing so hard right now, get a foot into the office door.

881 days ago


Something must have happened to the actors on the Green Mile, Percy (I don't know his real name...) is married to 17yr old that looks about 45 and Michael is actually engaged to this sorry excuse for a human being, this woman is just down right hateful!!!!

881 days ago


Yeah Kk is so shes famous cause she has a nice ass and she had sex on video.....That's not smarts that's winning for being a whore. I love this guy even more now lol I hope he dumps that girl cause yeah reality tv people are smart haha right

881 days ago
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