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Zsa Zsa Gabor's Husband

Keep Her Daughter

Avay from Her!!!

4/25/2012 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Zsa Zsa Gabor
's husband Prince Frederic von Anhalt is firing back at his step-daughter Francesca Hilton -- claiming her recent attempt to gain control over Zsa Zsa's conservatorship is a disaster waiting to happen.

You'll recall ... Francesca Hilton filed to take over Zsa Zsa's conservatorship last month because she doesn't trust von A-hole to care for her mother ... claiming he isolates and sedates her regularly.

But Prince von A-hole has filed a formal objection with the Superior Court of L.A., claiming Francesca is the worst person to take care of Zsa Zsa due to her "past conduct," which includes an alleged assault on Ahole last year.

He also claims Francesca is personally responsible for his and Zsa Zsa's current financial problems ... though he doesn't really explain why.

In legal docs ... Von A-hole is adamant he does everything in his power to take care of his ailing wife ... including hiring help and "prudently" controlling the withering finances.  A judge has yet to rule on the case.


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buzz kill    

Stop bashing Von Anhalt. this guy takes care of Zsa Zsa not her daughter who obviously only wants her money, at least whats left of it. If Von Anhalt was such a creep he would have let her die long ago while there was still some money left.

877 days ago

wanda smith    

i think family needs to being loveing supportive careing of each other and of zsa zsa gabor if possable.thats health cost/medical cost/clothing makeup for zsa zsa/hair color too/nurses and doctor in home cost.and once money expires all with money ship in to help pay for it and place zsa zsa lives in fighting violence.i know i love my friend zsa zsa too sweety.hope right judgement takes place.

877 days ago


This guy is nuts. He is a perfect example of someone who took some old poor woman for a ride. I mean REALLY he wants to fertilize her frozed embryos so he can have a surrogate make him a baby. He is wierdo who just got the legal right to spend all her bucks. ICK!

877 days ago


Why cant people just get along?

877 days ago


This s*** bag money grubber is taking loans against Zsa Zsa's properties and then not paying them back.
I think it's cut and dry that Zsa Zsa's money, etc needs to be taken away from him.
It's not like the daughter is trying to get anything: she's asking for a court to appoint someone. That says alot, especially considering she and her mother have been estranged for several years. But I've got a feeling A-hole had something to do with that, too.
This guy is a s*** bag. Send him packing back to Germany or where this fake prince money grubbing jerk comes from.

877 days ago


My grandmother knew Zsa Zsa, from the old country. ZsaZsa use to always get a kitty from my granny, every time there was a litter. The bickered like children, and granny knew her since she was 14.
She seemed very nice.

877 days ago


He is NOT a prince, but he is a pretentious old queen.

877 days ago


zsa must have some dough left.

877 days ago


All the people defending the husband remember when he said he might be the father of Anna Nicole Smith's kid when there was the custody fight for the kid? Well I do. I would tend to side with the kid I think.

877 days ago


Fight Frederic, fight! Don`t let her make a fool out of you.

876 days ago


i guess what goes around comes around... so much pain now... must be something about what was done in previous times... karma is a bitch ain't it....

857 days ago


I feel sorry for her daughter. He (the fake price) hogs Zsa Zsa to himself because he wants EVERYTHING she has when she dies and dosent care about the daughter. HE IS REPLUSIVE. Did you know he (actually Zsa did) bought his title of "Prince"? I hope the Hiltons provided for her daughter incase he leaves her out in the cold.

844 days ago


He is NOT a "prince" in any mean...he gave this title for him self 30 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He's s scam artist criminal. (sorry)

815 days ago
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