TMZ Live Mel Gibson's Latest Recorded Rant ... What's Missing?

4/19/2012 12:15 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Mel Gibson's Latest Recorded Rant -- What's Missing?

No doubt, Mel Gibson sounds like a raving crazy man on that Joe Eszterhas' secret recording ... but what's NOT recorded is almost as interesting -- and it could affect the lawsuit Mel is threatening to file against Eszterhas.

Plus, Lindsay Lohan's father tells us how LiLo got into yet ANOTHER nightclub fight -- and explains why he can't keep her out of bars! Also, Michael Clarke Duncan and Omarosa drop by for a heated debate about ... Kim Kardashian for Mayor! You gotta see Michael's hysterical stripper theory.

(0:45) Mel Gibson's latest recorded rant -- frightening ... yet hilarious ... at the same time.
(6:20) It's time ... to put a fork in Mel's career.
(12:01) Michael Lohan joins us live to talk about Lindsay's latest club fight ... which he saw first-hand.
(19:10) Casey Anthony's attorney admits he was paid $200k by ABC for pics of Casey ... is any party involved in the wrong?
(23:09) Loretta Devine makes an excuse for Chris Brown's attack on Rihanna ... Harvey has an interesting theory why she thinks that way.
(27:45) A brawl on "Basketball Wives" ignites a lawsuit.
(32:14) The Game wasted $1,400 in five seconds.
(37:52) Michael Clark Duncan and Omarosa join Harvey and Charles to argue about Kim K.'s alleged run for Mayor of Glendale ... YOU GOTTA WATCH THIS.
(42:10) Michael and Omarosa kiss and make up. Then argue some more.
(45:34) We take your calls.