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Pilar Sanders

Released from Jail

BANNED from Texas Mansion

4/24/2012 12:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Pilar Sanders has just been released from jailDeion Sanders' estranged wife has just been released from jail after her domestic violence arrest yesterday -- and she's forbidden from returning home ... for the next 60 days.

A judge issued an emergency protective order against Pilar Sanders today before releasing her from custody, banning her from entering the ex-couple's Texas mansion for the next two months. She's also prohibited from threatening or harassing any member of the family.

But on her way out of jail, Pilar told reporters, "I am innocent. I understand that I have a very little chance at beating a Hall of Fame, two-sport man that everyone seems to love and adore. I am a full-time mom 100 percent for my children and I have just not gotten a fair shake."

As we previously reported ... Pilar was arrested after allegedly jumping Deion in his bedroom -- "kicking, biting, and scratching" him in front of his sons.

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Pray for the kids!

875 days ago


She is now free to go sponge off another rich dude. Hooker!

875 days ago


what is wrong with these people?! they ought to be ashamed of themselves. these two need to get the divorce over and stop acting like children. OH, speaking of children- the obviously don't give a damn about their own because they are putting them thru hell. get your own places and move on with your lives. either that or SHE is looking for publicity cuz she's an attention seeking *itch.

875 days ago


Both parents were in the wrong on this one. The kids had absolutely nothing to do with their behavior and it was foolish to put them in that photo like that. Deion and Pilar played the victim role and nobody is buying it. She needs to get on with her life because the damage is done.

875 days ago


U guys r way to judgmental Any man that calls true police on the mother of hos children is a punk ass. This I know because my crazy ass husband has done. It to me.

875 days ago


That gold-digger needs a good old fashioned bun beating fun style ass spanking. A million bucks and child support ain't good enough for her? How about a stinging hot booty and not one plug nickle more than the judge will give her? Deion needs to grow a pair.

875 days ago


Plair you signed a prenup and Dieon offered you a million anyway and you declined so get out of his house he bought all you did was spend his money on you and other men while cheating taking first class flights and buying gifts for your other men with Deion Sanders money

875 days ago


Deion Sanders has Wife Problems http://liveoncampus.com/wire/show/3369998 but he wont accpet it.

875 days ago


Some comments been posted are just out right ridiculous!!! First of all the kids are with Deion not with Pilar. Secondly a prenup was signed so take whats in it and move on..Third Police report didn't state he was beat up rather jumped on thats a big difference. True enough he could have whipped both women but he has chosen to take the high rode and take care things the legal way.

875 days ago


It's amazing the number of people who make judgements about the right or wrong of people they have never met, based on tabloid fodder. There are two children involved that neither parent seems to be cognizant of, other than pawns in their seemingly volatile relationship.

875 days ago


PRIMETIME!!!! Way to "flip" it on the unstable female! Women usually get men trapped in this type of legal farce, it's nice to see a woman get her azz locked up!

875 days ago


i dont believe Pilar jumped on deon. i dont know if many people know this, besides us here in DALLAS, but deon is always talked about negatively on the practice feild for "the truth" football team. my x would be on the feild with him most of the time. he said deon had a nasty attitude. i've never met Pilar, but i have met deon a couple of times and i didnt dig his swag at all! i dont take anything away from him as a hall of fame football player, but as person he need to check hisself.

875 days ago


Personally - Pilar had it coming. You cheated with the man knowing full well he was married. While Deion was a party also - how do you expect him to treat you, considering he didn't do a dayum thing good for the "Original" wife?

YOU Pilar - made your bed. LIE IN THAT - K?

875 days ago


Excuse me Pilar but if you are all about your children as you say you are - - you would have NEVER attacked the father of your children in front of your children!!! It is simple, either you attacked him or you didn't - - if you have that kind of a temper then you should not have custody of your children! FAIR SHAKE - there is no fair in life there is however a FAIR in October, it is called the State Fair of Texas ... you should be ashamed of yourself and your behavior and what you have burned into the memory banks of your children. Get some counseling FAST!

874 days ago

African Queen    

Well, well, Pilar, you had it coming, thick and fast! Think of your kids before you open your mouth or raise those hands! Dayyymmm girl, I knew you were having marital probs already during the FW series. Your behavior ( Being all stuck up & snotty ) towards the others was just aa cover up! You could have had support from the other FWs, if you played your cards right! You made your bed, now sleep on it!!!

874 days ago
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