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Kanye West & Kim Kardashian

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4/22/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West met Kardashian family yesterday in New York.
Kanye West met Kim Kardashian's family yesterday in New York and according to our sources ... the Kardashian clan absolutely loved him.

According to our sources, Kanye and Kim were excited for the family gathering and the opportunity to show them just how great they are together.

We're told the meeting went great and the family thinks they make the perfect couple.

Earlier in the day, the pair went shopping around SOHO and were photographed eating ice cream and smiling up a storm.


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I would rather write in Bugs Bunny on my ballot than have that illiterate ho be the mayor of Glendale.

885 days ago


Try one month TMZ, anti-Kardashian, just one month, it will make Kim break out in hives if you ignore her. Try it.

885 days ago


.....stay tuned....tomorrow TMZ will be paying Kim Kardashian for her daily bowel movement schedule.

Oh that's right, they already keep posting all about her daily crap.

885 days ago


This creature is sooo disgusting she is nothing but a cheap slut. She has no shame shes still married by law and already she is whoring herself out and sleeping around with all these men. She broke up his and hers relationship when they where with other people and where sleeping with each other. Shes a parasite and even looking at her pillow, over botoxed, ugly face makes me sick and want to have a bath. Any man that would be proud to date a skank like this slag has no respect for themselves and to be honest deserves to get what she throws at them. Its very obvious shes using Kanye for publicity as her 15 mins have ran out and her mother even made a comment saying that its good Kim's with him because it could help her career that is a big sign this family are using him he's so stupid but yet again I dont believe the relationship is real anyway but he has much more to lose than her.

885 days ago


I sometimes wonder if Kris Jenner is so mentally ill, that she wishes she had the life of her children, so she purposely pimps out the entire family so she can be a VOYEUR into the life of her narcissistic diva behaving children she raised.

What mother, considers her entire family "a BRAND"?

It is a sickness, the Kardashian Syndrome, now even the Housewives of Wherever are falling ill with the same Kardashian Symptoms.

885 days ago


waiting for the next videos........

885 days ago


AT LAST!They have found their 'SOULESS MATES'

885 days ago


Wow, ANOTHER Kardashian story? Color me *shocked!* Let me guess, the big greasy fatso who always defends the Kardashians on TMZ live is behind all these pro Kardashian stories as of late...Get your nose out of their butts, big guy.

On another note, I have to say that Kanye West is probably one of the ugliest guys walking the face of the earth. What's with the chipmunk cheeks, dude? But I guess it doesn't matter to the vapid K clan, when he's black, rich and famous.

885 days ago


That’s another reality show for KK’s clan..... with Kanye’s followers and more $$$$.

885 days ago


Why do we need to know that the Ktrash family approves of this relationship except for the fact on how much more free publicity this trash family will get.

885 days ago


Girl sure likes some ugly dudes, hope she remembers she's still married before she starts planning the next wedding.

885 days ago


Three stories about this f-cking family in less that 12 hours ? Why don't you rename this site to 'KTV' or something ?

885 days ago


Kim's not divorced yet. She's separated but that only means that you and your spouse aren't living under the same roof; but you're still married. Technically, that's adultery. Not that she cares as she's such an unbelievably needy, skanky, attention & money seeking whore.

885 days ago


And the story goes on. I imagine the writers at E! have written out the script until Kim and Kayne get divorced. And still there are those with the intellect of a banana that will watch same and ensure the employees at E! will
get a check

885 days ago


Hard to believe that someone actually loves this POS besides his deceased mother.

885 days ago
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