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Suge Knight


2Pac is Really Dead

4/20/2012 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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There is a VERY good chance Tupac Shakur is alive and well ... and hiding ... this according to the man who was with him during the supposedly fatal shooting in Vegas, Suge Knight.

Knight just appeared on 93.5 KDay in L.A. with Tattoo and Cee Cee ... and pumped some major fuel into the biggest urban legend in hip hop ... that Tupac FAKED his own death.

Knight says his theory explains why cops never found his murderer -- because there was no murder.

"Maybe the question is ... Pac's not really dead ... pac's somewhere else," Knight says.

When asked if he ever saw Tupac's body following the 1996 shooting, he adds, "Nobody seen Tupac dead. "

Knight explains, "The person who supposedly cremated Tupac ... this guy got about 3 million dollars .. personally from me ... cash ... and next thing I know I never heard from the guy or seen him again ... he retired and left."


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Sabrina Bowman    

Everybody knows Tupac's not really dead. How did he keep coming out with new music videos year after year for a while there? We all suspected it. I believe Suge.

883 days ago


If Only? Think about it.

883 days ago


Itt might seem strange coming from me a older woman,but I was upset when my granddaughter was crying for this persome and she did not even knew him ,I thought it was someone close to our family at frist ,But I moved away later I was in greenville sc My job just closed down soi got this job at a hotel ,I always come in early ,the police was there we would always get groups in ,but this moring I met these young men and some young girls more than one group was there there were from Atlanta ,one of the guys told me a young lady stole his coat ,I called her on her cell and she brought it back this is how I got close to them , it was before 5am because I always have to bein before 5am I saw this long black car pull up so I said I wonder who this is they never got out of the car ,so I went out and since I was a older person I guess The person thought I would not know them I told Him to roll the windows down and He did a littlw He had the scraf on a Blue one and I said I cant see your face ,he roll down a little more I said I know who you are my Granddaughter showed me Your pitcure you got killed He said no I am not Him I am His cousin from Atlanta Some of those groups here I am the Manager I said you will give me a pitcure on my phone to show my daughter ,I said because you must be twins ,one of the singers I cant remember His name but they next place to play was Charleston and he just got a call His father died and I being save I prayed for Him,But that Group name I will never forget and I am 62 now because they called me moma and told me if I need them called and gave me they cells IT was Bones & Thugs but this guy in that black car look just like Tupac

883 days ago

Tony the Giant    

Was you there when the autopsy was made. And even if you was, how would you know his real body from a fake made up body? These ppl. are professionals. They ain't something that just came out of grade school.

883 days ago


suge is lamest ****er.....u never had a bullet in ur head idiot it "grazed" ur head idiot everyone knows u ordered the hit cuz u owed pac millions

883 days ago


I totally think he's still alive and always have ...none of his songs when u play it reversed says "Yes I'm alive and I miss you" then a few years back a picture of him surfaced in another country ! I believe itt

883 days ago


Mr. Knight knows good and well that tupack is they who give any money to any one and dont know where its going no less 3 mill come on suge really

883 days ago

Tony the Giant    

Lets hope we can get the cuffs on the paranormal before they dissipate into the thin air. Otherwise, Pac I think you got us.

883 days ago


Suge knows damned well that Tupac is dead. After all, Suge is the one who set up the hit. DUH. I guess if Suge keeps telling people that Tupac is still alive, people will stop blaming him for the set up?

883 days ago

Tony the Giant    

Can't ya'll understand English. Ain't no mistake this was planned on. Tupac was checking-in. And he had to make it look real. It ain't gonna happen by itself, you gotta plan these things. He had to round up all his boys, and give them all their spot on the field. With one sitting next to him. And meke it look like he was getting his tail litened up.How else is he gonna fake out his death. Play unconscious? No it doesn't work like that.

883 days ago


suge knight needs to stop smoking tupac is not still alive he is a fool no one survives a gun shot wound unless ur wearing a bulletproof vest which he was not wearing at the time let him rest in peace he was cremated just becuse he didnt see his body it does not mean hes still alive idiot also the autospy pic was fake no pictures was taken

882 days ago


Damn ladies, if tupac dead, then he dead. Listen to da music and enjoy, if he aint, then theres a reason for that ****. Maybe he dont want to deal with all the fans no more, or the police bull**** and gettin arested for grabbin some ass is why. Let it go, he gonna come back some day is he alive. If not, we always got his tracks for memory..

882 days ago

Mike Jones    

Treach from Naughty By Nature in this video says Tupac lives but the FEDS are watching In Suge defense why would he be in the same car as Tupac if he knew somebody was going to let off 12 shots, and be so confident that none of those bullets would hit him? He is right he didn't set Pac up, I don't anybody who would set anybody up to get shot and then be in the same car with them.Tupac is alive, all you SUBURBANITES go too sleep.

882 days ago

Tony the Giant    

In other words, if this was another Conspiracy Theory where everybody who was under pressure, checked-in, went under Protective Custody. And faked out their own death. And was instructed that they must remain under house arrest, without ever exposing themselves. Tupac is not. Not just because he is gonna get lonely. But because he wants all his peers to know he's still alive. I can hear him now, calling everybody "btch a--!! *****z, I know ya'll knew I was dead, but I'm alive. It ain't no surprise" Tupac a wild boy.

882 days ago


i kept thinking it was common talking

882 days ago
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